Taggbox Drives UGC for Pedigree Australia’s Dog Selfie Campaign

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Ever wondered how social media has integrated itself into our lives so much that we actually tend to share our day-to-day experiences with the world out there! Be it your day to day outing to selfies with your pets, social media has got it all. Social media is evolving gradually and has become more ubiquitous than ever.

Dog Selfie

Social media has emerged as the perfect platform to launch interesting campaigns and engage users with it. This fact was well leveraged on the occasion of National Pet Dental Health Month where Pedigree Australia launched Dog Selfie, an app by DentaStix as an initiative to raise awareness for pet’s dental health.

What was Dog Selfie App and the campaign all about?

We all know how notorious dogs are at being still enough to click a clear picture, let alone the selfie. The DogSelfie App uses iPhone’s camera flash combined with attention grabbing sounds like that of a squeaky toy and birds chirping, to get dogs to look directly at the camera.

Dog Selfie Pedigree

The app helped in keeping dog’s attention long enough to get a photo clicked. Every snap was saved to the phone’s photo feed, and users could then share their photos on social media directly from the app using the hashtag #HOLLYWODselfie.

DogSelfie Feed

Latently, the campaign helped dogs to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. It aimed at bringing owners and their dogs closer together in a really fun way.

How did Taggbox help drive UGC for the campaign?

Since being digital is in fashion and social media platforms are the best and the most convenient way to engage and reach a larger audience, Pedigree Australia wanted a UGC tool to develop a social hub for its website.

Various posts and experiences of people who used the dog selfie app were shared on social media platforms. This acted as the user generated content. Taggbox was supposed to stir a buzz about the event by driving this user-generated content.

Taggbox helped Pedigree Australia to develop a social hub for the website where this live hashtag feed of dog selfies were being displayed. This increased the enthusiasm of the users of the website and they overwhelmingly participated in the campaign by clicking beautiful selfies with their dogs.

DogSelfie #hollywodselfie

The content was fetched and curated via hashtag #HOLLYWODselfie from the posts of people on social media network clicked by Dog Selfie App. Taggbox helped to create an engaging platform with this user-generated content to connect online & offline users and keep conversations going on around the campaign and brand. Our social media aggregator tool helped in raising SEO reach, better conversions, and improved ROI for the brand.

Taggbox for more

Taggbox is a UGC platform and social media aggregator tool. It aggregates feeds from different social media platforms, curates and moderates them according to the needs of the user and finally display them on a customized social wall.

If you are planning an event, a wedding, a product launch campaign, a hashtag campaign or even planning to have digital signage for your store or a social hub for your e-commerce website, don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to engage user engagement by displaying UGC with help of a social media wall.

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