Automated Digital Signage Content Solutions

Attract, engage, & convert: Display automated content feed like a social wall, user reviews, news feeds, media galleries, corporate communication, and more, all within a single platform.

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Digital Signage Content For All Industrial Needs

Endless feeds & apps to revamp your digital screen with stimulating & engaging content ideal to every industry

Digital Conferences

Social Content

Integrate a diverse range of content into your digital screens like visual UGC, SnapUp, social posts, etc., via social walls to boundlessly attract & maximize audience engagement.

Virtual Corporate Events

User Reviews

Fetch customer testimonials from review platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Airbnb, etc., showcase them on your Digital Signage Screens and effortlessly gain user trust.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Internal Communication

Display employee-generated content from platforms like Slack, Yammer, Workplace, etc., on your digital signage, to amp up internal communications & boost employee engagement.

Virtual Concerts

News Feed

Keep your audience updated with the latest news & information by leveraging the RSS feed on your Digital Signage to bring all things important in one place.

Institutional Events

Media Gallery

Revamp your digital signage by fetching content from Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube, Giphy, Vimeo, etc., and showcasing vibrant media galleries to your audiences.

Promotional Events

Studio Apps

Display engaging content like visuals, weather updates, QR Codes, Quotes, etc., with the in-built Studio in different layouts, making your digital signage more interactive.

How Taggbox Works For Digital Signages

A 4 step process to create a month-long digital signage content in a jiffy.

01Collect & Curate

Collect & curate content from more than 15+ social platforms, review platforms, news feeds, media galleries, and integrate the Studio apps. The tool will automatically fetch all the content generated across these platforms.

Collect UGC
02Customize & Design

Moderate the aggregated content manually or via an automated filtration to showcase only brand-appropriate content. Customize your digital screen with themes, layouts, designs, & branding elements to align it with the brand's aesthetics.

curate display
03Mix & Schedule

With Taggbox Social Wall (Display) Studio, you can seamlessly showcase a mix of Digital Signage content together. Integrate apps, visuals, files, & other content in a customized format. Schedule your content for months & enjoy the visual experience.

04Display & Engage

Once your Digital Signage content experience is ready, display it anywhere on any screen, be it; digital signages, TVs, jumbotrons, projectors, etc., to attract viewers' attention, keep them engaged, and upscale your business.


Accelerate Growth With Industry-friendly Digital Signage Content Solutions

Boost engagement, ignite interactions and make communication simple and effective with our custom-built digital signage content solutions well catered for every industrial need.

Digitalized Growth Of Students & Institutes

Enhance knowledge-sharing, engagement, & campus experiences by displaying student-generated content on Digital Signage. Go a step further with your institute's Digital Signage content & keep your educational system updated with modern technicalities.

Influential In-Store Advertising

Inspire consumers, deliver information, & drive purchase decisions that lead to more sales and better conversion rates. Display result-driven digital signage content like sale promotions, brand campaigns, hashtag campaigns, & offer personalized engagement.

Better Workplace Communications & Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement, internal communications, workforce productivity, & share essential organization information. Display valuable digital signage content like project updates, key business stats, employee motivation, way-finding maps, etc.

Experience Sharing For Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is all about experiences. Leverage digital signage content & highlight business quality, trust, & popularity to gain more exposure. Share upcoming events, wayfinding maps, entertainment options, weather updates, nearby restaurants, etc.

Engaging Digital Out Of Home Advertising

Provide greater exposure, brand awareness, offline user engagement, and interactions with your brand with dynamic digital out-of-home content. Leverage brand campaigns effectively to attract & guide the audience to your brand's offline or online stores.

Efficiently Manage Stadium & Arena Digital Signage

Showcase the entertaining Digital Signage content on large stadium screens, jumbotrons & indoor-outdoor events. Create a sense of community, generate buzz around sports events, showcase fans' excitement, and captivate the audience at max level.

Unforgettable Dining Experiences With Digital Content

Deliver elevated dining experiences that will keep your guests engaged, informed, and entertained, all from one platform. Create, manage & scale the digital signage content that helps you take your guests' dining experience to the next level.

