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Create marketing campaign, and display it strategically across different marketing channels

Social media wall for events


Boost audience engagement & create memorable experiences at any event

For Websites & Hashtag Campaigns


Embed social feeds, UGC gallery, reviews etc. on website to boost its performance & ROI

For In-Store & Outdoor Advertising


Attract, engage & convert your audience with interactive UGC signage campaigns

For ECommerce & Online Stores


Build trust, grow engagement, & increase conversions with Shoppable feeds & galleries

To Manage Content Rights

UGC Rights Management

Get rightful authorization from users to repurpose their content for your brand

For Content Discovery & Curation

Smart Curation

Collect the best & most valuable user generated content from social platforms

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Taggbox for Good

We believe in those who do good for the society and we do the same for them. We offer discounts to Non Profit and Educational institutions to motivate them to do the greater good.

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Simple Plans

Taggbox provides you with simple and flexible plans suited to needs of everyone. A variety of features that come with each plan make your work experience hastle free and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Cancel my Paid plan?

When you are logged in, go to your account page and cancel the subscription. One of our success managers will reach out to confirm your cancellation. You will have access to your account until the end of your current billing period. Please note that all your collected posts and walls will be deleted once your current billing period runs out.

Do you have referral/affiliate program?

We do have an affiliate program. If you have clients, feel free to get in touch with us. We already have design/marketing agencies working with us as our partners.

What happens to my data after trial period gets over?

Your account stays with us. You can choose to login and upgrade anytime in future. However your social walls will be deleted once your trial plan is over.

How do I make payments?

You can pay by Credit Card or via your PayPal account. Our online payment gateway partner supports both of them.

Can I cancel my subscription later?

Yes you can do that inside the Accounts section of your dashboard. In this case, your subscription will not automatically renew and your Taggbox account will get immediately deactivated. However, the payment already made will not be refundable.

Can I switch plans?

Anytime! You can upgrade/downgrade the plans anytime.

Do you provide invoice based billing?

Yes. Only for customers who have opted our Enterprise plan.

Are these recurring plans?

Yes. Except the event plan, all other plans are recurring. The money will be charged every month. You can cancel/upgrade/downgrade the plan anytime from Accounts section.

What do I need to display my Taggbox Social Wall feed?

You need to connect your computer / laptop to your display screen whether it be a TV , Jumbotron or any other kind of screen. You can connect with following ways:-

  • Wired: Connect with Standard VGA Cable
  • Wireless: Connect with Google Chromecast or Apple TV. You will also need a Wireless router for that.
  • Wireless Solution: Intel NUC PC. You can connect it with HDMI to any screen.

Can you help me customize my Social Wall?

Of course! Our skilled in-house agency team can offer their expertise in customizing your Social Wall to ANYTHING you like. Our Enterprise plan includes design and customization consultation. We promise to deliver exactly the experience you are looking for, even with tight deadlines.

Can I control my Taggbox Social Wall display from my mobile device?

Yes, our interface is fully responsive so that you have full access using any device, including your smartphone and tablets.

How fast will Taggbox collect and display new content?

Once you’ve enabled real-time updates, new posts will be collected in less than one minute. If you’ve enabled full moderation, new posts will be published once they’ve been approved.

My event is longer than 24 hours, do you offer a solution for that?

Yes, you can purchase additional days during plan purchase. Purchase can also be made later on OR during the event.

Why do I see the Taggbox Logo and Slow updates even after the purchase?

When you buy the event plan, your account will be switched to “Event Setup Plan”. This plan will have 4 hour update time. But on the date of your event, updates shall come instantly. The “Event Setup Plan” gives you enough time to setup and check everything in advance.

Should i buy the event plan on the day of my event?

We recommend buying it at-least 48 hours before (You can buy the event plan upto one month in advance). This will give you enough time to setup, customize and check the display on your screen size. You can also get in touch with us anytime regarding this. Read More

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