Employee-Generated Content- A Buzz Or An Impactful Marketing Strategy?

Did you know your employees have 10 times more followers on social media than you?  Supposing that this fact rang a bell in your ears, it is now time to leverage and optimize the potential that your employees’ social media presence hold in generating greater business for you by targeting exponential reach.  Integrating Employee-generated Content(EGC) […]

12 minute read

How To Run A Successful UGC Hashtag Contest

As a business owner, you keep looking for opportunities to grow your brand and reach more people. You follow so many social media trends and rely on marketers to help you expand.  Social media might seem like a spider’s web (no pun intended), but once you get to learn a few basics, you can surely […]

9 minute read

How To Build A Result-Driven UGC Website?

Did you know? It takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave. Although digital media has become a visual hub and website owners brainstorm over how to captivate the visitors, it is the content that drives engagement, conversions, and sales on the website.  […]

12 minute read

Know Why & How Can You Leverage UGC In Your Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign

Did you know? 92% of the users trust authentic user-generated content more than they trust traditional ads?  User-Generated Content(UGC) is dominating the digital market. The reason for this is a drastic change in user behavior. They look up to people and not brands to find inspiration of products that they can introduce into their lives.  […]

10 minute read

Best UGC Tools For Next-Gen Marketers

Marketing can be a hefty task. Sometimes you don’t really know what might actually work to engage your users for the best results. A solution that is definitely going to help you build a successful marketing strategy is Consumer Generated Content.  UGC marketing has become a trending marketing strategy and is giving great results to […]

9 minute read

7 Inspiring Examples Of User Generated Content Campaigns

What is it that brands strategize for before creating any marketing campaigns? Well! It varies from brand to brand or marketer to marketer depending on their agenda & objectives.  But the most common objectives are to gain user engagement, build trust & authenticity, and drive conversions.  Over the years, it has become a challenge for […]

7 minute read

How To Fairly Deal With UGC or Social Media Content

Since the times when social media came into existence, ordinary people have been sharing their pictures, thoughts, and memories on social media platforms, creating a plethora of User-Generated Content.  Brands, not much far behind the race, buckled up their belts to capitalize on this highly valuable content generated by their users for their promotions and […]

8 minute read

Why Brands Should Focus On Users’ Social Content Legal Rights?

For the first time in marketing history, users’ created content is playing a huge role in the promotion of the brand and building customer trust.  Instead of creating branded content, collecting and displaying user-generated content from diverse social media platforms is the primary content strategy for new-age competitive marketers. But do you know sharing users’ […]

8 minute read

Facebook Rights Management – Growing Importance of UGC Rights

Intending to protect the rights of the content creators and publishers, Facebook introduced the Facebook Rights Manager, which is an expansion of its past rights management tool. This an effort by Facebook to help the creators manage how their content is shared across Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of this new integration to the Facebook […]

4 minute read