How Instagram API changes will impact Taggbox

One of the most popular social media network Instagram has 1 billion active users as...

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How to Embed Twitter Feed on Your Website

7 min readTwitter has become a powerful social networking site and micro-blogging platform where people can communicate in short messages or also known as Tweets. Currently, Twitter has more than 336 million monthly active users. A lot of event marketers, brand promoters, businesses, and celebrities use it to interact and connect with their relevant audience. Twitter is also used as a low-maintenance social … Read More

Embed Instagram feed on website

How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

6 min readInstagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users, and it is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Instagram stories, filters, and geo-tagging have become an essential part of everyone’s life. In fact, user engagement is the highest on Instagram than on any social media platform. Image Source: TechCrunch Instagram is extensively used by bloggers, vloggers, photographers, travel enthusiasts … Read More

Embed LinkedIn on Website

Six Ways to Embed LinkedIn to Your Business Website

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7 Interesting Ways to Use Instagram API

4 min readWith the recent boom in social networking sector, the people have several options like Instagram to post their photos and videos and engage with the community. Instagram is not for common people too, it can provide a great opportunity to brands and businesses alike to connect with the audience and expand their reach. One effective implementation of using the Instagram … Read More

How to Use a Tweet Wall for your Event to Display Live Twitter Feeds

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How to use LinkedIn for Business Marketing?

4 min readThe century has witnessed the upcoming of digital media as a significant form of world in its own. In the present time, virtual platforms possess a stage, a solution and a social media network for almost every human requirement. First emerged as a base to socialize, the world wide web now possess a number of social media networks which allow … Read More