UGC Social Walls For Engaging Signages

Taggbox signage boosts engagement & revenue with trustful & valuable content curation & display across signages globally

Attract, Engage & Convert

Attract audience and engage them in your marketing campaigns with interactive content display especially UGC that leads to better revenue generation & brand growth

More Conversions

Over 90% of the consumers are influenced by user-generated content while making a purchase decision.

Better Engagement

Social campaigns empowered with user-generated content see a 50% increase in user engagement.

Effective Communication

Over 85% of the employees use 2 or more devices to communicate & 50% supporting social media tools at workplace.

Increase Reach & Engagement

Display your earned & owned social media content to increase audience engagement & interactions with your brand by amplifying your brand reach, awareness, and exposure to a broader audience through our signage solutions.

Grow Trust & Conversions

Build trust for your brand by promoting valuable user-generated content and showcasing authentic brand advocacy leading to growing conversions.Also, leverage it to attract new customers, highlight customer experiences, & drive repeat purchases.

Interactive Visual Communications

Enhance your brand’s internal & external (consumer) communications by displaying interactive content-rich visual communications. This will augment the brand-consumer connectivity, employees productivity, & overall communication transparency

Generate Revenue With Efficiency

Maximize your revenue possibilities with conversions, sponsorship, real-time promotions, upselling, and an immersive user experience along with cost-effectiveness, time saving, & hassle-free content managegment

UGC Solutions For Every Industry

From employee engagement to consumer experiences, or signage in offices to public displays

Enhance customer experience & interactive branding
Augment in-store marketing, experience & sales
Boost employee engagement & internal communications
Create an informative, & interconnected campus to boost knowledge sharing
We serve many more industries like Restaurants, Healthcare, Entertainment, Outdoor advertising, etc

Attract, Engage, & Convert From Anywhere

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Spotlight Features

A bag full of robust features specially designed keeping in mind the creativity, quality, and a superlative user experience

Content Play

Display engaging & exciting content such as videos, images slideshows, and much more along with your social wall in split-screen view to make your signage more interactive & creative.

Custom CSS

Themes & Customizations

A gallery of creative themes suitable for every occasion, whatsoever. So, customize your signage social wall with attractive design patterns, style & layouts, font colors, backgrounds along with brand logo, banner, tickers, promotional messages, and more.

Filter & Moderate

With the moderation feature (manual or automated), you can choose to discard certain users, words, content, etc. that you find unsuitable and restrict irrelevant content to maintain highest quality for you sigange campaigns.

Highlight Offers

Add Custom posts & banners, Sponsorships, offers, announcements, etc. to highlight special updates to your visitors on signage social wall. Use this to add branded & sponsored content along with UGC to enhance your sales.

Easy Setup

Taggbox offers an extremely simple and easy setup procedure with centralized management functionality. So, A few simple steps and you are ready to tap into the rewarding benefits of your Digital Signage


Insightful Analytics

Track, monitor, & analyze the performance of your signage campaigns to see the best performing posts, user sentiments, audience engagement, impressions, revenue charts, and much more to improve further engagement & profits.

Integration Partners

Backed up by these top digital signage partners, Taggbox DS delivers a polished experience to level up your marketing strategies

The Story Of Jack Astor's Increased Sales & Revenue

See how Jack Astor, a high-standard restaurant chain, captured 20% more customers with Taggbox Signage. Along with mouthwatering food and excellent service, all it took was a pinch of User-generated Content displayed digitally in restaurant to boost their digital word-of-mouth marketing & loyal customers.

What Our Customers Say

Right from content curation to displaying it on our signages, Taggbox has helped us immensely to create & distribute our campaigns effectively & efficiently.

Ryan Hawkins

Media Director

UGC is amazing!! Taggbox has been one of the best solutions for digital signage campaigns. We love it & moreover, our customers love it.

Kathryn Reynolds

Product Marketing Manager

It started for one and now we are installing signages in many of our hotels to display what our customers say & they experience about us. Thank You! Taggbox

Amanda Wallace

Brand Manager

We are working with Taggbox from more than 2 years for our different activations all over the world and I must say we never got disappointed with their delivery. Keep up the good work.

Chris Ellen

Marketing Manager

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