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What is a Twitter Wall and How it can be beneficial for your events

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What is a Twitter Wall?

A Twitter Wall is a platform that displays live tweets which include a specific hashtag. These tweets can be brand created or fan created (user-generated content).

Twitter walls also known as Tweet Walls are a popular concept for events, conferences, exhibitions, charity events, fundraiser programs, weddings, music concerts, and festivals.

These promise social buzz and an amplified event engagement and reach to the brand. Twitter Wall can be displayed on any kind of screen size due to its responsive design.

Benefits of Twitter Wall

1. Engage Your Audience

People enjoy fame and Twitter aggregator is that one engaging concept for an event that can give them exactly that. A tweet wall harnessed at an event is a stupendous way to stimulate engagement among event visitors.

A live twitter feed that shows the guests’ tweets if they use your event or contest hashtag is a promising idea for stirring some social buzz about your brand and its event.

Twitterwall Taggbox

There’s a desire among event visitors for getting their tweet displayed up on the big screen at the event where other guests and brand event organizers can also see it, perhaps event re-tweet it or promise a prize or giveaway in return for it.

A Twitter wall if you ask us is like a wall of fame that magnetizes people to engage more and tweet more, share pictures and videos, share feedback and check-in for the event & more.

event attendees

Engagement on the tweet wall can be further enhanced by encouraging sponsors and speakers to share their opinions via a tweet.

Both sponsors and speakers can additionally be provided with a special section on the tweet wall at the event courteously. This allows for the followers of both to also join the online conversation and increase the social buzz with their tweets.

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2. Gain Visibility For Your Event

An event must gain social visibility and part of this job is already done by engaging your audience, as you did in the first step we mentioned.

When your guests interact and tweet about your event along with the event hashtag, then this way they’re also engaging their own followers for your event. The same holds true for sponsors and speakers.

When each of your guests, speakers and sponsors tweet about your event from their personal Twitter handles, then they engage their own followers, irrespective of their presence at the event.


A live Twitter stream at an event which is a homogenous mix of branded content, fan-created content, and tweets from speakers, sponsors, and other event enthusiasts is huge. This way, your Twitter feed, and your event generate great visibility in the Twittersphere.

Along with this, if you have a renowned personality as your event guest, then it may be worth suggesting to them to tweet about your event in a subtle sophisticated manner.

This will ensure your event generates greater publicity and a bigger audience (the share of followers from the chief guest’s Twitter handle) both ‘physically’ at the event venue and virtually via social media engagement.

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3. Display Your Brand, Publicize It’s Tone & Aesthetic

At your brand event, it is your twitter wall. Use this efficient tool to the maximum for bringing your brand to light before a huge audience. Share about your brand values, brand aesthetic and set the brand tone by way of the tweet wall.

Live hashtag feed in a event

Design your brand wall your way. The way you choose your tweet wall’s theme, font styling, tweet display style, and layout reflects your brand style.

You must display your brand logo design and run ads in between about your brand on your twitter wall during the event. Employing a reputable logo maker app can streamline the creation of a visually compelling logo, ensuring it effectively communicates your brand’s essence to your audience.

A Twitter wall is highly customizable and can be designed in a creative style. You can be as minimalist or as dramatic as you’d like with your designing.

Display live tweets on a Twitter wall at the event is an investment with remunerative paybacks for the long run. So what are you waiting for? Create your own live Twitter wall with Taggbox and share your event with the world.

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