E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization: A Comprehensive Guide For Your Website

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The whole marketing world runs after achieving one basic goal, i.e., drive maximum traffic to their website and to maximize the e-commerce conversion rate in order to grow their online business.

This is the simplest life story of a digital marketer. It might seem a little too oversimplified but that is the standard playbook rule of a marketer. More traffic leads to more conversions. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) enters.

This blog is all about average E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization – what is CRO, how UGC can help you improve your average Conversion Rate for e-commerce, important factors for the success of your E-Commerce business, and at the end how TaggShop can help you improve your conversions for your visual marketing platform.

So, let’s get started!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Overview

Conversion Rate Optimization is basically a set of actions you perform in order to convert your website visitors into customers, thereby increasing the percentage of visitors that complete a webpage’s goal.

It is the way how you lead your website visitors into making the purchase or buying the plans that you offer them. By designing and enhancing certain elements of your webpage, you can easily ensure that a majority of your website visitors won’t return empty handed. 

These conversions take all over your website – on your homepage, pricing page, landing page, blogs, etc. The better your website is optimized, the better are your e-commerce conversion rates. The process of optimizing your business website in order to increase your sales is what CRO entails.

Role Of UGC in Improving Your E-commerce Conversion Rate

With the rise in the vogue of using user-generated content for marketing purposes, customers are becoming less inclined towards traditional marketing practices. It’s the user-generated content that they trust.

As per statistics-

The above-stated facts must have cleared your clouds of doubt by now about the ability of UGC in transforming your visual commerce marketing platform. With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the best UGC practices that allow you to improve your overall E-Commerce Conversion Rate.

1. Decorate Your Landing Page With UGC Highlights

Having a clear understanding of how you want to design your website in order to drive maximum conversions is really important. The most basic trick to do that is by embedding UGC posts and incorporating user-generated content as an integral part of the webpage content of your landing page.

UGC Highlights

This allows you to initiate the user engagement process at the initials levels itself thereby increasing the overall probability of conversions. UGC testimonials on landing pages are a great way to encourage first-time and recurring sales. 

2. Incorporate Multimedia UGC

Having a visually appealing website UX design is really important for attracting website visitors’ attention in the first go. It is the perfect combination of beauty with the brain (attractive and relevant content).

Multimedia User Generated Content
#ShareACoke Campaign by Coka Cola

Incorporating multimedia and social media user-generated content not only helps you to make your website look beautiful and attractive but also improves the overall relevancy of the website content on your webpage.

3. Easy UGC Submission

Another important aspect you should take care of while using UGC to improve your marketing campaign’s CRO is the submission of UGC. Your users are creating content for you. You can at least make sure that they navigate smoothly through the whole submission process.

East UGC Submission

This urges them to make multiple submissions thereby providing you with more content for your marketing campaign. Easier the UGC submission process, more dynamic is the user-generated content, more is the trust generated, therefore, more conversions.

4. Use CTAs

By carefully placing Call-To-Action buttons on your landing pages, homepage, and others, you make your customers aware of the possibility of interaction and transactions they can make on your e-commerce website.

Call To Action

Simple CTAs like “Don’t forget to leave a review”, you simply aware of your users and encourage them to create user-generated content for your website, thereby improving your credibility and hence increasing the overall E-Commerce Conversion Rate.

Crucial Factors For The Success Of Your Visual Marketing Platform

E-Commerce is on a boom at present but so is the competition in the industry. Not everyone who steps into the E-Commerce industry becomes a successful giant like Amazon. Most of them start to lag behind after a few hurdles.

Here are listed some really important and crucial factors that play a very important role in the success of your visual marketing platform. Come, let’s explore those and make your e-commerce business a great success.

1. Focus On Your Brand Image

Every business, even your E-Commerce business have a core identity that defines your brand image. Having a strong branding is really important to build a robust presence of your brand both online and in the physical world as a separate brand entity.

Focus On Your Brand Image

Having a clear vision of your brand’s mission and central values is really important for your brand to age well. Customers create a long lasting impression of your brand based on the kind of interaction they encounter with your brand and first impressions really last long. They are an important factor in building a reliable brand image. Better the brand image, more is the trust, hiked is your average e-commerce conversion rate. It’s that simple!

2. Embed Instagram Shoppable Posts On Your E-Commerce Website

When you embed Instagram Shoppable posts on your E-Commerce website, you basically transform it into a visual commerce platform, thereby enhancing the probability of conversions. We all know that Instagram is visually so enchanting plus it has amazing marketing potential to help a business grow.

Instagram Shoppable Posts

When you embed Shoppable Instagram posts on your e-commerce website, you simply bring down both these superpowers of Instagram to your E-Commerce website. Doing so enables you to provide a point of inspiration closer to the point of sale. When you serve your aspiring customer with user-generated Instagram content as a reference during their purchase journey, you simply multiply the probability of conversions taking place.

TaggShop, the ultimate e-commerce solution of Taggbox helps you embed shoppable Instagram posts on your e-commerce website thus making it a great visual commerce platform and help you grow your online business.

3. SEO Drives Potential Traffic

Google rankings play a very important role in the growth of your online business. The popularity of your visual commerce platform is directly proportional to your ranking in the Google charts. A whole SEO industry runs to achieve the basic goal of improving websites’ Google ranking and it’s thriving. That explains the importance of SEO in the growth of your online business.

SEO Drives Potential Traffic

With constantly updating algorithms, it can be really hard sometimes to keep your Google ranking on the top. Incorporating user-generated content as part of your website content is one way to enhance the relevancy of your website content and thus improve the overall ranking of your website. Better the ranking, more are its chances of appearing in the organic searches, hence better chances to improve e-commerce conversion rate.

4. Be Transparent, Trust Will Build

Customers today are smart. They know who is faking it and who is genuine. The best way to maintain the user trust intact and strong in your brand is by being as much transparent as you can. One way of being transparent is by being available so that they can raise their queries with you. For that, you should provide contact details on all your web pages.

Build Trust

Also by increasing the user engagement with your brand, you can enhance the trust level of the visitors in your e-commerce brand. More the users engage with your website and its content, deeper is the trust users have in your brand. This way they also spend more time on your website thus enhancing your e-commerce optimization.

At the end of the day, the success of your E-Commerce business depends on the number of successful conversions thereby increasing your sales. Before we reach the conclusion of this guide, here is an updated list of Average Conversion Rate (CVR) by industry so as to give you a clearer picture of the importance of CRO for growth in any industry.

Come, let’s have a look!

IndustryAverage CTR (Search)Average CTR (GDN)
Advocacy 4.41% 0.59%
Auto4.00% 0.60%
B2B 2.41% 0.46%
Consumer Services 2.41% 0.51%
Dating & Personals 6.05% 0.72%
E-Commerce 2.69% 0.51%
Education 3.78% 0.53%
Employment Services 2.42% 0.59%
Finance & Insurance 2.91% 0.52%
Health & Medical 3.27% 0.59%
Home Goods 2.44% 0.49%
Industrial Services 2.61% 0.50%
Legal 2.93% 0.59%
Real Estate 3.71% 1.08%
Technology 2.09% 0.39%
Travel & Hospitality 4.68% 0.47%


E-Commerce marketing is all about sharing important and relevant information about your brand in a way that your website visitors feel satisfied and informed, thus ending up making the purchase.

If done right, User-Generated Content can help you drive potential leads to your e-commerce platform. Embedding shoppable Instagram posts, on your website also helps you improve your overall user engagement

So, what’s still holding you back? Embed shoppable posts on your e-commerce website using TaggShop and grow your overall business.

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