Social Wall Solution for DIGITAL SIGNAGE

Turn your digital signage into a platform for Engagement & Conversion

Time to showcase the trust you earned on social media and gain the attention of passing-by potential customers. Tap into the power of digital signage by delivering them user generated content & a complete brand experience, driving them to a final purchase decision. Make it a part of your point of purchase i.e restaurant, office, retail store etc. and watch the rate of conversions go off the charts.

How does a DIGITAL SIGNAGE solution helps your business?

Gives You New Brand Advocates​

A digital signage holds the power to tempt your customers to spread a good word about you on social media, which in turn gives your brand word-of-mouth publicity and genuine user generated content.

Brand Advocates
Real Time Promotion

Does Real Time Promotions

A perfect platform for announcing limited period offers at the point-of-purchase, it results into a considerable hike in sales number.

Influences Customer's Buying Decision

Seeing a brand’s social media post on big screen not only catches the attention of target audience, but also produces an impluse in them to buy the showcased item.

Customers Buying Decision
Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement in Reduced Costs

By opting for a digital signage solution, you open the floodgates of singular opportunity to converse with your customers. And that too at a very budget-friendly rate.

Complete Content Visibility

With no algorithms present to affect your content’s visibility, you are able to display it from every social media platform (both brand-owned and user generated content).

Complete Content

Brands who benefited from it

Key Features

easy setup
Easy Setup

A few simple steps and you are ready to tap into the rewarding benefits of your digital signage.

collect memories

Gather brand content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and many more through a hashtag, profile or keyword.



Relevant or not relevant to your brand! Decide with the help of our powerful moderation tools.



The wide collection of customized theme options are available for you, so it’s you who decides the look of your social wall. No one else!


A big screen, jumbotron, projector or website! Show content anywhere or any device.


Our social wall digital signage solution spells magic (profit) for your brand, without ever crossing your set budget.

We are supported by almost every digital signage solution. Still, here is a list of vendors with whom we guarantee the smoothest experience. Select any of them, and start building your brand with social wall integration.

Digital Signage
Thank you Taggbox for boosting our sales by 60%. The leads have been increased after embedding social wall on our website. We really liked the CTA feature which is increasing our e-commerce sales.
William Carter
VP Ecommerce
Website traffic is increased 3 times more after embedding user-generated content on our web pages. It also improved our user’s time spent on website.
Jenna Smith
Sales Manager

Give your brand a jumpstart with Social Wall!