Social Media Stream: What Is It & How To Leverage It In Marketing

Do you wonder why social media is everywhere in marketing? Why do users love social media platforms? How can you leverage social media to magnify your marketing success across every marketing channel? Or wondering, What is a social media stream? For marketers and brands, social media is an opportunity to promote their brand, reach consumers, […]

8 minute read

A Guide To Creating A Successful UGC Campaign

What is most important for brands & businesses? It is reaching out to their audiences, engaging with them, interacting, building relationships & communities, promoting their brand, and turning the users into customers. Isn’t it? To achieve these objectives, you need to create marketing campaigns that enable the necessary communication and exchange of information among brands […]

14 minute read

Epic Events NY Boost Audience Engagement With Taggbox Social Wall

Event marketing has been quite popular among the corporates & brands, and the dawn of the digital age has added fuel to this fire.  Forrester’s research stated that 3.2 million professional events would be taking place annually by 2020. That’s a lot, isn’t it?  The event marketing trend is moving towards increasing engagement and delivering […]

5 minute read

Welcome Yammer: Taggbox Social Platform Suite is Now More Powerful!

The Taggbox social media platform suite recently welcomed the Yammer into its family. This is huge news as it is the integration of the “most trusted UGC platform” with the “most trusted enterprise social network”.  With Slack & Workplace already being part of the Taggbox family, Yammer joins to make the “wolf pack” more powerful […]

3 minute read

20 Content Marketing Strategy Insights For 2021

Moving into 2021, the content marketing trends are changing significantly, and it requires a systematic & thoughtful content marketing strategy that will bring distinctive yet resourceful content performance.  Marketers globally have started viewing content as their brand’s pivotal asset and plan to expand their spending on content marketing. Still, the challenge they are facing is […]

13 minute read

Social Media Digital Signage: What, Why, How, & Where

The terms social media marketing and offline advertising have been in existence for quite some time now with marketers heavily relying on social media for advertising & marketing contrastingly declining reliance on offline channels.  As social media networks have grown their influence on the billions of users and millions of brands globally and offline channels […]

10 minute read

Amazing Halloween Marketing Campaigns With Creative Ideas

“Magic Of The Night, Pumpkins Glow By Moonlight” Halloween – a celebration of haunting emotions filled with excitement & creativity, is the start to a long festive season where the buzz around shopping, holidays, travel, family reunion, and most importantly – gift sharing & experiences is rising high among the people.  This season presents a […]

9 minute read

Word of Mouth Marketing: A Guide To Build WOM Marketing Strategy

Organic marketing is a term that has almost vanished from the marketing ecosystem. Growing social media platforms and their influence on billions of global users is the crucial reason behind it. Nowadays, as a brand, if you want to attract consumers, then you would need to pay for your marketing. Reaching the audience organically and […]

10 minute read

Customer Engagement Strategies to Build A Successful Brand

Believe it or not – Customer Engagement strategies drive success for every business objective – be it monetary or non financial. Customer engagement defines how vital and beneficial is your connection with the customers. It is essential that as a brand, you make constant efforts and investments to build meaningful engagement experiences with your customers. […]

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