Redefined Fitness Journey With Digital Signage Content

Improve member retention, run effective workout programs, manage workout schedules and derive results by showcasing motivating and energy-driven digital signage content at your Gym & Fitness Clubs for effective advertising, energized clients, and better results.

Improve Operational Efficiency & Hospital Experience

Leverage hospital digital signage as a powerful medium for giving real-time updates & keeping the visitors & staff motivated & relaxed. Utilize Digital Signage in hospitals to ensure a sound flow in the organization & enhance the hospital’s atmosphere.

World-class Travel Experience With Content On The Move

Digital Signage content solutions for Airports, Buses, Railways, Subway, Taxis, and all things travel. Offer easy wayfinding maps, arrival, departure & delay schedules to travelers, generate revenue with ads, show impromptu messages for emergency announcements, and more!

Scale Up Your Business With Digital Signage Content

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Prominent Features

A bag full of robust features specially designed keeping in mind the creativity, quality, and a superlative user experience

Enterprise Ready

Display engaging & exciting content such as videos, images, slideshows, weather updates, QR Codes, Quotes etc., parallel to your social wall in different layouts to make your signage more interactive & creative.

Campaign Customization

Customize your signage content with attractive design patterns, style & layouts, font colors, backgrounds along with brand logo, banner, ticker, promotional messages, and more.

Strategic Onboarding

Share access to multiple users as per their role for collaborative inputs. Enable flexible operations, manage your digital signage content from one place, & display it on multiple screens.

Scalable Integrations
Scalable Integrations

Brand partnerships and platform integrations that offer tremendous scalability for brands to activate their valuable content across all channels seamlessly to drive results.

Actionable Data Insights
Actionable Data Insights

Get audience behavior insights and content performance. Track user sentiments, content metrics, and more to optimize your content & maximize ROI

24/7 Client Support
24/7 Client Support

24/7 customer support and technical assistance through different channels like email, chat, call, and video providing ultimate flexibility for clients to contact support anytime.

The Story Of Jack Astor's

20% More Customers For Jack Astor's Restaurant

See how Jack Astor, a high-standard restaurant chain, captured 20% more customers with Taggbox Digital Signages. Along with mouthwatering food and excellent service, all it took was a pinch of User-generated Content displayed digitally in the restaurant to boost their digital word-of-mouth marketing & loyal customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Social Wall (Display) to Digital signage?

It is super easy, as once you are ready with social media feeds with curation and customization, you can click on the Display button and select the screen type you want to display on the social wall. A screen will appear with Display Code, URL and integrate with the Digital Signage platform. Select the appropriate option and click on Launch Display Button. Hence your social wall is live on your digital signage.

How to integrate Taggbox social wall in different signage platforms?

Taggbox Social Wall (Display) offers you the option to integrate with other digital signage platforms to display Taggbox social walls. When you click on the Display button, the pop-up screen will find an option "integrate with Display Signage." You can integrate Taggbox Social Wall with ScreenCloud, Novisign, Mvix, Enplug, Scala, Rise Vision, and Signage Live, major digital signage over the world. Read More

How to aggregate posts from multiple sources and display them in digital signage?

You can easily curate posts from multiple sources, click on Create Feed option, and select the source one at a time. Similarly, create as many feeds depending on your plan. After that, click on the manage feeds and switch button on for those feeds you want to display on digital signage. Read More

How to use digital signage for internal communication?

This will be much fun and give a novel approach to your internal communication. You can use digital signage to display important information, welcome new employees, announcements, celebrate special occasions, or social media walls with your employees. Read More

How to use digital signage in restaurants and Hospitality?

You can enhance your customer services and Hospitality with the use of digital signage. You can use them to display digital menu boards, customer reviews, social media walls, popular dishes, or special offers & discounts to your customers. Read More

How to use digital signage for educational institutions?

Educational institutions can creatively use digital signage to display admission information, popular educational programs and courses, special events or functions, social media walls, and alumni students videos or images. Read More

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