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Curate content from X/Twitter (using #Hashtag, @Mentions, @Handle, Keyword, and List) and create an interactive Live X/Twitter Wall to embed on website or display on the screen at events & venues.

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What is Twitter Wall?

social wall collection

A Twitter wall is a live feed that displays tweets from a chosen source, like a particular hashtag, handle, personal account, post URL. These walls are often used at events to showcase tweets from attendees using a designated hashtag, fostering a sense of community and keeping everyone engaged with the event.

They're not limited to events though, businesses can also use them for social media marketing purposes, displaying positive customer reviews or tweets related to their campaigns. In essence, Twitter walls bridge the gap between social media conversations and the physical world, creating a more interactive experience.

Easy Steps To Create A Twitter Wall In Minutes

  • 1 Start A Free Trial
  • 2 Choose Twitter as the Source Channel
  • 3 Add Hashtag, Handle, Mention to fetch content
  • 4 Customize and Moderate the feed to make your feed look the best
  • 5 Display the content on your event screen

All-In-One X/Twitter Wall Solutions

Display, & Moderate Compelling Visual and Static Content On a X/Twitter Wall With Taggbox

Seamlessly Activate X/Twitter Wall

A UGC platform with a seamless and quick process that turns social UGC into powerful user-generated content campaigns.


Collect the most authentic, engaging, and influential social content from more than 15 media networks without any hassle.

Collect UGC

Exhibit premium content to the audience by enabling advanced filtering & moderation options to make your social wall worth a while.

curate user-generated content

Enhance your social wall with endless customization options like themes, styles, and designs to offer vibrancy and visual appeal.

get ugc rights

Publish the social wall on multiple marketing touchpoints: webpages, digital displays, email campaigns, or social ads, and track its performance with detailed analytics.

user generated content platform

Advance X/Twitter Wall Insights

Filter out your most active audience and make them your brand’s voice.

Most Active Creators

Learn about your most active users from any campaign or social platform and connect with them easily.

Download Attendees Data

Directly export data in .CSV or PDF format and leverage it further for your marketing campaigns.

Connect with The Best Creators/Influencers

Recognise the most influential creators, generate networking opportunities, build communities and target brand growth with the insightful analytics derived.

Deliver Trust With Your X/Twitter Wall By Rightfully Acquiring UGC

Easily generate your UGC rights request, get approval from the content owner, & repurpose it in your UGC Social Wall campaigns, rightfully.

Stand-Out X/Twitter Wall Features

A diverse hub of features to make your Live X/Twitter Wall more exciting, engaging, & attractive for the audiences

Instant Content Update
Twitter Ticker

Run a horizontal X/Twitter feed below your live stream with the latest tweets or feeds created by your audience that you want to display on the screen without interrupting the stream.

Responsive theme Design

Attract the audience's attention, display diverse content on X/Twitter wall. Integrate apps, visuals, files, and other content together to generate an unparalleled impact.

Easy Setup

Get audience behavior insights and campaign performance. Track clicks, views, user sentiments, content metrics, and more to optimize your campaign & maximize ROI.

Insightful Analytics
Real-time update

Get real-time updates on your X/Twitter Wall with the blink of an eye. With Taggbox, your X/Twitter posts with hashtags, tags, etc. will auto-update on your X/Twitter Wall.

Easy Setup
24/7 Support

24/7 customer support and technical assistance through different channels like email, chat, call, and video providing ultimate flexibility for clients to contact support anytime.

Insightful Analytics
Profanity Filter

Offer a positive experience to your audience with the auto-moderated profanity filter to ensure the quality of your X/Twitter wall and avoid any abusive content.

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Corporate Events

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Reliable And Simple

Taggbox X/Twitter wall for events, conferences, and websites is simple to use and 100% reliable because of its dedicated support

100% Reliability
100% Reliability

Sit Back and Relax. A powerful backend panel & reliable updates gives you a trouble-free tweet wall for any event

As Simple As A-B-C
As Simple As A-B-C

No hassles of installing unnecessary software. You just need a web browser in computer and internet access to get your X/Twitter Wall displayed. We support iPads too

Here Is Taggbox Has Been Helping Brands

UAE University Virtual Graduation 2020

Taggbox X/Twitter Wall In UAE University Virtual Graduation 2020

Explore how the UAE university overcame a pandemic to successfully organize their 40th graduation ceremony virtually. They used Taggbox X/Twitter Wall & X/Twitter Ticker for virtual events to engage & interact with their digital audience and deliver a successful graduation event by curating and displaying posts from students, parents, etc. relating to their custom hashtag on X/Twitter onto virtual X/Twitter wall.

View Full Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

What is X/Twitter Wall?

Twitter Wall is a collection and representation of different types of X/Twitter posts altogether into a unified screen - event walls, Events, webinars, TV or digital screens, websites, etc.

Twitter Walls comprise displaying live X/Twitter feeds with hashtags, mentions, favorites, lists, profiles, or tags.

How to display Live X/Twitter feed in events?

You can easily display Live X/Twitter feeds in your event. Once you perform actions like collection, moderation, & customization of your X/Twitter feeds, you can click on the button to the code with Taggbox Display and choose a screen type or device where you want to exhibit your curated X/Twitter feeds into your event.

How do I put a X/Twitter feed on my website?

First, you need to collect X/Twitter feeds using hashtag, handle, mention, tag, etc. to create a collection of X/Twitter feeds altogether. Design them using a responsive theme so that it can easily display on any screen size. Once you get ready, you need to click on get code, copy it, and paste it into your website backend where you want to display your X/Twitter feeds.

How to Display Tweets on Big screens?

If you want to display Tweets on Big screens, like projector, Jomborton, or event walls, you can do so easily. Tools like Taggbox display offer your various options to display Tweets on different sizes of screen. As you collected Tweets with Taggbox X/Twitter Wall, you will have the option of the Display button. Here you will find various options like projector, TV, digital signage, or other screens with wireless or wire connection to display live X/Twitter walls. Select the one you want to display on your X/Twitter wall and you are good to go.

How to Create X/Twitter feed using Hashtag, Handle and mentions?

First you need to choose a right X/Twitter feed aggregation tool like Taggbox, select X/Twitter as a source to fetch X/Twitter feeds. You need to put relevant & correct hashtags, handle names, and mentions into the feed curation box. As click on enter button, all the X/Twitter feeds related to that particular hashtag, handle, and mentions will be collected all together at one place. This how easily you can create X/Twitter feeds with hashtags, handles, mentions, and many more.

How to Exclude retweets from my X/Twitter wall?

If you find some of the retweets that you collected are not appropriate, obscene, poor quality, or negative, you can simply remove them from your X/Twitter Wall with the feature called moderation. With the Moderation feature, you can select the X/Twitter posts that you don't display on your X/Twitter wall.

How to display Live X/Twitter feed in Events?

Create your account with Taggbox Display, start creating social media feeds, customize & moderate feeds with themes, designs, banners, background, colors, etc., and select your event platform or copy ‘code’ to insert Social Wall in your hybrid events.

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