Etihad Arena Boost Visitor Engagement With Taggbox Display Social Wall

It all began with the UFC 267 organized at the Etihad Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The Etihad Arena leveraged the engaging Taggbox Display Social Wall to their space through large size LCDs and Pillar Wraps. Taggbox Display helped Etihad Arena- the amphitheater to evoke the visitors’ emotions, instill social proof, create audience engagement, entertain […]

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Case Study: UAE University Virtual Graduation Ceremony

CASE STUDY: UAE University Integrates Taggbox Display With Its Virtual Graduation Ceremony & Social Feed On Website Explore how the world-renowned United Arab Emirates University integrated the Taggbox Display ticker into their virtual 40th annual graduation ceremony streaming & embedded social media feed widget on the website to boost audience reach & engagement.  With the […]

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How Parookaville Boosts Engagement With Live Social Wall For Music Events

Just imagine for a moment, it’s the pre-pandemic era where people were excited about going to music festivals and concerts along with thousands of strangers from all over the world? It is the best yet long-lost feeling which sounds scary nowadays.  Isn’t it? Pandemic has put a stop of all of these activities given the […]

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Case Study: VPC Inc. Boosts Virtual Events Engagement With Taggbox

There has been a lot of hype around the virtual events lately with the global environment disallowing the live in-person events and social gatherings to take place.  This scenario has led to a demand in solutions in and around virtual events that can enhance audience engagement & deliver delightful virtual event experiences.  VPC Events joined […]

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Eureka Street Furniture Gains 15% More Revenue With Taggbox Commerce

All that an ecommerce brand or online store needs is a solution that – Drives Sales, Builds Trust, Engages Users, and Enhances Shopping Experience – Taggbox Commerce delivered this solution successfully to Eureka Street Furniture.  Explore how Eureka Street leveraged Taggbox Commerce solutions to make their ecommerce website more beneficial, result-driven, and valuable for consumers.  […]

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ISOLATED Talks Created An Impactful Hashtag Campaign With Taggbox

Explore how ISOLATED Talks -a charity radio talk show to support mental health and well-being, used Taggbox Widget for their hashtag campaign #Sunday7Social, a fortnightly held online music listening event.  They were able to drive audience engagement effectively by leveraging hashtag campaigns for their first-of-its-kind schedule. Know the challenges they were placed with and the […]

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JLF Virtual Festival Features Taggbox Social Wall @Engagement Zone

A virtual event experience needs to fulfil 3 criterias – Engagement, Excitement, & Entertainment – Neeraj (CEO & Founder – Taggbox) Explore how Jaipur Literature festival (JLF), the world’s most prestigious literary festival took the virtual route for their otherwise live event during these unprecedented times of pandemic.   An interesting case study about Taggbox social […]

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MumDaughter Increase Conversions With Shoppable UGC & Link In Bio On Instagram

Explore an amazing eCommerce startup story of a Mum & her daughter using Taggbox Commerce to help their platform “Mumdaughter” grow. Find out how they increased conversions with Shoppable Galleries & Link In Bio solutions from Taggbox Commerce.  MumDaughter is an eCommerce startup for women’s clothing & fashion from India that started just 11 months […]

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Taggbox Display Helping to Boost Morale During Covid-19

Here’s a short blog about how Taggbox is helping the Country Kids Day Care center to spread awareness and display morale-boosting tweets from the parents about the staff & center. The world in recent times has been fighting against the coronavirus outbreak.  It has led to people coming together to help each other, brands indulging […]

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