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Making your users fall in love with your brand gets easier with UGC than you think. Amplify your conversions & maximize sales using trustworthy content with Taggbox.

Why Should Retailers Include UGC In Their Various Marketing Campaigns?

consider influencer posts


of users turn to their peers before any other source for recommendations.

consider influencer posts


of consumers say user-generated content highly impacts their purchase decisions.

consider influencer posts


visitors believe that authenticity holds power in shaping their buying decisions.

Leverage Shopper's Content On Different Marketing Touchpoints

Web Pages

Achieve the 3 KPI's of marketing: engagement, leads & conversions by showcasing unique, vibrant & ever-fresh UGC on your website & enhance its appeal.

embed ugc on website

Digital Screens

Attract audience's attention and keep them hooked to your shoppable post by displaying UGC on offline digital displays set up in stores, malls, etc.

ugc for digital displays

Print Media

Reach out to and awe-inspire a vast print media audience by including relevant UGC in magazine, newspaper, scholarly articles, newsletters, etc.

ugc for Print Media

Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaigns can make UGC creation seamless. Run hashtag campaigns across digital channels to attract, engage and inspire shoppers to create content.

Hashtag Campaign

Email Campaigns

Enhance your email's engagement rate and fulfil the grave visual appetite that shoppers have by including authentic user generated content.

ugc on email campaign

Social Ads

Improve the impact and performance of your social media ads by including relevant UGC as a vast variety of the users trust UGC more than traditional ads.

ugc for social media ads

Work Your Way Through UGC Using Taggbox


Discover and collect all the content generated on diverse social media platforms using hashtags, locations, handles, and more.

user’s content marketing for retail

Showcase premium content by enabling advanced filtering and customization options: themes, styles, & designs available and make your feed worth-a-while.

ugc for ecommerce brands
03Get Rights

Get content rights from the creator to avoid legal and GDPR compliances, to seamlessly repurpose it for your brand's marketing campaigns.

ugc platform for ecommerce
04Make It Shoppable

Make users' content shoppable by adding tags, creating shoppable galleries, shop CTAs, publishing shoppable stories to maximise traffic and revenue.

make ugc shoppable using UGC platform
05Publish & Analyze

Publish UGC on any marketing touchpoint: website, digital displays, email campaign, or more and analyse its performance with detailed analytics available.

user generated content platform

Transform Your Customers' Journey With UGC

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Key Advantages Of Incorporating User-Generated Content

Transform customers into Brand Advocates

Transform Customers Into Brand Advocates

Develop brand-user relationship that inspire users' repeat purchases by repurposing their created content. Inspire potential customers with existing UGC to generate more reviews with credible content.

Capitalize UGC by turning them Shoppable

Capitalize UGC By Turning Them Shoppable

Add product tags to the content generated by the users and effortlessly capitalize on users' inspiration. Transform your feeds by making them shoppable and offer seamless website experience.

Amplify user engagement with UGC

Amplify User Engagement With UGC

User-engagement in the commerce industry plays a key role in upselling. Display compelling UGC & move their attention. Keep your users hooked to the website by featuring UGC in your touchpoints.

Boost ROI with Cost-Cutting UGC approach

Boost ROI With Cost-Cutting UGC Approach

Explore cost-cutting methods to expand brand's reach & escalate conversions. Utilize the power of Taggbox to curate stunning widgets with minimal expense. Get your hands on the potential of UGC to boost ROI.

Our User's Case Study

eureka furniture case study
Eureka Street Furniture Gains 15% More Revenue With Shoppable Instagram Feed.

Eureka Street Furniture is an Australian brand with a 35 Years long history of providing unique, quality pieces of furniture. But they wanted to ignite customer interest, inspire and acquire them. Here visual content marketing played the most important role especially when users are shopping online.

Taggbox Commerce helped the brand with two different shoppable galleries for their online store. As a result, they were able to generate-Monthly 2K Clicks, +15% Revenue, +78% Engagement as a part of their results.

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