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Social Media Aggregator

Collect Social media feeds from 10 different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more in seconds.

Live Hashtag Feed

Select any number of hashtags to create a beautiful social wall to display on any screen

#Hashtag & Marketing Campaigns

Drive effective #hashtag and marketing campaigns by connecting various social networks together

In-store Display

With a modern in-store display, interact with your customers and elevate your store’s appeal

Customize your Wall

Impart a unique appeal to your wall by modifying the background, personalizing the theme, tailoring the overall design, and more

Highlight Sponsors

Provide a thoughtful space to your sponsors by customizing the wall, and make them love that extra attention


Auto-moderate or manually control each post to manage the content display on your wall


Collect multiple instagram or twitter feed to embed instagram feed on websites or create a tweetwall