How Instagram API changes will impact Taggbox

One of the most popular social media network Instagram has 1 billion active users as...

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Best Hashtag tracking tools

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How Taggbox Prepared for GDPR

3 min readThe European Union has taken a move and introduced a new law General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be effective from May 25, 2018. The GDPR is a new law in the EU; that will give more control to EU residents over their privacy and personal information protection. EU introduces GDPR to provide more transparency to EU citizens from organizations about how they … Read More

3 Best Social Media Widget and Tools for Websites

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Top 5 Instagram Tools Every Marketer Should Use For Marketing

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5 Awesome Tools to Embed Twitter Feed on Website

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Top 5 Instagram Photo Display Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

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Top 3 Tools for Displaying Live Twitter Feed at Events and Conferences

5 min readWhat Is A Tweet Wall And What Does It Do? Let’s do a quick brush up. A Twitter wall is a social media wall that displays on a digital screen about what the event attendees are tweeting via the exclusive hashtag of the event. Live twitter feeds by Twitterati-s are the opinions and experiences of the guests about the event. … Read More

7 Best Social Media Tools Used by Experts in any Event

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