User-generated Content: The Best Event Marketing Strategy

Events are incomplete without audience engagement. You want your audience to actively participate throughout the event, as that’s the indicator of how successful your event is. Especially in virtual and hybrid events when there are lesser one-on-one interactions. Another indicator of event success is the amount of user generated content it manages to produce. When […]

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TikTok For Event Marketing : Viral Trend You Need To Follow In 2021

TikTok has become quite a sensation ever since its inception. The platform has become one of the widely used and popular social media networks, especially among millennials and Gen Z. With over 1 billion active users, TikTok has a high potential to reach targeted audiences more quickly and effectively.  Integrating TikTok as your event marketing […]

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Discover The Live Social Wall For Sports Events

Sports is among the largest industries over the globe. It builds a sense of community among the team players and their fans.  Though teams compete against one another, you will find their supporters engaging in their kind of competition, wearing their favorite team’s jersey, chanting the team names in the stadium, and showing their enthusiasm […]

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Social Media For Hybrid Event : Ideas and Benefits

To say that the event industry went through a whirlwind would be an understatement. In-person events and conferences that were planned days in advance got postponed or cancelled sooner than anybody could fathom. Virtual events came to light, and the businesses took every effort to make them effective. While both: in-person and virtual events had […]

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Virtual Event Marketing – Trends to Lookout for in 2021

2020 has brought an evolution to the digital world. The switch from the real to the virtual world has been one of the most significant changes from COVID-19.  The world has adapted to the new ways to communicate and do business. Social media usage has blown through the roof companies, and corporate virtual events have […]

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Case Study: UAE University Virtual Graduation Ceremony

CASE STUDY: UAE University Integrates Taggbox Display With Its Virtual Graduation Ceremony & Social Feed On Website Explore how the world-renowned United Arab Emirates University integrated the Taggbox Display ticker into their virtual 40th annual graduation ceremony streaming & embedded social media feed widget on the website to boost audience reach & engagement.  With the […]

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How Parookaville Boosts Engagement With Live Social Wall For Music Events

Just imagine for a moment, it’s the pre-pandemic era where people were excited about going to music festivals and concerts along with thousands of strangers from all over the world? It is the best yet long-lost feeling which sounds scary nowadays.  Isn’t it? Pandemic has put a stop of all of these activities given the […]

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What is a Social Media Hub and why use it for Website and Event?

Marketing trends have been on a roller coaster ride in this emerging world of digitalization. Some are a perfect blend of diverse strategies, while some have proved to be disastrous for the brands.   One such successful trend is to connect your social audience with your professional base. Marketers ought to embed social media content on […]

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Social Media Boards: Best Tool for Audience Engagement in 2021

Social media boards!! What are they? A technology for brand reach expansion & growth? A tool to attract, engage, & convert customers? Or maybe more? We’ll tell you what it is and why you need these.  It is evident that social media consumption has flourished in the past few years and it is growing by […]

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