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A. Who would be coordinating
with you during the entire process?

Meet our HR Team for talent management & acquisition, they'll be in touch with you throughout the process.

C. Your final interview stage will involve a meeting with our CEO

D. Know more about us.


Our Business
Units & Products

We’re a one-stop solution for any UGC-related query. Our SaaS platforms - Tagbox, Tagembed, and Tagshop, are created with a customer-centric approach to solve marketing problems for brands of any scale. The futuristic products we’ve created and the young workforce we possess make us an unstoppable new youth company.

In services, we cater selected clients only & help them on the tech front.

  • audi
  • avis
  • intel
  • times
  • mg
  • samsung
  • walkswagon
  • hero
  • apple
  • p_n_g
  • ikea
  • one_plus

are few of our prominent clients.

Following is our company matrix with the segmented area of work


SaaS platform for
User Generated Content

SaaS platform
for Social Media & Review Widgets

SaaS platform
for Social Commerce Solutions

Established in 2016;
we are currently 80+ team size.
Check taggbox.com for more details

E. Why you should work with us.

Here are

why you should
work with us.

F. Give me an idea about your
organisational culture.

& check our activeinstagramInstagram account to give you an idea about the culture.

G. What characteristics of
individuals fit well in our system.


& individuals that
don't fit well in our system.


H. Quick policy pointers.

  • weekday

    We have
    all Saturdays off

  • calander

    Calendar holidays
    as per the city
    holidays calendar.

  • gps

    You get
    1 paid holiday
    every month
    (except December)

  • year-end

    In December we
    have a
    year-end break
    from 25th Dec to
    1st Jan so that you can
    relax & start fresh

  • salary

    Salary comes
    on the 10th of every
    month unless it's
    a bank holiday.

  • probation

    3 Months probation
    & 2 months notice

  • annual

    Annual hikes
    happen on July

  • rewards

    Rewards and Recognition (Quarterly)

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