The Social Wall for Your Hashtag Campaign

Gather & display user-generated content on a Hashtag Wall

Why a Social Wall For Hashtag Campaign?

In today's date when content is the king, Hashtag campaigns are the most powerful & efficient way to showcase your story in an innovative & fun way. These campaigns aggregate UGC from the entire Social Media Gamut just for you. Brand launches, weddings, educational activities, openings or any other significant event pertaining to greater mass visibility perform even better with such campaign.

And the effectiveness of such campaigns multiplies manifolds with a Social Wall. A social wall displays the aggregated & curated hashtag campaign content in an extremely appealing fashion on any chosen screen (jumbotron, LED screen, website etc.). It peaks the interest of people, provides a platform to them to interact even further, & displays your personal visibility in an engaging, responsive & relatable way.

Boost Your Hashtag Campaign With Taggbox​

A social wall makes it possible to collect the social media content posted by your user, guests, family, and friends on various social media platforms. With Taggbox you can fetch user-generated content from various social media channels, and display it on a social wall on digital signage or embed it on your website. You can showcase the collected user-generated content on any screen.

Collect and Curate

Collect user-generated hashtag campaign content from different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. Curate the valuable content using our powerful moderation panel and remove offensive, unwanted content

Discover and Curate
socialwall custom design

Customize and Design

Design social wall according to your personal preferences, with the help of our pre-defined display features. Choose the suitable theme of your choice for web or display usage. Experiment with colors, fonts, backgrounds and add a specific icon/logo or customized messages on social wall

Display or Embed

Highly responsive, our social wall can be displayed on any device like laptop, mobile, TV, Projector, LED display, etc. Display it on a screen or embed it on your website. Use a simple link to display it on any screen or use a simple code to add it to your website

Display and Embed

Steps To Build Your Hashtag Campaign

Pick an appropriate Hashtag

Pick a hashtag that aptly suits your event objectives in the best way possible. Keep it small and eye-catching.

Select the right platform
Select the social media platform where your potential target audience spends most of their time.
Set up your Social Wall
Sign up on our website and set up your own social wall. Collect content through hashtag, keywords and channels. Design your wall with our editor or custom CSS.
Embed your social wall
If you have a microsite or website landing page for your hashtag campaign, embed your social wall on it to make users more engaging & knowledgeable about your ideals & brand story.
Boost media online & offline
Once set-up, promote your hashtag campaign across all social media platforms to get the most out of it. Good hashtags have been known to make waves both offline & online!
Manage your Hashtag Campaign
After creating the hashtag campaign, you need to manage it effectively. The easiest way to manage it is by organising sweepstakes, discounts, exciting prizes to increase your brands reach on social media. Engage the audience throughout your campaign by updating content.

Give your Hashtag Campaign a Jumpstart with Social Wall!

Key Features

All Social Networks
All Social Networks
Fetch your social media content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vimeo & more using hashtag, keywords and profiles. Add them on your social wall
Custom Css
Custom CSS
Give a personalized look to your social wall with our custom CSS feature, change social wall theme, design, layout, colors, style according to website theme and layout combination
Keep a tab on the content that floats on your wall with advanced moderation feature and eliminates negative or offensive content, tags and users in real-time
Showcase your social wall on any device or on any screen. A big screen, jumbotron, projector or website, it’s all up to you!
easy setup
Quick Setup
Create your social wall quickly. Just sign up on our website, choose the plan that best suits you or start a free trial, & voila!
Get a fresh & deeper grasp plus the exact statistics of your campaign. Monitor how your content is performing on social media by using our analytics feature
Profanity Filter
Profanity Filter
Enable Profanity filter, create or upload your pre-set list of words to filter embarrassing post and automatically block any sort of vulgar content
beautiful themes
Web Embed
Embed earned user-generated content on your website through simple code. Supports various website building platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and many more
Audience Insights

Keep track on behavior of your content. Get deep insight of your influential contributors, most active users and top locations

Hashtag Campaign Social Wall Use Cases

Hashtag campaigns have become essential to build community and attract users through various social media platform. Use the Hashtag Campaign at various events, contest or campaigns to engage the audience and create buzz at your respective event.

Hashtag Campaign

Website Embed


Live Event



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