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Event Gamification: 7 Best Ideas And Benefits In 2024

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2023 is right around the corner, event strategies have skyrocketed, and keeping the audience’s attention alive during an event is comparatively easy. Unfortunately, increasing participation, flawless execution, and perfect promotion, all things considered, cannot be achieved faultlessly at the same time. 

But what if we tell you a shortcut to everything you need? Gamification!

You heard it right. With a market revenue of more than $550 billion, gamification is the future. 

Adding game-like features to your events is event gamification. For example, your event attendees can collect coins or complete a task, see their ranks on a leaderboard and get rewards. Get your audience to interact, and improve audience engagement using features like these. 

No wonder it is gaining so much popularity. Today, we will focus on some event gamification ideas and what’s in it for you. Let’s get going, shall we?

Event Gamification: Overview 

Want to get more engagement and offer a fun element to your attendees? Gamification is for you. 

It is the feature that helps in incorporating a game-like element in your event to make it more engaging and give them an experience of a lifetime. It can involve rewards, challenges, quizzes, and much more. 

Above all the fun, event gamification is much more than just games. It is a strategic decision that helps event planners achieve their desired results. For instance, if your aim is networking, you can add socializing games like set-up missions around meeting new people. 

To implement gamification in your next event, there are plenty of ideas that you can try. 

7 Event Gamification Ideas 

When it comes to gamification, your inspiration, and imagination are the limits. Event planners can choose to build their missions from scratch and name them whatever they like. 

Here are some of the most popular and successful ways you can implement to gamify your next event. Let’s dive in.  

1. Social Media Wall

Create exciting social walls using Taggbox Display, and integrate diverse content like social media feeds, reviews, and much more. Displaying such engaging content in your events, builds user engagement and trust, amplifies your reach, and maximizes marketing efforts. 

social media wall for events

Narrate your story via a social wall and boundlessly grab user attention. With real-time updates, you get to display fresh posts every time they interact. How awesome is that? 

Display Live Social Wall During The Event

2. Trivia Quizzes

Do you realize every time you come across a quiz, you always take it? People love to test their knowledge, and what’s better than trivia quizzes? You can carefully create some questions around your niche and roll out the quiz. 

Quizzes during event

More than that, you can also categorize quizzes by difficulty level, this will keep them taking a quiz. Tally everyone’s score throughout the event and let them know about their performance. Or if you want to embed a quiz on your website you can use a WordPress plugin for quiz, this will make your task easy. 

3. Live Leaderboard 

With so much going on in your event, imagine if your best-performing attendees can see their names ranked on a Live Leaderboard. Taggbox Display Studio has a new feature update where you can add a Leaderboard to your event and display the best contributors and influencers. 

live leaderboard with social wall

This sparks competition and drives attendees to get on board with whatever they are doing. This way you get to know your real brand influencers and give them the attention they deserve. 

Engage Event Audience with Live Leaderboard

4. Audience Polls

One of the best ways to get audience feedback is through a poll. They can be based on any relevant topic and attendees can put in their vote. To make it more interesting, you can divide your audience into teams, and get their polls as a team and the one with the majority of polls answered wins. 

audience poll

Here’s another suggestion, how about you award badges to them on every level or after they take a certain number of polls? The person with the highest badges wins. 

5. Sponsored Content 

Yet another Taggbox feature is Sponsored content. Display brand content, logos, images, offers, and any other announcements on your social media wall at an event.

display sponsored content during event

All you need to do is add content, a start and end time, pop-up time duration for the announcement or sponsorship, and you are done. 

6. Photo Booth 

We already have seen photo booths at every kind of event, even weddings. They are super popular and people go crazy with photo booths. They are small stations with a camera, props table, and a printer is set, that people use to click groufies.

event photo booth

They can use props, get pictures clicked, and print them out if they like. You can also encourage people to post these photos on social media using your hashtag as well. 

7. SnapUp

The SnapUp by Taggbox Display enables your audience to share their photos without having to use social media platforms. Our Private Post feature helps you collect User-Generated content using either a QR code or a URL. 


Connecting with your audience is easier than ever. You get the most authentic and organic content to display at your event. 

Level Up Your Event with SnapUp

Benefits Of Event Gamification 

Change the way you engage and connect with your audience through event gamification. Apart from the many ways you can mold your elements, gamification comes with many benefits as well. Let’s check some of them out. 

1. Better Engagement 

With gamification elements people are constantly interacting with your brand, they are living in the moment and creating core memories. With this strategy, you tap into their emotions and connect with them to provide them with a better experience. 

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2. Make the Event Memorable 

Whenever users see something unique, they remember it. That’s exactly what gamification does to your event. Even a boring conference can build its pace through gamification. Adding gamification elements like a photo booth, leaderboard, etc. your event can light up. 

3. Manage Feedback easily 

With gamification elements, you get so much content and feedback from people that it can get too much to handle. With the Taggbox reviews platform, you can easily collect, curate and manage user reviews from multiple channels.

4. More Networking Opportunities 

Gamification gets people talking, it’s just another way to grow your network. You can add elements like quizzes and socializing tasks to help your attendees talk to one another and build their network. Moreover, with such engaging events, people have left longing for more and tend to attend your next event. 

5. Facilitate Easier Communication 

Gamification helps you interact with the attendees like never before. You can plan elements that align with your event topic and at the same time helps you interact with the audience. This helps you get easier communication without any extra effort. 

Scale Your Event Engagement

Once all your events are completed, it is time to measure the performance of your event. With Taggbox Insightful Analytics you get in-depth insights into how your audience interacts with your event, their sentiments, and much more. 

Apart from event success, you get:

  • Hashtag tracking and user maps. 
  • Detailed insights about campaign performance.
  • Sentiment analysis for a better user understanding.
  • To find the most active users and turn them into brand influencers. 

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Let The Fun Begin!

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of gamification and how you can leverage gamification elements in your events and host a successful one, you can not only connect with your audience but also grab their attention to build a loyal customer base.