How To Embed Instagram Feeds On WIX Website?

Instagram can play a very important role in making or breaking the marketing bed for any brand in the digitally savaged and competitive market today.

In the era of plummeting organic reach, embedding Instagram feeds on your website, displaying constant social proof, can be a promising strategy to adopt, in order to improve the potential lead generation and enhance the overall conversions for your business.

This article will guide you on how to embed Instagram feed on WIX website using Taggbox with real ease and simplicity.

Let’s get started!

WIX: The Ultimate Website Building Platform

Creating a website might seem a hassle-full task to an immature, too confusing enough to how to start or which template to choose. Well, WIX is the solution to all these confusions. It is an overall package which comes with an integrated solution of web hosting so that you don’t have to buy one separately.

WIX is one of the major leading website building platforms across the globe. It lets you create your own professional website in no time. Its drag and drop feature makes it really easy for the users to add or remove elements from their website as per their wish.

Having known how awesome WIX is as a website builder, now let’s learn how to embed Instagram feeds on WIX website.

How to Aggregate Instagram Feeds With Taggbox

Taggbox is an amazing Instagram aggregator and display/embed tool. It allows you to create beautiful and stunning Instagram Social Walls that can be easily embedded on your websites.

Taggbox gives you the functionality to discover and aggregate Instagram content through channels like Hashtag(s), Handle(s), Mention(s) and Tagged.  These aggregated Instagram posts can be easily embedded on your WIX website in a highly customized and curated manner.

In order to do that, first and foremost, you need to create an account with Taggbox. Follow these basic and simple steps to proceed further.

Step1: Either Sign Up or Login (if you already have an account). 

login to taggbox

Step2: You will land on the Dashboard.

Taggbox Dashboard

Step3: Click on the “+Create Wall” button in the top left corner. Give your Wall a name and click on “Create Wall”.

Instgaram Feed wall

Step4: You will land on the Wall Editor. From the popup that appears, select “Instagram” as your Feed Source.

Instagram feed in WIX

Step5: Select your Instagram Connection Type- Hashtag(#), Profile Post(@), Mentions, Tagged. Give all other required details and click on “Create Feed”.

create instagram feed wall

Step 6: Provide the required login credentials to allow Taggbox to access the Instagram Account.

Once you have done that, within no time you can see a functional Instagram Wall in the Wall Editor of your Taggbox account. Here, you can use the Personalize Panel to customize and beautify your Instagram Wall and Moderation Panel to curate the aggregated content by filtering out the irrelevant ones from being displayed.

So, now having created a fully functional, customized, and curated Instagram Wall, now the next step is to generate embed code from Taggbox that will allow you to embed Instagram Wall on your WIX website.

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Here’s How You Can Generate Embed Code From Taggbox For Your Instagram Wall

Just follow these simple steps to generate the Embed Code for your Instagram Wall.

Step 1: Click on the Display button in the bottom left column of your Wall Editor.

Instagram feed on wix website

Step 2: Choose the Embed In Website option.

Add Instagram feed on WIX

Step 3: Select WIX as your Website Building Platform.

Embed Instagram Feed on WIX

Step 4: A Dialogue Box will appear that will guide you through further steps. From the last step, copy the Embed Code.

Instagram Feed code for WIX

Great! Now, you have successfully generated the embed code from Taggbox. All that is left now is pasting it in the backend of your WIX website. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go to your WIX website!

How to Embed Instagram Feeds On WIX Website

Now that you have already completed more than half of your journey, you are just a few steps away from embedding Instagram feeds on WIX website. You can also use an Instagram Widget to display your embedded Instagram feed. To gap those steps, just follow these below-given guidelines.

Step 1: Login to your WIX website. Go to the backend of your website.

login to WIX

Step 2: In the backend of your WIX Editor, you will notice a plus button (+) on the left-hand side of the screen in the menu bar. It allows you to add elements to your web pages. Click on it.

Add Instagram Feed on WIX

Step 3: You will see a list of elements that you can add on your webpage. Click on the More button in the menu and select HTML iframe from the Embeds.

Add Instagram Embed Code

Step 4: Now, enter the embed code that you generated from Taggbox and paste it in the code field here. 

Step 5: Next, click on Apply.

Great! You have successfully embedded Instagram feeds on WIX website. 

Over To You

So, you just embedded a beautiful social media feed on WIX website. Wasn’t that easy? Well, that’s what Taggbox does for you. It makes the most technical and difficult looking tasks easy enough for you to pursue.

If you’re an owner of an E-Commerce business with a legitimate website, then displaying user-generated Instagram content advocating for your brand’s authority is the best social proof you could offer your online visitors with the aim to convert them into permanent customers.

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