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Live & share the memories of your wedding with social wall.

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What is a Social Wedding Wall ?

A wedding wall, in simple words, collects & showcases the social media interaction going on around your big day. Photos, videos, and posts! Everything is picked from the facebook, instagram, twitter & snapchat profiles of your guests and put on this wall, picked carefully on basis of your wedding hashtag.

Making it a Celebration to Remember for Everyone

Guests often feel more connected to a wedding when they become a part of it.
Derived from this same sense of community, a social wedding wall curates a wall for photos & videos posted by them.


It takes hundreds of conversations about your marriage and places it at a single place – thus saving you loads of time & efforts.


Gives you (and just you) complete power over your wedding hashtag wall. From themes to content; you get to customize everything.

Best thing, you get to share your happiness with everyone. Just display it on a jumbo screen at the wedding venue and later send it to the guests.

After deciding the date, how to get started on the social wedding feed?


Decide the wedding hashtag and set your social wall with us to collect, live & share the posted wedding memories.


Tell all your guests about your wedding hashtag (through wedding invites, gatherings, messages etc.) and tell them to use it and become even a greater part of your wedding.


Start covering your wedding on social media – Celebrity Style. Selfies, grofies, ceremony pics, bachelorette party videos! Just about everything.


Post all these on the supported social media channels. P.S.- Don’t forget to use the personal wedding hashtag.


Ask the wedding guests to do the same.


Your social wedding wall is now up & showing the beauty of these moments at one place. Later, you can send it to the guests with a personal message.

Memorable Wedding Walls Created With Us

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Display Example
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Social Wedding Wall Features

collect memories
Collect Memories
Instead of asking your friends for the images of the wedding, collect them from social media platforms without much ado.
Match your wedding hashtag wall with your wedding theme with help of our wide collection of beautiful themes.
Don’t let the conversation or content deviate from your wedding. Remove tags, users and content with one of your own devices.

Display wedding hashtag wall on a big screen, projector or website; just about anywhere you want.

easy setup
Easy Setup

With us, it is a matter of just a few steps before start of the real journey.

After the celebration ends, see who all attended the wedding on the wall and which image touched the guests the most.

Cover the happiest day of your life on A Wedding Wall

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