User Generated Content: What Is It & Its Importance In Marketing?

Do you remember the last time you saw a great User-generated content campaign? Fortunately, there are so many examples to give. 

In this mind-blowing user generated content marketing campaign, the iconic brand changed its traditional wrapping to say ‘Share a Coke with…’ one of the 250 most popular American names.

In this amazing campaign which was first launched in Australia in 2011, the iconic brand changed its traditional wrapping to say ‘Share a Coke with…’ a popular name.

“Share a Coke” – Popular UGC Campaign By Coca-Cola

There were two main objectives to initiate this campaign. 

  • One was to increase the sales in Australia as it was summer season.
  • Secondly, to  build more personal relationships with customers.

What is User generated content?

It is defined as any type of online content (blogs, web pages, images, social media posts, reviews), User generated content or UGC is created and published by the people for the people.

In this article, we will enlighten you about the importance of user generated content, it’s benefits, and some of the globally successful user generated content examples you should know about.

So, let’s get started! 

User Generated Content – The Trendsetter

Companies have to constantly match up the footsteps with this fast-paced digital world. 

Speaking of the current marketing buzzword, User-Generated Content has overshadowed the other marketing trends over the years. And there’s no surprise in saying that this trend is here to stay for a longer time. 

Produced and published willingly by users on various online platforms, “UGC” is the most authentic, creative, reliable, and trustworthy content that you see online. Why? Because it’s not the brand that’s doing the promotions, but the customers themselves. 

Anything that you see online including testimonials, reviews, feedbacks, social media content, blogs, videos or images are a part of users’ build-up content. 

what is user generated content
Spotify Mentioned Most Unique Listeners On Billboards

Mainly, Gen-Z and millennials are the ones who are producing an enormous amount of content on a daily basis over social media and any other online platform.

Why Does It Matter More in 2020?

In this era of disruptive marketing, marketers need to have a hawk-eye observance to stay updated with constantly changing marketing trends. 

Unlike Traditional marketing which is just focused at selling the products produced, UGC unlocks the maximum opportunities for the marketers, proving why UGC matters now.

Emerged as the perfect marketing tactic, UGC influences the purchase decision of a staggering 90% of customers over branded content. 

In terms of online platforms, Social Media Networking Sites are the breeding ground for marketers with around 3.8 billion users to hunt for relevant UGC for their brand marketing purpose. 

Being the symbol of authenticity and trust, UGC has shown its presence on other marketing channels as well, followed by websites, events, email, and so on.

Therefore, if brands don’t cater to what their customers are looking for, then they might go to the other brand to get their needs fulfilled. 

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importance of user generated content

Reasons Behind the Success of User Generated Content

Brands having an online presence must have UGC as their main ingredient, especially for the social media marketing campaigns, which we have already mentioned above.

If we talk about the benefits of user created content the list can go on and on.

Well, the rationale stated below will retort this question for sure.

#1 UGC is Equivalent to Trust 

Customers trust customers!

More than 90% of consumers trust brands showcasing UGC! 

Why wouldn’t they as UGC is created by users for the other users only? This elementary logic proves why more and more customers are relying on brands showcasing consumer generated content. 

user generated content benefits
#ShotOniPhone – Hashtag Campaign By Apple With 15 Million UGC Posts On Instagram

As already mentioned above, the content that you see online such as reviews, images, videos, testimonials and more comes under user build-up content.

Created by the users themselves showcasing their real-life experience, UGC seems to be more realistic to the other users. This makes it truly a need of the era!

Get Trust, Engagement, & Conversions

Create Your Amazing UGC Campaign Now

#2 Humanizes a Brand

How about ‘Humanizing your brand’?

That one quality that differentiates UGC from other forms of content is it’s ‘Human element.’ 

Unlike other forms of content, consumer generated content builds a direct relationship with the customers. 

Nike’s Campaign Encouraging Customers To Take A Personal Pledge

Created by users themselves, consumer-generated content humanizes a brand in the most simple yet unique way.

In short, humanizing a brand not only boosts its value in the market but also grabs the attention of the customers. 

#3 New Age Shopping Venue- Shoppable UGC

Giving new definition to e-Commerce, Shoppable UGC galleries and user generated social media feeds are fulfilling expectations of consumers single-handedly by bringing the point of inspiration and point of sales together.

Simply known as Shoppable Content, these customized user-generated content (posts) are tagged with products that allow customers to buy products directly from the posts.  

Shoppable Content therefore provides users with a fun and engaging shopping experience.

Both brands and consumers are availing of this type of content.


  • Users can enjoy benefits like high informational value & engagement opportunities, shorter real-time buying journey, authenticity & trustworthiness (UGC), and more.
  • Whereas Brands can leverage shoppable content to boost conversions, build brand trust, boost engagement, deliver an exciting shopping experience, etc. 

These posts also drive potential user engagement on your E-Commerce website by encouraging them to revisit your e-commerce website for their next shopping session.

Offering a great way to embed social media feeds Shoppable- ‘Taggbox Commerce‘ is the ultimate e-commerce feature of Taggbox. 

