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Social Media Wall

Aggregate with

We aggregate with various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more to give you unlimited flow of user-generated content

People trust People

In the age of millennials, more than ever, people are making purchase decisions based on the recommendation of their peers. We, as a social media aggregator tool, help you curate social media content that will build trust and increase your marketing performance

91% Buyers

91% of buyers trust peer recommendations more than other forms of advertisement

3.53 Billion

3.53 billion is the total number of active social media users on different channels

20% Higher

20% higher conversions achieved when earned media is a part of the purchase journey


Discover, Curate, Design and Display. It’s that simple

Discover and Curate

Add social platforms to fetch the content and start discovering your earned media. Curate the required content using our powerful moderation panel and filter unwanted content.

Customize and Design

Customize the look and feel of your social hub. Change colors, fonts, background, add logos and messages to it. Choose the theme of your choice for web or display usage.

Display or Embed

Now, let’s take the social wall to the audience with a digital display or by embedding it to the website. The UGC platform lets you display the social wall with a link for screening or a simple code to be added on your website’s backend.

Showcase the best of your community

Show the power of your community and influence customer behavior. Best UGC Platform & Social Media Aggregator to power your marketing efforts and build a circle of trust with your audience.

Some of our Features

We come with a bag full of features to help you make your social media wall attractive and dynamic

Rights Management

Get Rightful Authorization directly from Users to Repurpose their Content For Your Brand Campaigns. A solution to empower your brand's marketing strategies with the all-powerful user-generated content.



Taggshop is a must-have for e-commerce deployments. Engage and entice your visitors by displaying shoppable UGC and making their purchase journey fun and engaging.

Themes & Customization

A gallery of creative themes suitable for every occasion, whatsoever. Also, customize your social wall with attractive design patterns, font colors, backgrounds along with brand logo, banner, promotional messages, and more.

Filters and moderate

Filter and Moderate

With the moderation feature you can choose to discard certain users, words, tags etc. that you find unsuitable and it will never go live on your website or screens.


Highlight Offers

Add Custom Posts to highlight anything special to your visitors on social wall. It gives you ability to add anything custom in between the social posts.


Auto Updates

We automatically pull the content from all your feeds. So, you need not to worry about checking on your wall frequently. Makes it a breeze to use.


Fits any Screen

Its responsive design makes it fit to any screen size automatically from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TV Screens, projectors to jumbotrons.



Track the performance of your social wall through our Analytics feature. Use it to generate reports and improve the user engagement.

Where can you use it?

We go wherever you go. Be it an event, an in-store display, an API project, a hashtag campaign or even on your website, we are there for your service

Build trust and engagement with your audience. Drive more social purchase and increase revenues too. Embed to any website with a simple code

Showcase stunning Twitter, Facebook and Instagram content generated by users during Concerts, Festivals, Conferences, Events or Musicals

Display User Generated Content and Photos from Social Media to your visitors. Increase trust with the visitors and thus, amplify your marketing

Create your own social shop. Display user-generated content on your e-commerce website and turn social into sales. Make the purchase journey of your users fun and engaging.

Showcase the power of your hashtag campaigns in your office or through the website. Showcase curated content or just let it flow with everything

Our API solutions give you absolute control of the design for your websites or screen displays. This is the best way to integrate the social data anywhere

10,000+ Companies Making the best of Taggbox

Boosting the visibility of brand content and making ambassadors out of your followers! Throughout our years of operation, we have been doing this and more for countless big brands. Going by their feedback, their business produced profit and visible results, all thanks to this Social Wall. The world full of word-of-mouth marketing tactics has already been using the superpower of user-generated content with Taggbox for quite some time.

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