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Create Live Twitter Wall for Event or Websites Which is Fully Customizable With Stunning Themes

Display It Anywhere

Take our social wall to any event anywhere be it massive event with thousnds of attendees or a remote event with limited people

Corporate Events

Concerts & Festivals

Retail Events

Wedding & Entertainment

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Some of Our Features

Use our tool to moderate the live tweets and filter the unwanted content. Only approve the posts that you want to show and reject

Fits Any Screen

From small screens of smartphone, TV Screens, Projector Walls to Big Jumbotrons, you can display the live tweet wall in any shape and size due to its responsive design.

Absolutely Realtime

The tweets are fetched from the feed and instantaneously posted on the live twitter wall for display. Any updates from Twitter are fetched in seconds to maintain continuity of tweets.

Control with Mobile

Don’t have a computer nearby to manage your twitter wall? Worry not. You can approve the tweets from your mobile device instantly.

Customize the Design

Complete ability to customize different elements of tweet wall which fits your own color and branding. You can choose from a number of available theme styles to suit your event. Add your logo, brand colors, and any message to your live twitter wall.

Moderate and Filter the Content

Use our tool to moderate the live tweets and filter the unwanted content. Only approve the posts that you want to show and reject the others. Set automatic rules to approve or reject tweets too.

Add More And Analyze

You can now add more social feeds along side your live Twitter Wall. Also, you can dive deep into the insights of your tweet wall through the Analytics report.

Add Instagram Too

Yes, now show posts from the Instagram too. Instagram Pictures can be integrated alongside tweets to add a variety and exclusivity to your next generation tweet wall.

Generate Analytics Reports

Detailed analytics which shows you the insight in statistics including users, hashtags, tag cloud, and other numbers. Download the report for your convenience.

Live social media wall

Reliable and Simple

Taggbox twitter wall for events, conferences, and websites is simple to use and 100% reliable because of its dedicated support

100% Reliability

Sit Back and Relax. A powerful backend panel & reliable updates gives you a trouble-free tweet wall for any event

As Simple as A-B-C

No hassles of installing unnecessary software. You just need a web browser in computer and internet access to get your Twitter Wall displayed. We support iPads too

What Our Customers Say

We used a Social Wall to display a huge pride wall in Tel Aviv. It was a huge project. Taggbox provided us with quick and helpful support. Our event was a lot talked about throughout the Israeli media. All thanks to Taggbox.

Tom Zach

Digital Marketing Manager, Facebook

We used Taggbox in our event. It generated huge event engagement for us. It is really easy to use and has a fast social media moderation. Thanks for all the engagement and keeping it clean.

Sally Jacobs

Social Media Head, Commvault

Taggbox proved to be the best & the simplest solution for this massive event. It is a great tool to have in your tool belt. In our company’s experience, it helps us create another element of fun and wow factor for social events. We loved Taggbox, and so do our clients.

Ismail Humet

Owner, Epic Events NY

We are working with Taggbox from more than 2 years for our different activations all over the world and I must say we never got disappointed with their delivery. Keep up the good work.

Chris Ellen

Marketing Manager

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