5 Examples of Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media offers a great platform to take your business or brand to the skies. However winning immense customers on social media is a challenging task, but we are not saying that it is impossible. With proper strategies and marketing campaigns, you can rule the social media world and witness great results for sure. Social […]

12 minute read

Top 7 Christmas Social Media Marketing Ideas With User-generated Content

Time passes by quickly. Christmas is just around the corner. The festive spirit of Christmas is all about the fancy decorations, exciting festive discounts being run by brands, product promotions, Christmas special products and services, Christmas campaigns on social media, Twitter and Facebook contests for customers and a whole lot more. We are already grooving […]

10 minute read

What is a Social Media Campaign and how to build a Successful Marketing Plan

What is a Social Media Campaign? A social media campaign is marketing and advertising efforts put in to achieve a business goal. Business goals can be many –new product launch, celebrating a company milestone, expanding the client base, increasing customer awareness, building brand awareness, and social and moral causes. Social media campaign differ from the […]

5 minute read

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Hashtag Campaign for an Event

Hashtags are the building blocks of social media marketing for an Event or brand. They combine social media posts that use a particular social media hashtag and hence are also known as a hashtag aggregator. Hashtags allow anyone to follow a hashtag campaign on social media. They also gather all the online conversations about an […]

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