How Instagram API changes will impact Taggbox

One of the most popular social media network Instagram has 1 billion active users as...

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Social Media Campaign Ideas for Christmas Holidays

7 Ultimate Examples of Social Media Christmas Campaigns

5 min readA few days more and the merriest season of the year will be here. Yes, the countdown for Christmas has begun and we just can’t wait to see our social media profiles fill with uber exciting & engaging Christmas campaigns. Believe it or not, most of the brands have already spinning their magic around social media campaigns all with one … Read More

Hashtag Campaigns

How to Raise Funds through Hashtag Campaigns?

3 min readFund Raising events and activations is an extensive occasion for nonprofit organizations. It can involve a great deal of effort to gather resources for achieving a cause. However, in the world of today, when social media marketing influences most of our decisions, actions, and inclinations; leveraging upon a social community to attain fulfillment of your goal appears to be the … Read More

fb israel Pride Wall

Pride Social Wall | Sparking Conversation by Taggbox for Facebook Israel

2 min readOn the occasion of Gay Pride week, the team of Facebook Israel came forward to favor the LGBT community’s fight to pride and the most excessively effective method of social media activation became their way of sparking a revolutionary conversation over Instagram channels. We at Taggbox had the pleasure to be a part of it and so, we bring to … Read More

10 Examples of Successful Twitter Hashtag Campaigns

6 min readOver 330 million active users per month! According to a statistical study, the introductory figure indicates the number of Twitter’s active monthly users. If we translate these terms from a marketer’s understanding, this number implies the opportunity for a brand to enhance awareness and generate enormous UGC through Twitter.   Nonetheless, to capitalize this opportunity, a brand needs a credible … Read More

5 Best Examples of Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns

5 min readPlanning a successful Instagram marketing campaign can take a lot of work. A clear idea of objectives & deliverables must be known to marketers. A creative strategy is then required for achieving results. With Instagram becoming every brand’s go-to choice for Instagram marketing campaigns, considering it is the mecca of media with growing active users every month, it’s becoming tough … Read More

Event Marketing: 3 Levels of Social Media Marketing for Your Event

4 min readBefore we indulge in pre-event social media marketing tactics, let’s establish the requirement of an event hashtag in the social sphere today. To ensure a global reach & wide-appeal, great user-engagement & leveraged traction for event marketing campaigns and activities, it is essential to launch your unique hashtag. Before you begin using social media marketing tactics, derive the event hashtag, … Read More

5 Ways to Create an Instagram Campaign

5 Ways to Create an Instagram Campaign That Will Boost Your Brand

4 min readInstagram has proven to be a promising platform for businesses to organize user-generated content campaigns successfully. It is also becoming a leading choice among businesses to boost reputation, traffic, leads, and sales. Instagram is a significant opportunity to generate new customers and to better engage with the existing ones. We are talking about some meaningful Instagram marketing campaign examples that … Read More

5 Effective Ways To Integrate Social Media On Your Business Website

4 min readSocial integration is a leading approach for e-commerce stores and businesses. We have curated 5 strategies to help brands and businesses achieve the perfect social and website integration. Drive more value and engagement to your business by utilizing one of our 5 effective ways for social integration with your business website- 1. Place Social Share Plugins On Product Pages Placing … Read More

5 Examples of Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

5 min readThere are social media marketing strategies that work for every brand and guarantee their success rate. Strategies such as partnering up, inviting rich user-generated content, spreading social awareness or simply capitalizing on trending technology and making rich and wise use of social platforms functionalities. Here in, today, we are talking about 5 social media marketing campaigns that have been done … Read More

6 Amazing Social Media Marketing Ideas for Restaurants and Hotels

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