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Publish Shoppable Instagram, UGC, & Social Galleries on your brand website, eCommerce or online store to increase conversions, build trust, & boost user engagement

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Shoppable Galleries 125
Social Feeds 41025
Social Platforms 10+10+10+
Product Hotspots ***
Taggshop Link ***
Shoppable UGC ***
On-site UGC Uploads x50/MonthUnlimited
Product Page Galleries xUpto 100 PagesUnlimited
Manual Moderation ***
Auto-Moderation x**
Product Catalog Upto 100 ProductsUnlimitedUnlimited
Customize Gallery Design ***
Gallery Themes 3AllAll
Views UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Auto-Updates 2 Hour1 Hour30 Mins
Gallery Analytics ***
Additional Users -25
Custom CSS ***
Custom Posts ***
Taggbox Branding **x
Client Support Email & ChatPriorityDedicated
API Access xx*
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Rights Managements

Acquire content rights directly from the users and repurpose user-generated content legally in your campaigns

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Different plans for every business size to get UGC rights with all legal proofs

$ 79 /mo

Taggbox for Good

We believe in those who do good for the society and we do the same for them. We offer discounts to Non Profit and Educational institutions to motivate them to do the greater good.

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Partnership Program

Earn revenue from our conversions. Join our partnership program to earn upto 30% commission recurring monthly. For agencies & resellers who wish to grow together with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cancel My Paid Plan?

When you are logged in, go to your account page and cancel the subscription. One of our success managers will reach out to confirm your cancellation. You will have access to your account until the end of your current billing period. Please note that all your collected posts and galleries will be deleted once your current billing period runs out.

How Fast Is My Shoppable Feed's Content Update Time?

Update Time is the loading time after which new content will be updated on your Shoppable gallery. The better your plan is upgraded, the shorter will be the update time span and the faster will your new content update on your Shoppable gallery.

How Long Will My Free Trial Last For? Do I Need To Enter My Card Details For Free Trial?

Your free-trial session would last for 14-days. No. You don't need to give your card details for a free trial.

Do You Have Referral/Affiliate Program?

We do have an affiliate program. If you have clients, feel free to get in touch with us. We already have design/marketing agencies working with us as our partners.

What Happens To My Data/Content After Trial Period Gets Over?

Your account stays with us. You can choose to login and upgrade anytime in future. However, your shoppable feeds can be deleted once your trial plan is over.

How Do I Make Payments?

You can pay by Credit Card or via your PayPal account. Our online payment gateway partner supports both of them.

Can I Cancel My Subscription Later?

Yes, you can do that inside the Accounts section of your dashboard. In this case, your subscription will not automatically renew and your Taggbox account will get immediately deactivated. However, the payment already made will not be refundable.

Can I Switch Plans?

Anytime! You can upgrade/downgrade the plans anytime.

Do You Provide Invoice Based Billing?

Yes. Only for customers who have opted our Enterprise plan.

Should I Buy a Monthly Plan Or a Yearly Plan ?

Well, the choice is entirely yours. You can choose a monthly plan or an annual plan. Although, buying a yearly plan is more cost-effective as only per month installment gets reduced if an annual payment is made.

How Can I Add More Features To My Existing Plan?

Well, Taggbox gives you the option to create your own tailor-made pricing plan with your desired set of features. You could choose our Enterprise Plan for that purpose. It is for those clients who are looking for a custom solution for their particular set of needs.

What Is A Shoppable Gallery?

A Shoppable gaqllery is a feed of posts that you have aggregated (collected) from social media into your Taggbox commerce account and then tag your products to these posts and make it a Shoppable gallery where Customers can shop for a product directly from the post through shoppable feature.

Will Shoppable Gallery Affect My Website Speed?

No, Shoppable Galleries & feeds will not affect your website speed as it is powerfully optimized for better performance.

What Is The Difference Between A Shoppable Feed & Shoppable Gallery?

A Shoppable feed contains content from just one feed whereas shoppable gallery can have content from multiple feeds.

Do I Need To Buy Web Embed Plan Seperately To Embed Shoppable Posts/Feeds/Galleries On My Website?

Actually not! The Commerce plan itself provides the features of Web Embed. So, you don't need to buy a separate Web Embed plan for embedding Shoppable Posts/Feeds/Galleries on your website.

Which Themes Can I Apply To My Shoppable Feeds & Galleries?

You will have many web embed theme options in your account that you can choose from for your Shoppable Feeds & Galleries

How Many Shoppable Posts Can I Create For My Gallery?

You can create unlimited shoppable posts in most cases. But it varies according to your plan as well. You can discuss with us for more details.

Can I Manage My Shoppable Feed From A Mobile Device?

Yes, our interface is fully compatible with any hardware, whether it is a desktop, a tablet, or your smartphone.

Which Operating System Is Compatible With My Taggbox Commerce Plan?

Taggbox requires only a browser to run, and it works (perfect / fluent) with all the browsers irrespective of any operating system you have.

Can You Help Me Customize My Shoppable Feed/Galleries?

Of course! Our skilled in-house agency team can offer their expertise in customizing your Shoppable feed as you like. Our Enterprise plan includes design and customization consultation. We promise to deliver exactly the experience you are looking for, even with tight deadlines.

Can You Help Me Set Up My Shoppable Gallery?

Yes, we can help you set up your Shoppable Gallery from scratch. You can reach out to us through message or email with your concerns.

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