Social Wall Solution For Digital Signage

Attract, engage, & convert your audience by displaying social media feeds on your signage campaigns. Creatively showcase UGC feeds, hashtag campaigns, brand's social feeds, & much more with Taggbox social media digital signage solutions

The Benefits Of Displaying Social Walll On Digital Signage

Social media content holds unmatchable powers to attract & engage users. Displaying social walls on your digital signages is an excellent way to bring social content to life and leverage it to boost your brand growth & success.

Enhance Reach & Engagement

Enhance Reach & Engagement

Easily showcase all categories of moving, real, and vibrant social media posts generated by your users on the digital signage to draw the attention of the viewers, enhance brand awareness and boost their engagement.

Grow Brand Trust & Sales

Amplify Brand Trust & Sales

By showcasing a social wall on digital signage, brands can generate credibility in the minds of the viewers, grow advocacy, and also stand a chjance to easily convert them. Thus, working up profits.

Effective Campaigns & Communications

Simplify Attention & Communication

Organize contests & competitions encourage audience to engage & participate in your camapigns. Enhance your brand’s internal & external (consumer) communications by displaying interactive content-rich visual communications.

Showcase Content That Connects &
Converts Effortlessly On Digital Displays


Collect content from more than 15 social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc and select the source of collection like hashtags, handle, mentions, etc.

The tool wil automatically fetch all the authentically generated content across these platforms.

Collect UGC

Moderate the aggregated content either manually or via an automated filteration process to showcase only brand appropriate content.

Customise the look of your wall with themes, layouts, designs and branding elements and align it with the the brand's aesthetics.

curate display

With Taggbox Display Studio, you can seamlessly showcase a mix of content together along with your social wall.

Integrate apps, visulas, files, and other kinds of content together in a customized format.


Once your wall is ready, display it anywhere on any screen, be it; digital signages, TVs, jumbotrons, projectors, etc., to attract the attention of the viewers, keeping them engaged and upscale your business.


Promising Digital Signage Solutions For Every Industry

Be it any industry, hospitality, education, internal communication, retail stores, and others, our custom-built digital signage solutions can well-cater your needs. Furthermore, it can boost engagement, ignite interactions and make communication simple and effective.

Deliver Impactful Hospitality Experiences

Users love to share their experiences on social media. Hospitality industry is all about experiences so you can leverage signages to display social UGC to highlight your business quality, trustworthiness, & popularity to gain more exposure & customers.

Influence Purchases With In-Store Advertising

More than 80% of the consumers find UGC influential to their purchase decisions. Now display UGC feeds in your in-store displays to inspire consumers, deliver information, and drive purchase decisions that lead to more sales and better conversion rate.

Attract Mass Attention With DOOH Advertising

Social media feeds on digital signages will provide greater exposure, brand awareness, offline user engagement, and interactions with your brand in online social ecosystem. Leverage it effectively to attract & guide users to your brand's offline or online store.

Smooth & Unambiguous Workplace Communication

Over 50% employees support social media tools at workplace. Installing social signages in workplace will help in improving employee engagement, internal communications, workforce productivity, & share essential organization information.

Ensures Entertainment & Seamless Sharing Of Information

Many industries like entertainment, education, healthcare, etc. can also utilize social media digital signages in their premises to engage the audience, deliver crucial information, drive interaction, run contests, and more to boost growth & engagement.

Scale Up Your Business With Social Wall On Digital Signage

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The Story Of Jack Astor's

20% More Customers For Jack Astor's Restaurant

See how Jack Astor, a high-standard restaurant chain, captured 20% more customers with Taggbox Social Signages. Along with mouthwatering food and excellent service, all it took was a pinch of User-generated Content displayed digitally in the restaurant to boost their digital word-of-mouth marketing & loyal customers.

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Prominent Features

A bag full of robust features specially designed keeping in mind the creativity, quality, and a superlative user experience


Display engaging & exciting content such as videos, images, slideshows, weather updates, QR Codes, Quotes etc., parallel to your social wall in different layouts to make your signage more interactive & creative.

Themes & Customizations
Themes & Customizations

A gallery of creative themes suitable for every occasion, whatsoever. So, customize your signage social wall with attractive design patterns, style & layouts, font colors, backgrounds along with brand logo, banner, ticker, promotional messages, and more.

Filter & Moderate
Filter & Moderate

With the moderation feature (manual or automated), you can choose to discard certain users, words, content, etc. that you find unsuitable and restrict irrelevant content to maintain the highest quality for your signage campaigns.

Highlight Offers
Highlight Offers

Add Custom posts & banners, Sponsorships, offers, announcements, etc. to highlight special updates to your visitors on signage social wall. Use this to add branded & sponsored content along with UGC to enhance your sales.

Easy Setup
Easy Setup

Taggbox offers an extremely simple and easy setup procedure with centralized management functionality. So, A few simple steps and you are ready to tap into the rewarding benefits of your Digital Signage

Insightful Analytics
Insightful Analytics

Track, monitor, & analyze the performance of your signage campaigns to see the best performing posts, user sentiments, audience engagement, impressions, revenue charts, and much more to improve further engagement & profits.

Display It Boundlessly

Display your social media signages anywhere and bring your social content to life.





Hospitality Events


Hospitality Events


Retail Events

Public Displays

Wedding & Entertainment


Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Brand Activations


School & Universities


Exhibition & Trade Shows


What Our Customers Say

Right from content curation to displaying it on our signages, Taggbox has helped us immensely to create & distribute our campaigns effectively & efficiently.

Ryan Hawkins

Media Director

UGC is amazing!! Taggbox has been one of the best solutions for digital signage campaigns. We love it & moreover, our customers love it.

Kathryn Reynolds

Product Marketing Manager

It started for one and now we are installing signages in many of our hotels to display what our customers say & they experience about us. Thank You! Taggbox

Amanda Wallace

Brand Manager

We are working with Taggbox from more than 2 years for our different activations all over the world and I must say we never got disappointed with their delivery. Keep up the good work.

Chris Ellen

Marketing Manager

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Display Social Wall to Digital signage?

    It is super easy, as once you are ready with social media feeds with curation and customization, you can click on the Display button and select the screen type you want to display on the social wall. A screen will appear with Display Code, URL and integrate with the Digital Signage platform. Select the appropriate option and click on Launch Display Button. Hence your social wall is live on your digital signage.

    How to integrate Taggbox social wall in different signage platforms?

    Taggbox Display offers you the option to integrate with other digital signage platforms to display Taggbox social walls. When you click on the Display button, the pop-up screen will find an option "integrate with Display Signage." You can integrate Taggbox Social Wall with ScreenCloud, Novisign, Mvix, Enplug, Scala, Rise Vision, and Signage Live, major digital signage over the world. Read More

    How to aggregate posts from multiple sources and display them in digital signage?

    You can easily curate posts from multiple sources, click on Create Feed option, and select the source one at a time. Similarly, create as many feeds depending on your plan. After that, click on the manage feeds and switch button on for those feeds you want to display on digital signage. Read More

    How to use digital signage for internal communication?

    This will be much fun and give a novel approach to your internal communication. You can use digital signage to display important information, welcome new employees, announcements, celebrate special occasions, or social media walls with your employees. Read More

    How to use digital signage in restaurants and Hospitality?

    You can enhance your customer services and Hospitality with the use of digital signage. You can use them to display digital menu boards, customer reviews, social media walls, popular dishes, or special offers & discounts to your customers. Read More

    How to use digital signage for educational institutions?

    Educational institutions can creatively use digital signage to display admission information, popular educational programs and courses, special events or functions, social media walls, and alumni students videos or images. Read More

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