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Allow your guests to share best moments from the wedding through the social wall and make your D-day even special.

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Introducing Virtual Wedding Social Media Walls

Make Your D-day Unique With Social Wedding Wall

Create a fun, exciting, and memorable Social Wedding Wall. Collect & moderate the social feed to present quality content to your wedding guests. Choose themes, designs, and customization options to create a beautiful wall. Control the responsive social wedding wall content from anywhere within seconds.

Remix your Wedding Wall content with Studio by live-streaming the wedding ceremony on one side, keeping the social wall in motion alongside. Be it your pre-wedding videos, live stage performances, or priceless wedding moments, capture and exhibit them all on the charming Wedding Social Wall by Taggbox Social Wall (Display).

A Wedding Affair Memorable For All

Engage your guests while you walk down the aisle and let them create & capture moments, manifesting a sense of community, as the Wedding Social Wall curates & displays all these precious memories.

Create & Collect Exquisite Wedding Posts

01Create & Collect Exquisite Wedding Posts

Create a unique wedding hashtag or social media account and ask guests, friends, and relatives to share posts before & during the wedding using the wedding hashtag or tagging the wedding account.

Collect these texts, images, & videos created by your guests & curate them into a wedding social media feed.

Moderate & Customize Your Wedding Feed

02Moderate & Customize Your Wedding Feed

Moderate: Filter out the irrelevant social media posts around your wedding hashtag and only keep the ones that will make your wedding social media feed look perfect.

Customize: Beautify your wedding social media wall and make it more interactive & exciting with customizations like designs, themes, styles, layouts, etc.

Display Your Social Media Wall For Wedding

03Display Your Perfect Wedding Social Wall

Live At Wedding: Share happy moments with all your guests & create a memorable experience for the attendees. Display it on any screen of any size at your venue.

Virtual Wedding: Showcase those precious wishes, blessings, & visuals from the audience in a live social media feed along with your wedding stream.

Curate Intriguing Social Wedding Walls

Collect, curate, and display content with your beautiful social wedding wall from dynamic social media platforms: Instagram & Twitter. Remember! Taggbox display is the perfect solution for all your display limitations.

Instagram Wedding Wall

Instagram Wedding Wall

If Instagram is your focal platform, then our captivating Instagram wall is perfect for you. Taggbox display enables users to collect content from Instagram using a hashtag(#), handle(@), stories, mentions, tagged, or personal account, making sure you don't miss out on any guest-generated content from Instagram. Collect & curate the content, ready to display on the Instagram Wedding Wall.

Twitter Wedding Wall

Twitter Wedding Wall

While creating your wedding wall with Taggbox Display, choose Twitter to collect content using options like Hashtag(#), Handle(@), Mention, List, Likes & Advanced Queries. Create the feed & display the witty Twitter Wall on any screen at your wedding after moderation & customization. Who knows? your wedding might become a trend!

Memorable Wedding Walls Created With Us

We know how important your wedding is for you. We provide you with numerous themes to make your wedding wall as beautiful as you

Social Wedding Wall Features

Make your wedding social media friendly by using our wedding hashtag wall which comes with amazing features to add the “Something special” touch to your big day

Collect Memories
Collect Memories

Don’t ask others for your wedding pictures, collect them from social media platforms without any hassle


Blend the wedding hashtag wall with your wedding ambiance using our wide range of vibrant themes


Don’t let the conversation or content deviate from your wedding. Easily remove irrelevant tags, users, and content from your device


Display wedding hashtag wall on a big screen, projector, or website; just about anywhere you want

Easy Setup
Easy Setup

Follow a few easy setup steps and get started with your journey with us


Stream the wedding ceremony, pre-wedding videos, or live performances and parallelly display the engaging social wall with the Studio features

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Wedding Hashtags Social Wall?

You can easily create a wedding hashtag social wall with Taggbox Social Wall (Display). All you need is to collect content from your preferred social platform using the wedding hashtag, and all the content will get aggregated on the dashboard. You can use features like customization and moderation to curate a beautiful wedding hashtag social wall that you can display anywhere during your wedding.

How To Aggregate Posts Containing Wedding Hashtags?

You can easily aggregate posts containing wedding hashtags. Social wall has an aggregator that helps you collect all your preferred social content from 20 social platforms. So, for example, if your guests have posted on Instagram using your wedding hashtag, the social wall will be able to aggregate it all once you enter the hashtag.

Can Wedding Guests Post Their Moments Direct on Social Wall?

Yes, the wedding guests can post directly on the social wall without using any social media platform. In addition, the SnapUp feature offers a QR code that your guests can scan and directly post the memories from their devices.

How to Highlight Important Announcements on Social Media Wall?

Use the announcement feature from the in-built Studio to make any announcement among your hospital visitors while the live streaming social wall.

How to Use Social Wall for Wedding Events?

There are many ways to use the social wall for wedding events. The best and the most trendy way is by creating a wedding hashtag that all the attendees can use while posting around the wedding. Their posts will automatically appear on the social wall, keeping the experience memorable.

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