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Fun Corporate Event Ideas For 2024: Virtual And Hybrid Events

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Time and again, technology has proven to be a valuable professional resource. In today’s world, remote work is universal, and introducing interaction among employees from the comfort of their homes is fundamental. 

This is where virtual events, powered by cutting-edge technology, come into play.

In our blog, we will share exciting virtual event ideas that will refresh your virtual corporate gatherings. Events like virtual comedy night shows and gaming nights are creative concepts that will encourage more interaction among your corporate employees. 

Stop hosting boring video conferences and dull presentations. Instead, conduct exciting meetings to make your employees genuinely involved, participate in discussions and activities, bring the team together, and create memorable experiences.

Let’s kickstart your journey and transform your ordinary corporate virtual events into captivating and engaging experiences.

Ideas To Make Your Virtual Corporate Event Fun & Interesting 

1. Virtual Live Concert

The phrase – ‘Nothing heals better than music’, is rightly said and gave rise to the live music industry which unfortunately suffered the worst hit due to the pandemic. 

However, virtual live concerts have picked up the pace and taken the world by storm, especially over the past two years. 

Virtual Live Concert
Source – Eventbrite

You can bring a live show to your employees and they can enjoy watching it from the comfort of their homes. Using an appropriate platform, you can live stream an artist or band performing from sites like YouTube, Facebook Live, etc. 

2. Virtual Gaming Night 

Enhance organization activities and the competitive streak within your employees with gamification. Hosting a virtual gaming session can inspire your employees to engage, share and collaborate with one another. Moreover, it helps in breaking the ice and pushes them to communicate.

Virtual Gaming Night

For the virtual gaming night, you can conduct games like team trivia, a round of work bingo, virtual UNO, or even multiplayer games like call of duty. 

You can also consider adding a brain-training and fun trick-taking game like double deck pinochle online to your virtual gaming night, offering a unique blend of strategy, memory, and teamwork. This game entertains and fosters collaboration and mental agility among team members.

Display Real Time Social Content In Your Next Virtual Event

3. Virtual Training Events 

Corporate companies usually spend a lot of money to send their employees for training to other places. It involves quite an expenditure as it includes their travel and stay.

Virtual Training Events 

Virtual training events have proven to be a boon as it has not only cut down on expenses but also keep the employees motivated in these depressing times. You can collaborate with an instructor who can give your employees live training sessions that would result in an increase in their confidence level and overall work productivity. There are ways to ensure effective training for employees hence resulting in better customer service as well.

4. Virtual Team Building Activities 

Quite often the employees are unable to take out time from their work routine to interact with their fellow colleagues which creates an unnecessary void between them. While everyone is working from home, communication plays an important role to bind them together. 

Virtual Team Building Activities 

You can host a team-building session comprising a few activities that makes them work in a group and function as a team. The activities can be a mix to check their mental, emotional and physical quotients. This will also work to refresh the minds of your employees and make them more alert and efficient. 

5. Virtual Wine & Cheese Tasting 

We are certain that you already must be envisioning barrel-filled tasting rooms and vineyards in your head, but all this can happen virtually too! 

Invite famous winemakers to give sessions and explain the subtle art of winemaking. A regular wine tasting event lets attendees visit vineyards and try out new wine flavors. Instead, you can collaborate and live stream the videos from the tasting room directly. 

Virtual Wine & Cheese Tasting

Additionally, you can send across the bottle of wine to your attendees much before the virtual event and ask them to detect its flavor, taste notes, and aroma. 

You can ask every attendee to go one by one and raise a toast before sipping for more impact. And of course, some french cheese and wine would be one classic combination that all will love! Don’t you agree?

6. Virtual Awards Gala

If you were hoping to host an award gala night, you need not cancel it as it can happen virtually! All employees look forward to the virtual award ceremony and want to experience the adrenaline rush before the host declares the winner’s name. 

Virtual Awards Gala

When you have the right tools and platform, hosting a virtual award night is bound to be a success. Just motivate your employees and staff members to suit up and pick their best outfits to look fancy and have some fun. 

After all, recognizing the top performers can instill a sense of loyalty amongst employees and makes them feel valued. 

7. Virtual comedy night

Virtual comedy performance is a fun corporate event idea to entertain and engage your employee audience. 

You can live stream jokes and comedy shows by famous comedians online. It’s like hosting a comedy show on the internet, and your attendees can join in live by reacting with claps, hearts, or emoticons. 

This helps create enjoyable experiences and special memories from the virtual event.

8. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

One of the best ideas to host a virtual event is to host a scavenger hunt, and yes, it can be hosted online as well! We love it and highly recommend it to ensure maximum participation from your employees.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are great fun, and apart from being memorable, they work well for instilling team-building skills. Ask the host of the game to tell all participants to fetch an item at a time from their house. It could be a jar of pickles, a dusting broom, or even a sanitizer! The first one to return to their seat gets the point. 

9. Virtual Pajama Night 

Employees love working from home in their pajamas as it is their most comfortable outfit. 

