User Generated Content – What is it and Why So Important?

Do you remember the last time when you bought something without going through online reviews? Honestly, I don’t!

The boom of social media has affected us in ways we don’t even realize. We tend to share our experiences by posting online about any service or product we use, any food we eat at any restaurant or any dress we wear.
That’s how user generated content is created.

This article is all about what is user generated content (UGC). It’s benefits, importance, Why is it so popular? How user-generated content marketing helps your brand to grow and flourish?

Let’s explore it one by one.

What is User Generated Content (UGC), The Definition and Beyond

According to Wikipedia’s Definitions, User-generated content (UGC), alternatively known as user-created content (UCC), is any form of content, such as images, videos, text and audio, that have been posted by users on an online platform such as social media.

user generated content

User-generated content OR consumer-generated content, generally abbreviated as UGC, is anything that is not conceived by your brand and it’s marketers. It’s produced by the user willingly.

It’s what they post on social media platforms related to their experience with your brand’s products or services.

There are different types of User Generated Content which can be used for marketing and branding purposes. It comes in various forms and moulds- images, comments, videos, Instagram stories, blogs, website testimonials, and so much more, literally any user-generated media and texts!

It is easily obtainable on social media forums at little or no cost. It is fresh, dynamic and original.

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Importance of User Generated Content Marketing in 2020

If your brand has an online presence, then UGC has to be one of the main ingredients of your social media marketing campaign because the benefits of user-generated content are countless!


Well, the rationale stated below will retort this question for sure.

Come, let’s have a look.

#1 Customers Don’t Trust Brand Content, They Trust UGC

Research shows that consumers trust user-generated content 50% more than any other form of advertising content.

Yes, that’s true. After all, it is users like them who created it in the first place. Why would they lie! No one is paying them to do that.

This elementary logic makes UGC marketing a need of the era!

Users trust it more than any brand-generated content like stocked brand videos, photoshopped images, etc.

#2 It’s Authentic, Real, and Cost-Effective Too

UGC marketing

Real users create user generated content by posting on their genuine social media profiles sharing their real-life experiences with your brand’s products and services.

This makes UGC content real and authentic. Hence, generates the trust factor among the customers because they see users like them posting reviews and feedback for your brand.

With more than 3 million users, social media platforms are the breeding ground for marketers who hunt for relevant user-generated content for their brand marketing purpose. Hence, it’s cost-effective and readily available, at least the ones available in the public arena.

#3 Helps You Communicate Your Brand Values Through Customer Stories

When customers post user generated content on social media, they do it to tell their real-life experience with your brand’s products and services.

Somehow their experience stories convey your brand values to the users. UGC content helps to deal with the user trust challenges.

user generated content examples

It is created by loyal customers who use and care about your products and services. UGC speaks to your audience in a tone that is loyal and authentic. Hence, it communicates your brand values in a way like no other advertising content could.

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Using User generated content marketing not only tells your users that you value their feedback but also shows that you acknowledge them. This will help you to build strong and long-term relations with your customers.

#4 Betters SEO Perks

As a brand, you telling your users that this particular product of ours is fantastic won’t convert them into your customers, but other customers are saying the same thing might.

Incorporating user-generated content on your website helped in amplified the SEO reach. It brings the point of sale closer to the point of inspiration. This makes your visitors stay longer, browsing more through the comsumer generated content. This, in turn, improves your visitors’ dwell-time and reduces the bounce rate, thereby increasing the organic page visits over a limited time significantly.

Wise utilization of UGC gives a brand new spin to content marketing as it becomes more organic, dynamic, and effortless. You can even easily incorporate UGC with existing SEO marketing tools that allow for advanced content curation, audience targeting, and feedback tracking to create a potent and truly engaging content.

It’s like walking on the street and suddenly seeing a reflection of yourself in a mirror — your instinct is to pause and take a look. As it is drawn from the people themselves, engagement is inevitable given that the content is relatable. 

#5 Displays Social Proof & Builds Social Trust

Consumers have a high affinity to follow other consumer’s advice more than the brand itself.  Incorporating consumer-generated content in your marketing strategy helps you exploit this psychological factor.

Know more on ways to improve business sales using consumer-generated content, follow the given link!

Your loyal customers are your best marketers. Their testimonials and feedback present a social proof that leaves a long-lasting impact on the minds of your aspiring customers. This helps to generate social trust for the brand among customers.

#6 Boosts Social Media Metrics

Running a UGC campaign on social media is one of the best ways to engage your users with your brand and create a word of mouth marketing. As a matter of fact, even users love participating in UGC campaigns as they get the opportunity to showcase their creativity to a broader group of audience.

User generated content marketing

This helps you increase your social media reach even beyond your target audience. It is an excellent way to build your brand image and stronger customer relationships.

You could engage your users either by a hashtag contest or a photo contest on Instagram or initiate a discussion or throw a challenge on Facebook or Twitter.

There are many examples of brands launching user-generated content campaigns to boost their brand marketing strategy, but some of these campaigns are too good that will blow your mind off. One such example is the Share A Coke campaign by Coca Cola. This UGC campaign brought a swirl and boosted the brand image and sales of Coca Cola to rocket heights.  

User generated content example
#ShareACoke Campaign by Coka Cola

#7 Increase E-Commerce Sales

Embedded User-Generated Social Media Feed is a great way to drive potential user engagement on your E-Commerce website.  Even better would be if these embedded posts are shoppable. Embedded shoppable content on your website helps you to merge the point of sale with the point of discovery.

This not only aids your website visitors’ purchase journey but also helps you prevent any confusion or abandonment of the shopping journey by the customers due to re-directing to multiple web pages.

Embedded Shoppable Posts are the best way to provide your users with a fun and engaging shopping experience on your platform which makes them re-visit your e-commerce website for their next shopping session.

TaggShop, the ultimate e-commerce feature of Taggbox is a great way to make your embedded social media feed shoppable. All you need to do is add products, customize them, and tag them to the concerned posts.

Embed Shoppable Social Media Posts On Your Website And Drive Your E-Commerce Sale

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Robust and Powerful Solution for UGC- Taggbox

User-generated content is a fantastic way to take your brand marketing strategy altogether another level and using a UGC tool like Taggbox is the best way to do so!

Having discussed all the major benefits linked with UGC content, one other important thing is how better you display it to your audience.

A social wall is one of the best ways to display user generated content to a broader audience, be it in an event or even on your official website. It displays UGC in a customizable and engaging manner making everyone talk about it and hence spread its word of mouth marketing.

Not only that, employing a social media wall for displaying user-generated content for your brand helps you to tap into your customer insights with the robust Analytics feature that comes along.

Also, the powerful moderation panel that accompanies allows you to curate and display the best and most relevant consumer generated content to your audience.

So, now that you know why and how to display UGC content to your audience for your brand marketing, what’s holding you back, register today at Taggbox and start scaling your content with moderation and use it across all your marketing touchpoints?

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