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How Taggbox Yelp Reviews Widget Works

Collect Yelp Reviews

01Collect Yelp Reviews

Business Page - Easily fetch Yelp reviews in less than 5 seconds using your Yelp Business Page URL. Just copy & paste your business page URL and find all your customer reviews.

Business Names - Curate Yelp reviews using your Yelp Business Page Name. Just type your business page name and find all your customer reviews in one place.

Curate & Customize

02Curate & Customize

Moderate - Improve content quality by removing any irrelevant & negative reviews selectively using the Moderation panel.

Customize – Beautify your Yelp review widget with themes, layouts, designs, colors, & fonts to enhance look & feel.

Branding – Reflect your brand powerfully through Yelp reviews by adding banners, CTA, announcement, etc. for more results & performance.

Add Reviews On Website

03Add Reviews On Website

Embed - A single-click & code-free Yelp reviews widget integration to easily embed Yelp reviews on the website.Just copy & paste embed code to leverage benefits with live Yelp reviews on your website.

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Spotlight Features For Yelp Reviews Widget

The interactive & amazing Yelp Reviews Widget for website fueled by these incredible features to augment your website performance

yelp widget

Creative Themes

Choose your Yelp widget theme from vast options like News Card, Horizontal Slider, Modern Card, Classic Photo, and more that perfectly highlight the customer reviews to make it engaging & informative for visitors

yelp review widget

Fast & Responsive

A simple & lightweight design that makes your Yelp widget fast and responsive without affecting the content quality that leads to a seamless & interactive website user experience

add yelp reviews to website

Reviews Moderation

With advanced filtering option using moderation, choose the best customer reviews to display on your website to maintain insightful & positive content quality that will help you attract & engage maximum leads

yelp reviews widget on website

Insightful Analytics

Track the performance of your Yelp reviews widget through our insightful analytics feature. Use it to generate reports, measure KPIs and improve overall content performance

Deliver Trust On Your Website By Rightfully Generating UGC Rights

(Optional) Acquire Yelp reviews rights directly from customers and repurpose user-generated content in your campaigns legally

UGC Rights Management

Widget Integrations

Embed Yelp Reviews Widget easily on any of these website building platforms without any hassle

  • Taggbox widget for html5
  • Taggbox widget for wordpress
  • Taggbox widget for squarespace
  • Taggbox widget for wix
  • Taggbox widget for shopify
  • Taggbox widget for magento
  • Taggbox widget for Blogger
  • Taggbox widget for weebly
  • Taggbox widget for woocommerce

What Our Customers Say

Solutions that have empowered thousands of events globally

We used a Social Wall to display a huge pride wall in Tel Aviv. It was a huge project. Taggbox provided us with quick and helpful support. Our event was a lot talked about throughout the Israeli media. All thanks to Taggbox.

Tom Zach

Digital Marketing Manager, Facebook

We used Taggbox in our event. It generated huge event engagement for us. It is really easy to use and has a fast social media moderation. Thanks for all the engagement and keeping it clean.

Sally Jacobs

Social Media Head, Commvault

Taggbox proved to be the best & the simplest solution for this massive event. It is a great tool to have in your tool belt. In our company’s experience, it helps us create another element of fun and wow factor for social events. We loved Taggbox, and so do our clients.

Ismail Humet

Owner, Epic Events NY

We are working with Taggbox from more than 2 years for our different activations all over the world and I must say we never got disappointed with their delivery. Keep up the good work.

Chris Ellen

Marketing Manager

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I add the Yelp reviews widget to my website?

    You can seamlessly integrate Yelp reviews into your website with Taggbox Widget:

    • Connect your Yelp account to your Taggbox Widget account with Business Page URL or Name and fetch all the Yelp reviews on the dashboard.
    • Use the moderation and customization features to meet the requirements of your website.
    • Choose your website CMS platform among the endless options by Taggbox Widget and generate a unique embed code.
    • Copy and paste the embed code on the website backend, and voila, enjoy the experience!

    Can I moderate Yelp reviews in the widget editor using Taggbox?

    Yes, you can seamlessly moderate Yelp reviews in the Taggbox Widget editor for your website. We have an inbuilt auto and manual moderation feature that you can use to filter out the irrelevant Yelp reviews from the collection and only incorporate the ones you want to show on the website.

    Where can I display my Yelp widget on the website?

    With Taggbox Widget, you can display the Yelp review widget on multiple pages of your website. Be it on the footer, the sidebar, the header, homepage, blogs section. If you are an ecommerce store, add them on your product pages or any other desired web page. You need to copy and paste the embed code on the backend of your website, where you want your Yelp Review Widget to appear.

    How to customize the Yelp reviews widget for a website?

    Once you have collected all the Yelp Reviews using our platform and curated them using the in-built moderation features, you come across the customization options. You get 10+ themes, colors, fonts, layouts, templates, and more to customize your Yelp Review Widget. With Taggbox Widget, no matter how you want to make your Yelp Review Widget look, you can do it effortlessly.

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