embed Yelp reviews widget on wordpress

Embed Yelp Reviews Widget On WordPress

Display trustable & authentic Yelp reviews to your WordPress website & empower your brand

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Taggbox Yelp Reviews Widget On WordPress

yelp reviews widget on wordpress

Build social proof through the real & credible customer reviews from Yelp with a powerful & creative widget for wordpress website.

1. No Coding Required

2. Hassle-Free Integration

3. Platform-Specific Design

4. API Access

Spotlight Features To Empower Your WordPress Website

The best features & functionalities of Yelp reviews widget to make your WordPress website user experience seamless and engaging along with diverse possibilities

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The Yelp reviews widget comes in a lightweight design that is highly responsive and easily compatible with different devices and screen size

Creative Customizations

Creative Customizations

The diverse themes, layouts, styles, design elements, colors, fonts, and more help in making your Yelp Reviews for WordPress more creative and interactive

Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Maintain premium content quality by restricting irrelevant reviews from your Yelp reviews widget with the help of Moderation feature

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Get the instant updates from Yelp Reviews to your WordPress widget automatically

Custom Posts

Custom Posts

Add your custom reviews to drive effective promotions & communications with Yelp review plugin on WordPress

Widget Analytics

Widget Analytics

Track & evaluate the performance of your Yelp Review widget with insightful analytics feature providing valuable information about user behavior & sentiments

Yelp Reviews WordPress Plugin

Taggbox yelp reviews widget on wordpress

Best Yelp Reviews Widget Plugin For WordPress Website To Display Yelp Reviews Widget On Website.

Give your business website an authentic and reliable look by integrating Yelp reviews to it using Taggbox Yelp Reviews Widget Plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can customize and moderate the Yelp review widget to display the unique and exquisite content to the website visitors.

With the analytics feature, you can even track your performance and gain insights into user’s engagement, impressions, and much more. This easy to use plugin provides easy integration of the review widget along with responsive designs and robust customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add the Yelp reviews widget to WordPress?

You can easily add Yelp reviews to your WordPress website. We offer a seamless solution.

  • Connect your Yelp account to your Taggbox Widget account and fetch all the Yelp reviews on the dashboard.
  • Use the moderation and customization features to filter out the irrelevant or negative reviews and curate them into a Yelp review Widget.
  • Generate an embed code and copy & paste it on the editor section of your WordPress website, and it’s done!

Can I embed the Yelp reviews widget using any WordPress plugin?

Yes, we offer a powerful WordPress plugin that you can find on the WordPress dashboard by searching "Taggbox Widget" from the available plugins. Once you add our plugin from your WordPress dashboard, it will help you easily add Yelp reviews to your WordPress website.

How to display Yelp reviews to the WooCommerce website?

We offer user-friendly solutions to leverage your preferred Yelp reviews on your WooCommerce website. Once you have curated your Yelp reviews Widget with Taggbox Widget, choose the WordPress option from the given website CMS platforms. Copy the generated embed code and log into your WordPress (WooCommerce) account. Navigate to the webpage where you wish to display the Yelp review widget. Paste the copied code on the editor section, and that's it!

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