How Instagram API changes will impact Taggbox

One of the most popular social media network Instagram has 1 billion active users as...

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5 Tips to Choose a Best Social Media Aggregator for Your Business

4 min readWhat is Social Media Aggregation? Social Media Aggregator, like Taggbox, is a tool that allows you to collect and curate all posts and feeds of various social media platforms at one place. It collects social media feeds through a specific hashtag or handle and displays those social feeds on a digital signage or live screen during an event, conference, trade … Read More

3 Effective Ways to Use Social Media Content Aggregator

4 min readThe Morning Drill For Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube – You’re perhaps present on each of these social media platforms. Additionally, you may also have a profile on other social platforms as well. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  – Jump straight to your phone and swipe endlessly on each of these former … Read More

What is a Social Media Aggregator Tool?

4 min readLet’s simply go word by word and understand the meaning of the massively used term on the web Social Media Aggregator Tool. What is Social Media Aggregation? Any media that’s present on the social channels can be referred to as a social media feed. When a multiplicity of social media feeds takes place and such feeds are aggregated or compiled … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of using a Social Media Aggregator

4 min readSocial media is a prominent platform for networking and interactions. The network managed to grow in one year with an engagement of about 1.96 billion users. Startled? Well, it is not enough. The expected future growth in the number of users of social media networks is a figure of 0.54 billion users. It means that by 2018 there will be … Read More