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What is a Social Media Aggregator?

A social media aggregator or social content aggregator is a tool that discovers social media posts from diverse social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & more and aggregates them in one place.

The social media feed aggregator tool by Taggbox allows users to moderate, customize, and embed or display social media feeds anywhere, such as websites, events, ecommerce, virtual events, digital displays, etc.

Steps To Use Our Social Media Aggregator Tool Conveniently

Create your social media wall in minutes easily following these three easy steps.

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01Collect Social Content

Discover & collect all the valuable social content from one or many platforms into a feed using hashtags, handle, pages, mentions, etc with the free social media aggregator tool.

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02Curate The Content

The aggregated feed is just not enough by itself, as it lacks relevance and appeal. Maintain high-end content by leveraging advanced filtering and make it look as per your requirement with amazing themes, styles, designs, and customization features.

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03Publish It Anywhere

Publish the aggregated & tailor-made social media feeds on the website, at live/virtual events, digital signage displays, in-store screens, DOOH, e-mails, etc.

Social Media Aggregator For All Marketing Touchpoints

Taggbox social media aggregator enables you to embed the curated social wall onto your website or showcase it on screens big or small, anywhere without any complications.

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Social Wall (Display) On Any Screen

Our responsive layouts ensure the content you have collected with the social feed aggregator to be displayed on any screen type, be it; jumbotron, projector, TV, or mobile screens. All that you need to do is, create or publish feeds, customize them as per your requirement and showcase them on any screen.

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Embed Social Feeds On Your Website

Build user engagement and trust by embedding live feed on your website. Increase your sales rate and amplify your social commerce efforts by using our embed features to showcase the best content on your websites. Nonetheless, showcase your Hashtag campaigns too using Social Wall.

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Embed Social Feeds On Your Website

Shoppable Social Feeds For Online Stores

Turn your social media feeds & UGC into a shoppable social gallery by tagging products and publish it on your eCommerce site or online store. Publish Instagram shop, social shopping galleries, and shoppable UGC to boost sales, social proof, & inspire customers successfully.

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Hashtag Campaign

Social Media Aggregator For Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtags campaigns are a perfect source to discover UGC. Use our social media aggregator or social content aggregator to collect content generated from your hashtag campaign via your unique hashtag & run hashtag campaigns across digital channels to attract, engage, & inspire users.

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Features That Enhance The Process Of Aggregation & Display

Enhance engagement, appeal and results of your content with our robust social media aggregators.

UGC Rights Management
UGC Rights Management

Get safety against users’ data privacy policies by getting content rights directly from the users and leverage UGC safely with our social aggregator tool.

Creative Content Play

Make your social wall informative & intriguing by adding other content like; infotainment apps, branded content, etc., along with the content you have curated with the social media aggregator.


Unlock more UGC uploading options with Taggbox social feed aggregator & build trust among your audiences by eliminating social media & offering a private space to share UGC with the SnapUp Feature.

Real-Time Updates
Real-Time Updates

Our social media hashtag aggregator comes with instant content updates which keeps the feed fresh, useful and engaging.

Seamless & Responsive
Screen Compatibility

The responsive design of social feed makes it fit to any screen size automatically be it mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TV Screens, projectors to jumbotrons.

Insightful Analytics
Insightful Analytics

Track the performance of your social feeds through our powerful Analytics feature. Use it to generate detailed reports and understand audience sentiments.

Drive Engagement With Users' Content By Acquiring UGC Rights

(Optional) Drive trust and engagement on every marketing channel by legally repurposing UGC with the UGC rights management feature.

UGC Rights Management

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  • Bert P.


    Taggbox helped me and my website look awesome....they are nothing short of magical.

    Taking all platforms and aggregating everyone in the world using similar content to showcase on my website.

  • Amanda S.

    Editor and Content Developer

    I've already been recommending Taggbox to colleagues! It was the best platform for my needs.

    The customer service was stellar (ie within 10 minutes of emailing, as well as their online meeting walkthrough of the product.

  • Abdulwahab A.


    Best Social Media Aggregation Tool To Track User Generated Contents Using Tags.

    The dashboard is neat and user friendly, you can easily set it up and navigate. I recommend this to any business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best social media aggregator?

Taggbox is the number one social media aggregation platform that enables users to fetch UGC from 15+ social media platforms seamlessly using hashtags, handles, mentions, etc. If you are looking for a solution to build brand trust, awareness, user engagement, and sales, then Taggbox has to be your go-to!

How does social media aggregator work?

A social media aggregator works on three simple easy steps:

Collect: Collect social content from one or many platforms into a feed using hashtags, handle, pages, mentions, etc.

Curate: Leverage advanced filtering and customization features to make your feed look just how you like.

Publish: Publish the aggregated feeds on digital channels like websites, live/virtual events, digital signage displays, e-mails, ecommerce, etc.

What is the purpose of a social aggregator tool?

A social media aggregator's main purpose is to fetch social media content from diverse social channels for brands to curate and showcase the social wall anywhere without any complications. With Taggbox, brands can display the social wall on any screen, embed it on websites, run hashtag campaigns, turn them shoppable for online stores, and much more!

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