How To Embed Twitter Feed On Website For Free

One of the most attended platforms, Twitter, is used by 330 million users largely to keep up with the happenings around the world. Be it business, blog or belief, people are always keen to know and acquire information.  Brands are spending a lot of their resources to derive success in the form of user engagement, […]

12 minute read

How To Add Twitter Feed On WordPress Website

Twitter has emerged to become one of the most highly leveraged and highly growing platforms across the globe.  The Twitter users, commonly referred to as the ‘Twitterati, ’ use the platform to express their views and opinion on various topics, including their experiences with brands and products.  If you are a brand with an active […]

8 minute read

Twitter Marketing Strategies: A Holistic Guide For Marketers In 2021

With 326 million people using Twitter every month, it has been an important and very essential part of the marketing strategies of brands these days. The marketing world is a really dynamic one where marketers constantly fight to ace out each other and get the “bigger piece of the pie”. Twitter marketing is a huge […]

6 minute read