How To Embed Soundcloud Widget On Website

Embed SoundCloud widget on the website or maybe embed an audio feed on the website? It sounds weird, but it is quite popular and in-demand solution these days.  Why is it so? Well! There are many music enthusiasts or independent artists, or even other businesses & individuals from the music & relevant industries who love […]

4 minute read

Top Virtual Event Tools and Technologies for 2021

Planning a virtual event or live streaming conference or webinar and want to make it successful? These virtual event tools will make it easier and better, have a look! Event technology has been in existence for quite some time now and majorly these technologies were focused on live events conducted in an offline environment.  But […]

6 minute read

10 Benefits of Integrating Customer Reviews On Website

Customer reviews on website! You might have seen these on every eCommerce platform, but the truth is that these are beneficial beyond just growing eCommerce conversion rate.  Since the digital media influence is expanding among consumers, the importance of a brand’s digital storefront i.e., website, is becoming more crucial and influential.  Your website’s performance is […]

7 minute read

Live Instagram Hashtag Wall and It’s Importance at Venues and Events

You might be wondering what an Instagram hashtag wall is & how it relates to your events & venues or your business at all? We have answered all your questions related to the Instagram hahstag walls in this blog. In recent times, social media platforms have become a crucial ingredient of brand building and marketing […]

10 minute read

Instagram UGC Guide – Leverage User Generated Content on Instagram for Marketing

Instagram user generated content marketing! A mix of 3 most important elements for the brands nowadays i.e. Instagram, User Generated Content, and Marketing.  Why do we say that these 3 are most important or why do marketers need to acknowledge & leverage this mix?  Since its inception, Instagram has seen tremendous growth & success among […]

10 minute read

Stream Instagram to TV Screens via Hashtags, Mentions or Handles

Wondering how you can stream live Instagram on TV or why do you even need to do that in the first place?  We have all the related answers in this blog for you. Social media channels especially Instagram is a hub of creative and exciting content and creates new engaging content daily.  Marketers capitalize on […]

7 minute read

Employee Advocacy: What, Why, & How To Leverage It

To get started, if you are new to the concept of what employee advocacy is? Why does your brand need it? How can you leverage it for your brand? Then we have a short yet explanatory guide to help you with it.  As marketing is becoming more humanized, realistic, and transparent with time, brands are […]

7 minute read

Event Marketing Guide 2021: Tips, Tools and Trends

Here we bring you a complete event marketing guide for 2021 that goes beyond just suggesting marketing solutions & strategies.  As in this guide, we will discuss the current event marketing trends, the challenges event marketers or event planners face nowadays, solutions to these event problems & moreover, suggest some event marketing strategies for your […]

15 minute read

Social Media Stream: What Is It & How To Leverage It In Marketing

Do you wonder why social media is everywhere in marketing? Why do users love social media platforms? How can you leverage social media to magnify your marketing success across every marketing channel? Or wondering, What is a social media stream? For marketers and brands, social media is an opportunity to promote their brand, reach consumers, […]

8 minute read