Instagram Widget: What Is It & Why Your Website Needs It ?

Did you know that Instagram is one of the 2 most popular social media platforms along with YouTube among the brands & their marketers globally.  Brands want a platform that provides best possible content and maximum user exposure & engagement. And Instagram delivers that perfectly to brands.  In recent times, Instagram has been a genie’s […]

6 minute read

Top 5 Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

With over 700 million active users monthly, Instagram is a mobile application that comes as fancy to social media addicts, brands and businesses that are promoting business on the network. The popular social media network gets branded user-generated content from users worldwide in the form of Instagram hashtag content. Instagram savvy people love the application […]

6 minute read

Why Should you Embed Instagram Feeds On Website

Instagram as a social media platform is highly addictive. Don’t we love the Instagram filters, stories feature, filters available in Instagram stories, geo-tagging, and the colorful galleries of pictures making the social feed come alive?  Even though Instagram has no website version of itself, we still have a strong sentiment with the application and love […]

5 minute read

How To Embed Instagram Feed Widget On Website

Since its inception, Instagram has been claimed to be a very powerful and effective marketing platform for businesses looking to gain organic reach and visibility for their products and services. Now just imagine how great the impact would be if you embed an Instagram Widget on website! With 500 million active daily users, Instagram presents […]

9 minute read

7 Interesting Ways to Use Instagram API

With the recent boom in social networking sector, the people have several options like Instagram to post their photos and videos and engage with the community. Instagram is not for common people too, it can provide a great opportunity to brands and businesses alike to connect with the audience and expand their reach. One effective […]

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