In simple words, succor your website visitors’ purchase journey by embedding shoppable feeds on your website. 

#4 Less Investment, High ROI

UGC is all about creating creative content. Not only small brands but even bigger names (like Apple, Nike, Starbuck and more) of the marketing world know the power of UGC. 

Let us make you understand this with an example!

Just like its name i.e., #BurnSelfie, the UGC campaign by Doritos, caught flame by the customers in Canada. 

user generated content marketing
Doritos #Burnselfie UGC Campaign

The brand asked it’s Canadian customers to post their pictures of their ‘burn selfies’ taken while eating Doritos Roulette, the newest flavor from their range.

Having been called as a ‘solid slap in the face’, this campaign was taken to the heights by the people who literally posted their pictures and videos using the hashtag #BurnSelfie.

Both of these UGC campaigns were a great publicity stunt that worked like magic for both of them. 

This brings us to the point that beauty of UGC makes it more cost-effective than spending thousands or even millions for TV commercials, Billboards, etc. 

In short, marketers let the users run the show for them instead of emptying their own pockets.

#5 Communicate Your Brand Values Through Customer Stories

Many of the customers share images, videos, reviews, etc.  on social media to tell their real-life experience (UGC) with your brand’s products and services.

Speaking to your audience in a tone that is loyal and authentic, UGC communicates your brand values in a way like no other advertising content could.

Take a relatable example! 

Famous for it’s extremely creative and versatile camera actions globally, GoPro has changed the definition of UGC campaigns completely. 

In a mind-blowing campaign initiated by the iconic American technology, users can submit their shots or website content using #gopro #milliondollarchallenge

GoPro Publishes Best UGC On Their Social & Digital Profiles

If you analyze this campaign, you will understand that marketers can build strong and long-term relations with their customers by acknowledging and valuing their customers. 

#6 Displays Social Proof 

Your loyal customers are your best marketers. 

Consumers have a high affinity to follow other consumer’s advice more than the brand itself.  

Incorporating consumer generated content in your marketing strategy helps you exploit this psychological factor.

benefits of user generated content
Perch & Parrow Showcasing Authentic UGC Posts On Homepage

Their testimonials and feedback present a social proof that leaves a long-lasting impact on the minds of your aspiring customers. This helps to generate social trust for the brand among customers.

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Factors to Define Your Brand’s User-Generated Content Strategy

To create an amazing user created content strategy, you should consider investing your time & efforts in a few factors.

Get Inspired By Your Competitors 

Keep your eyes and ears wide open while creating your brand’s user generated content strategy. For instance, take inspiration from your competitors’ successful UGC campaigns.

Observe how they have promoted their product as well as how they have dealt with audience engagement. 

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Determine the Ways to Gather Content

Be it images & videos on social media, content contests, or directly approaching your customers to promote your brand, it can be done in any suitable way.

This factor can help you out with ways through which you can encourage your customers or fans to generate UGC for your brand. 

For example, 

Initiated by Starbucks, the #WhiteCupContest got massive popularity back in 2014. 

importance of user generated content
Starbucks #WhiteCupContest UGC Campaign

To engage the audience, the global coffee brand announced that the winning cup drawing would be used as a limited edition template for its cup design.

The impact of this UGC campaign on Twitter was so tremendous that this global coffee brand received 4000 drawn cups by the users.

Looking after the success of this campaign, Starbucks again came up with another challenging contest under the hashtag #RedCupArt.

Both of these UGC campaigns of Starbucks were a huge success. 

Maintain Authenticity of Your Content

The authenticity of your product is the greatest strength of your consumer generated content strategy. Necessarily it’s not the case to just showcase content of utmost quality. 

You can also consider the display of lower quality content but with highlighting all the major features of your brand.

Also, make sure that you get the legal right of the content created by your users. It is one of the best practices for incorporating user generated content in your UGC marketing campaign which not only protects and maintains the copyrights of your users but it will also keep your brand away from legal troubles. 

Robust and Powerful Solution for UGC- Taggbox

Having discussed all the major aspects of consumer-generated content, we can assure you that it can take your brand marketing strategy to another level.

And what could be better than a UGC platform like Taggbox, to take help from for creating the most amazing UGC content from diverse social media for your audience? 

Taggbox UGC platform
Taggbox – The Best UGC Platform

Popular for creating a UGC marketing campaign, Taggbox strategically displays the UGC across different marketing channels. 

One of the best ways to display UGC is a ‘Social Wallwhich can be leveraged in an event or on a website. 

This social wall or any other form of UGC can be Customized and Moderated so that your audience talks about your high-quality and creative content. 

With the help of Analytics feature, you can monitor the performance of your UGC social media feeds.  This list of features offered by Taggbox goes on and on.

Moreover, you can use the Taggbox UGC Rights Management platform to ask permission from content creators professional and legitimate and gain complete legal rights to use their content in your marketing campaign. 

So, what are you waiting for now? Sign-up for free today at Taggbox and leverage user-generated content of your brand across all your marketing touchpoints.

Taggbox – The Best UGC Platform

Fuel Your Marketing With User-Generated Content

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