Instagram UGC Guide – Leverage User Generated Content on Instagram for Marketing

Instagram user generated content marketing! A mix of 3 most important elements for the brands nowadays i.e. Instagram, User Generated Content, and Marketing.  Why do we say that these 3 are most important or why do marketers need to acknowledge & leverage this mix?  Since its inception, Instagram has seen tremendous growth & success among […]

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User-Generated Content For Search Engine Optimization (UGC For SEO)

You might know both of these terms separately about what is user-generated content and search engine optimization. But how do these relate to each other, and why do you need UGC for SEO performance increment now?  Firstly, as we all know, quality content, when combined with a powerful search engine optimization strategy, can augment any […]

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Why Should you Embed Instagram Feeds On Website

Instagram as a social media platform is highly addictive. Don’t we love the Instagram filters, stories feature, filters available in Instagram stories, geo-tagging, and the colorful galleries of pictures making the social feed come alive?  Even though Instagram has no website version of itself, we still have a strong sentiment with the application and love […]

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Best Social Media Marketing Strategies You Just Can’t Ignore in 2021

2021 is on its way and is ready to roll over in just a few days. By now it’s completely safe to say that traditional marketing has been overwhelmingly wrapped by the social media marketing hype. It makes us realize how fastly and dynamically the world of social media is growing and still there is […]

12 minute read

How User-Generated Content Can Boost Brand Loyalty In E-Commerce Sector

“Ever wondered how a shopper while making an online purchase looks for a helping hand just to get the feel of approval? In the E-commerce industry that helping hand is user-generated content for any user.” Yes! You heard it right. UGC is no more just a nice tag along for the e-commerce industry, rather it […]

8 minute read

How To Leverage Social Media To Increase Ecommerce Sales

Ecommerce and social media streams are two subject matters which are highly spoken about. Together or independently, both social media feeds and eCommerce are activities that people participate in for a good period of time. Everyone you see is often fixed on their social network streams checking updates from their friends and family – liking, […]

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How to Utilize User Generated Content (UGC) in Business Marketing

We understand that for any business, planning a successful marketing strategy can take a lot of work and effort, which can be really difficult at times. The marketers should have a clear idea of their objectives & deliverables only then they can plan a creative marketing strategy for achieving results. Through our extensive research & […]

10 minute read

How to Increase Ecommerce Sales Using User Generated Content

For shopping enthusiasts, love, at first sight, has become easier with the arrival of shoppable posts, making purchasing just a click away decision. Are you wondering how to increase eCommerce sales? Well, in that direction, Taggbox recently launched it’s latest product update- Taggbox Commerce, the ultimate solution for brands to increase eCommerce sales on eCommerce […]

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5 Awesome Ways In Which You Can Use Yelp To Grow Your Hospitality Business

In today’s internet savvy world, the hospitality industry builds and collapses on the kind of word that is spreading about the restaurant and customer reviews and testimonials play an important role in this. One such popular local search site that focuses on reviewing businesses and sharing information about them is Yelp. Founded in 2004 to […]

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