How To Use Private Post Uploads Feature in Taggbox Display

The ‘private post’ feature by Taggbox Display will enable your audience to share their photos and reviews with you without using any social media platform. 

Our Private Post feature will help you collect content from your users in two easy and quick methods.

  1. QR code: You can display the QR code on your social wall for your users who can scan it and share their posts.
  2. URL: You can share a URL with your audience and collect their reviews or pictures for your brand directly. 

How to Use the Taggbox Display Private Post Feature?

Using Taggbox Display Private Post is very easy, and you can add the private post feed option to your social wall with Taggbox within 10 minutes. Let’s quickly take you through the four stages of using this feature so you can start collecting UGC from your audience.

A. Create & Manage Private Post Feed

  1. Log in to your Taggbox Display account.
  2. Create a new social wall, or else edit your previously created social wall.
  3. Now click on Social Feeds > Add Feed, and you will see a new source network option – Private Post.
  4. Click on the Private Post option, and you will see the next page. 
  5. If you want to moderate the posts before they are displayed on the social wall, use the checkbox on the screen.
  6. Now click on Create Feed.
  7. If you want to disable the private post feed from your wall, click on Manage Feed and disable it through the toggle bar. You can also choose if you want to make the posts public directly or review them here.

After creating the private post feed, it’s time for some design and creativity to take over. Taggbox Display gives you the option to customize the presentation of the QR code overlay in the editor and align it with your social wall design, so make the most of it. 

B. Personalize the Private Post Feed

It is important to leave a good impression on your audience. Using the Personalize features of Private Post, you can customize the presentation of the QR code overlay that your users will see on the social wall.

Let’s get you ready to engage your audience by enhancing the presentation of the QR code overlay with the personalization features.

  1. In the Personalize > Customization section, click on the Private Post option. 
  2. Now, add an interesting title to capture the attention of your viewers and entice them to scan the code and share a post or review. 
  3. Edit the font color, font style & size, background. See the preview of the overlay to ensure it looks presentable to your audience. 
  4. Customize the position and height of the code.
  5. If you want to disable the private post from your social wall, you again have the option to turn it off using the toggle here. 
  6. Once done, click on Apply Settings.

Now that your social wall is ready with the QR code overlay, it’s time to design the page to collect the posts from your users. 

C. Collect UGC with Private Posts

The page your users will see after they scan the code is called Post Upload Page. Follow through these quick steps to design this Post Upload Page and make the experience engaging for the users.

  1. Give an attractive page title and description to build a connection with the audience.
  2. Add T&C URL, so there is complete transparency between you and your users. 
  3. Taggbox Display gives the users two options to share their pictures. One format is with the captions, and another one is with the reviews and ratings.
  4. After the users share their posts with you, they will see a Thank You message. Instead of a general greeting, you can add a beautiful thank you message and leave a long-lasting impression on your users.

Once you start collecting UGC, you will get a lot of content on your social wall, but not all will be relevant. So use our Moderation panel to ensure good quality content is displayed on your social wall.

D. Moderate the Private Posts

The moderation features will help you filter the private posts and display the best content. The Moderation panel shows all the posts shared by your users. Here is how you can make the best use of the Moderation Panel.

  1. If your users are flooding your social wall with a lot of content, you can use the filters on the top right corner to see a specific post. 
  2. If you want to hide any post from your social wall, click on the checkbox on the top left side of the post. Now select the option to make the post private or delete it.
  3. If you want to showcase any specific post shared by your users, pin it or highlight it on your social wall using the buttons on the left corner of the post.

Finally, you are all set with your private post feed.