Social Wall For Weddings

Create & live once-in-a-lifetime memories with social media wedding wall (for Virtual weddings too)

Introducing Virtual Wedding Social Media Walls

Introducing Virtual Wedding Social Media Walls

Don’t worry if you couldn’t organize your wedding ceremony live in-person or if you want to have digital wedding experience, we are here to make your Virtual Wedding more fun, exciting, & engaging.

Want to know more about how you can make your Virtual wedding – a memorable & unique event with amazing guest experience with social media walls? Take our expert demo now.

Making It A Celebration To Remember For Everyone

Guests often feel more connected to a wedding when they become a part of it.

Derived from this same sense of community, a social wedding wall curates a wall for photos & videos posted by them.

Create & Collect The Most Amazing Wedding Posts

01Create & Collect The Most Amazing Wedding Posts

Create your wedding hashtags or social media account, ask attendees, friends, families, etc to share posts before & during the wedding, & collect those amazing texts, images, & videos.

Find the best social media posts & curate them into a wedding social media feed.

Moderate & Customize Your Wedding Feed

02Moderate & Customize Your Wedding Feed

Moderate: Keep the best posts for your wedding social media feed and discard any irrelevant or unwanted social media posts around your wedding hashtag.

Customize: Make your wedding social media wall more interactive, exciting, and interesting with customizations like designs, themes, styles, layouts, etc.

Display Your Social Media Wall For Wedding

03Display Your Social Media Wall For Wedding

Live At Wedding: Share these happy moments with all your guests & create a memorable experience for the attendees. Just display it on any screen any size at your venue.

Virtual Wedding: Showcase those amazing wishes, blessings, & visuals from the audience in a live social media feed along with your wedding streaming.

Memorable Wedding Walls Created With Us

We know how important your wedding is for you. We provide you with numerous themes to make your wedding wall as beautiful as you

Social Wedding Wall Features

Make your wedding social media friendly by using our wedding hashtag wall which comes with amazing features to add the “Something special” touch to your big day

Collect Memories

Collect Memories

Instead of asking your friends for the images of the wedding, collect them from social media platforms without much ado



Match your wedding hashtag wall with your wedding theme with help of our wide collection of beautiful themes



Don’t let the conversation or content deviate from your wedding. Remove tags, users and content with one of your own devices



Display wedding hashtag wall on a big screen, projector or website; just about anywhere you want


Easy Setup

With us, it is a matter of just a few steps before start of the real journey



After the celebration ends, see who all attended the wedding on the wall and which image touched the guests the most

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