Introducing On-site Visual UGC, Reviews, & Rating Uploads

Introducing the most advanced all-in-one feature for on-site visual UGC, reviews, and ratiung uploads. Not sure what is it or Why do brands even need to collect UGC?  Is there even a benefit or reason that brands even needs this feature? There are many reasons why every brand, small or big, should leverage the on-site […]

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Introducing Product Page Galleries By Taggbox Commerce

Product page galleries are a popular solution leveraged by thousands of global brands to strategically improve conversions and revenue without massive investments.  In an ecommerce conversion funnel, the most crucial page is the product page, where the user decides whether to buy the product or not.  So, it is essential that product pages hit the […]

8 minute read

Shoppable Instagram Stories: Everything That You Must Know

Shoppable Instagram stories or Shopping Stories – A social media phenomenon that has immensely changed the content consumption and content-sharing behavior of social media users and brands.  Half a billion people globally consume and share stories every day. Instagram was the first social platform to bring this “Vanishing” content back in 2016.  Nowadays, all the […]

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What Is Social Commerce? The History & Statistics

What is Social Commerce? – A shopping revolution? Or maybe an enhanced social media marketing strategy? Or maybe the bridge between consumers & eCommerce brands.  Every brand or every social media and ecommerce expert has their unique take on “What is Social Commerce?” Social ecommerce is quite a diverse solution that integrates characteristics of social […]

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Social Shopping In 2021: What Is It & Why Your Brand Needs It Now?

Social shopping is the new-age result-driven marketing strategy that brands are focusing heavily on.  And why shouldn’t they when customers are becoming more comfortable with the concept of exploring social media for fulfilling their shopping desires? Millions of people explore social media platforms daily to get inspiration about what they can shop, trends, & more. […]

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Social Commerce Guide With Its Definition, Benefits, & Strategies For Brands

“Social commerce has been the biggest revolution of the ecommerce and online shopping industry in recent years.” Customers are now looking for the easiest, engaging, and most meaningful shopping experiences that provide maximum value with minimum or no challenges.  And it is rightly said that “Customers are the king.” They define a brand’s success, growth, […]

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Link In Bio On Instagram – A 2021 Guide To Grow Sales & Traffic

The “Link in bio on Instagram” or “Link on IG bio” has been a popular source of traffic, engagement, and sales for brands lately. But what does link in bio mean? Instagram only gives the option of adding one link to its users. This link can be added in the bio section only.  Brands add […]

11 minute read

Reposting on Instagram – 5 Must-Follow Rules To Legally Repost On Instagram

Reposting on Instagram comes with a significant challenge for brands and marketers. Don’t worry; in this article, we will walk you through some amazing ways to repost on Instagram, and don’t miss out on the bonus to stay away from legal troubles.   Not less than word-of-mouth marketing, reposting on Instagram help brands to showcase its […]

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Leverage User Reviews on Digital Signage to Attain Customers’ Trust

The current trend of offline marketing i.e. User Reviews on Digital Signage is creating a buzz in the marketing world. And why wouldn’t it, as all the major industries including healthcare, transportation, hospitality, and retail aren’t left untouched by the essence of this display technology.  Whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, hotel or hospital, User-Reviews […]

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