How Travel Industry Can Foster User-Generated Content For Marketing

Imagine waking up with a wish to go for a holiday to a serene destination and explore the beauty of nature. Believe me, the first thing you’ll do is “GOOGLE”. You read the reviews of travel freaks to decide on a particular destination and then you will ponder upon the ratings of different travel companies […]

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Personalization vs. UGC – The Smarter Choice To Trigger Modern-Day Shoppers

The two most important and vital components of exhibiting your brand’s merchandise modestly are either personalization of the content or leveraging user-generated content. With the growing need for customized and individualized content, marketers use this personalization feature to alter the content as per the targeted audience. According to a fact, 93% of businesses with advanced […]

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15 Successful Black Friday Marketing Strategies For 2021

The best part about the festivals and holidays is the refreshing and fascinating Black Friday marketing strategies & sales. Such surprising deals are always enticing and immersive that blow away customers’ minds and fill them with thrilling excitement. The busiest shopping days are on its way; Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Online marketers are pulling […]

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Shoppable Instagram Complete Guide For Brands & Businesses

In recent times, Shoppable Instagram feeds have been immensely popular among the online and eCommerce brands.  Social media is extensively becoming the shopping hub for consumers and this has attracted the attention of millions of users as it has made their shopping experience more seamless and delightful.  Starting from getting inspired by the product stories […]

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The 8 Best Types of User-Generated Content For Marketing

Keeping in pace with this fast forward world and modifying the strategies with the marketing ecosystem’s growing needs is the urge of marketers today.  Brands have shaped their marketing strategy and have flipped their old and traditional advertising methods into the new-age technique. They have changed the way of penetrating the sphere of customers. Brands […]

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How To Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website

Instagram has become the most preferred social media marketing platform because of its dynamic post features like filters, editing tools, geo-tagging, hashtags, etc. Engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 higher than Twitter. Instagram’s content is captivating. Brands use this marketing potential of the platform by embedding the Instagram feed […]

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Shoppable Images: Turn Visual Content Into Sales

Since those nostalgic times, when people used to do catalog shopping, marketing & shopping trends have changed tremendously to Shoppable Images now.  Modern technology has paved the way for online shopping. Glossy magazines have been taken over by e-commerce and this further has been rolled over by social media shopping trends. Social media channels are […]

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