Refresh and make them feel alive after a tiresome day by organizing a fun virtual pajama party. Ask all your employees to attend the event in their favorite pair of pajamas.

You can add more fun to your corporate event by asking the attendees to design or customize their pajamas by switching on their creative side. Surprise the most creative employee with a gift card or voucher. 

Additionally, you can continue the night by streaming a movie on Netflix and asking the audience to binge on their favorite munchies and relax! 

10. Virtual fundraising event

Your virtual event can reach people worldwide, and it’s a chance to help those in need through virtual fundraising. 

By teaming up with a charity or NGO, you can give them more visibility without spending much – just a button on your platform.

This also gives your company and employees a chance to do something good while being part of the event. You can even ask the charity to share videos of their work or hold a Q&A session for those who want to help further.

11. Virtual professional learning sessions

If you are looking for your next corporate event idea, hosting a night with social learning sessions is excellent. 

This helps the attendees, that is, the company’s employees expand their knowledge and learn more about the company, its products, and services. Don’t limit your learning session to your brand, instead, help your employees gain more professional information.

Ideas To Keep Your Corporate Event Audience Hooked 

Now that you know about the different ideas that can be used for planning your legit corporate event, here’s how you can ensure maximum engagement from your audience. 

1. Set Up Virtual Selfie Photo Booth

Selfies and clicking pictures are the highlight of any event, be it virtual or regular. While setting up photo stands and selfie booths in regular events is quite easy, there are various platforms online that enable hosts to create innovative photo booths.

What’s more? You can personalize the virtual photo booth by adding colors or themes to it. You can even include the logo of your company for the employees to resonate with it better. The attendees can then post the photos or selfies on their social media handles using your event hashtag. 

2. Display Social Wall

Another sure shot way to ensure maximum engagement and participation from the virtual attendees is to include a social wall during the event. If you are alien to what it is, a social wall displays content, be it user-generated or branded from the connection type selected by you. It can be from hashtags, mentions, tags, etc. 

Set Up Virtual Selfie Photo Booth

You can aggregate and display the content posted by your attendees on their social media handles using a responsive tool like the Taggbox Display. The tool helps the users create highly engaging social media walls by fetching content from over 15+ social media platforms. 

Taggbox Display comes with a plethora of customization options for the users to add their personal touch to the social media wall. Other features include a content moderation panel, advanced analytics for tracking its performance, and a robust back support team for 24×7 assistance. 

Taggbox Studio For Virtual Corporate Events

The newly launched Taggbox Display Studio can be used by you to add infotainment apps to get your attendees engaged and informed at the same time. 

In a nutshell, everyone loves getting featured, and displaying employee-generated content would push the other attendees to also participate! 

Leverage The Power Of Social Media In Your Next Virtual Corporate Event

3. Create Engaging Quizzes

It is quite common for the attendees to simultaneously browse on other sources while attending the event, especially when they find the session boring. Fun and engaging quizzes can be a breather for your attendees after every session. Utilizing the WordPress Quiz Plugin could make the whole quiz-making process easier and could be a captivating way to retain participants’ attention and enhance their overall experience.

Be it an informative quiz or a Hollywood trivia quiz, and they hold the potential to transform the overall experience and vibe of the corporate social event and make it more lively. Offer exciting prizes and vouchers for the winners to engage them more. 

4. Enable Live Chats 

While there may be a few virtual attendees who are outright and do not hesitate from interacting, there may be a few who are shy and apprehensive about expressing their thoughts.

Enable Live Chats

Make all the attendees feel comfortable by enabling live chats through the event for them to be able to open up throughout the event. You can keep the comments anonymous for more entries. The speaker can attend to the queries in a particular serial. 

5. Explain through storytelling

This is an effective and easy way to capture your employee audience’s attention during your virtual event night. 

It works so well at engaging and entertaining people because everyone adores stories. Especially when the stories are true, they create a solid emotional connection with your audience.

Even though you might not see storytelling as an interactive method, it involves your audience deeply.

6. Organize Live Polls 

How do you get to know if your corporate event lacks something midway? Through live polling! constructive feedback from your audience can keep your virtual corporate event going successfully.

Organize Live Polls

Make sure you organize live polls and ask questions about the speed and pitch of the speaker, the clarity of the event, and how likely they are to attend your next event!

7. Sent out amazing invitations

When you’re planning your next hybrid event, it’s essential to send out a well-thought-out hybrid event invitation. 

Your invitation should be clear about the event’s format and outline the different activities that will take place. 

This step is crucial as you can ignite the fire of interest among your employee audience through your digital invitation, ensuring their presence.

Let’s Call It A Wrap 

Staying connected with your employees in these tough times is important to make them feel important and, most importantly, cared for. And a virtual event can help you attain that. 

We are at the end of this post, and we are sure you must have enjoyed going through these corporate event ideas as much as we did while compiling them for you! 

And remember, it is not just about generating ideas. It is about making ideas happen in your next virtual corporate event.

Go on now, prepare for your next virtual event but before that, mask up, sanitize and take care! 

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