Introducing ‘Taggbox Virtual Events’

Virtual events started as an unpopular alternative to offline events but now they have become the future of events especially if we talk about the next few years. Given the rise of virtual events, there has been an emergence in the digital tools & technologies providing creative & intelligible solutions to make the virtual events […]

6 minute read

Social Media Integration On Website – 6 Effective Ways

Social media integration on website is a trending approach for website owners. We have curated 6 strategies to help brands and businesses achieve the perfect social and website integration. Integrate social media on website to drive more value and engagement to your business bye. Effective Strategies Of Social Media Integration On Website We have listed […]

7 minute read

Social Media Digital Signage: What, Why, How, & Where

The terms social media marketing and offline advertising have been in existence for quite some time now with marketers heavily relying on social media for advertising & marketing contrastingly declining reliance on offline channels.  As social media networks have grown their influence on the billions of users and millions of brands globally and offline channels […]

10 minute read