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What is Instagram Wall?

The Instagram wall is a well-curated Instagram feed collected using #Hashtags, @Mentions, @Handles, Stories, and Tagged posts. This Instagram wall displays your social content and user-generated content from Instagram and can be either embedded on website or displayed at events

social wall collection

Unveil The Instagram Wall Superpowers

A UGC platform with a seamless and quick process that turns social UGC into powerful user-generated content campaigns.


Collect the most authentic, engaging, and influential social content from more than 15 media networks without any hassle.

Collect UGC

Exhibit premium content to the audience by enabling advanced filtering & moderation options to make your social wall worth a while.

curate user-generated content

Enhance your social wall with endless customization options like themes, styles, and designs to offer vibrancy and visual appeal.

get ugc rights

Publish the social wall on multiple marketing touchpoints: webpages, digital displays, email campaigns, or social ads, and track its performance with detailed analytics.

user generated content platform

Advance Instagram Wall Insights

Filter out your most active audience and make them your brand’s voice.

Instagram Wall Insights

Most Active Creators

Learn about your most active users from any campaign or social platform and connect with them easily.

Download Attendees Data

Directly export data in .CSV or PDF format and leverage it further for your marketing campaigns.

Connect with The Best Creators/Influencers

Recognise the most influential creators, generate networking opportunities, build communities and target brand growth with the insightful analytics derived.

Display Or Embed The Instagram Wall

Collect, curate and display content from your Instagram hashtag or profile in a curated Instagram feed.

Instagram Wall For Events

Integrate the engaging Instagram feeds to your live streaming events to make it more engaging, interactive, and impressive to your event attendees. Easily showcase real-time posts, hashtag campaigns, user-generated content, etc., to captivate & build humanized content to enhance event experiences.

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Embed It On Your Brand's Web Pages

Build user engagement and trust by embedding live Instagram Widget on your website. Increase your traffic, reach, and amplify your website performance by using our embed features to showcase the best Instagram content on your websites. Nonetheless, showcase your Hashtag campaigns too using Instagram Wall.

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Display The Wall On Any Screen Any Where

Whether it’s a Jumbotron, Projector screens, TV screens or Mobile Phone, we ensure a perfect display on all screen types because of our responsive layouts. Hence, you can create your Live instagram wall using any given display theme of your choice through any screen.

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Shoppable Instagram Walls For Online Store

Using Tagshop, you can turn your Instagram posts and UGC into a Shoppable wall and display it in your brand’s online store (website) to increase conversions & build brand trust. Create beautiful & result-driven product galleries, Shoppable UGC walls, Inspiration galleries, Homepage galleries, & more.

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Deliver Trust With Your Instagram Wall By Rightfully Acquiring UGC

Easily generate your UGC rights request, get approval from the content owner, & repurpose it in your UGC Social Wall campaigns, rightfully.

Attract, Engage & Convert With The Instagram Wall

Display authentic content created by your audience on Instagram to seamlessly highlight their live experiences with Taggbox

Spotlight Features

A bag full of robust features specially designed keeping in mind the creativity, quality, and a superlative user experience

Responsive theme design
Responsive theme design

The responsive theme design offered by Taggbox allows you to display your Instagram wall on any device and on any screen size to increase audience engagement and enhance the event experience for them.

Smart Moderation
Smart Moderation

With the smart Moderation feature along with a profanity filter, you can set the rules to automatically filter the content for your Instagram wall. You can choose to discard certain users, words, tags, etc. that you find unsuitable and inappropriate.

Real-time update
Real-time update

Display your Instagram wall with unique content every time. The real-time update feature allows you to display the live updates of your Instagram feed on your Instagram wall instantaneously.

Custom Post
Custom Post

Taggbox allows you to create custom posts to highlight sponsors, offers, announcements, and much more that can attract the attention of the audiences. With this, you can enhance your branding and promotions.


Ensure the audience no privacy invasion by offering them the SnapUp feature to upload visual UGC directly from their devices on the Instagram Wall without sharing their Instagram accounts.

Priority Support
Priority Support

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime you get into technical traps. Our dedicated experts are available 24*7 to help you resolve your issues and continue with a smooth flow.

The Wall Of Engagement

Taggbox Social Wall (Display) Shone Bright During The UFC 267 Event At Etihad Arena

Taggbox: The OG Highlight During The UFC 267 Event At Etihad Arena

Etihad arena - a popular event hosting arena theater located at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi- organized the UFC 267. The goal was to entertain and engage the audience and keep them hooked throughout. With Taggbox, they acquired their target and created an engaging and captivating Instagram wall. The results? They received about 84,140 social media interactions and 1054 UGC within two days! Impressed by the results, Etihad Arena continues to be Taggbox's client.

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Where Can You Use It?

We go wherever you go. Be it an event, a concert, an in-store display, brand activation, a hashtag campaign or even on your website, we are there for your service

Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Integrate Instagram wall to virtual event streams and encourage participants & attendees to share their experiences, selfies, videos, & more that are displayed in real-time to boost engagement along with exciting digital event experiences

Website Embed

Website Embed

Embed Instagram wall anywhere on your website to build trust and engagement with your audience. It will help you drive more social purchases and increase revenue.

Concerts, Festivals, Events

Concerts, Festivals, Events

Showcase your Instagram presence, user-generated content, and attractive Instagram feed during concerts, music fests, fun events, etc. You can do so by creating an event dedicated hashtag and asking the users to post their event experiences using the hashtag.

In-Store, Shops, Offices

In-Store, Shops, Offices

Display what your users are saying about your brand on the digital signage screen at your stores, offices, shops, etc. The user-generated content on Instagram helps you increase trust with your visitors and hence boost your conversions and sales.

Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag Campaigns

Your hashtag campaigns can be a key driver towards enhanced engagement and sales. Display Instagram wall as an element of your hashtag campaign and leverage it to boost audience engagement and interactions with your brand.

Brands Activations

Brands Activations

Put up an Instagram wall on your Brand activations and showcase the power of User-generated Instagram content to your audience. It can be used for your events, office displays, website embeds, or just any other purpose to build trust and engagement with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make your Instagram Wall attractive?

You can use Taggbox’s range of impressive features to make your Instagram wall attractive. With Taggbox, you can choose to moderate the content by removing irrelevant content and highlighting the premium posts. The tool also allows the users to customize the Instagram wall by letting them change the layout and colors, you can also add a unique background and pick a different theme from the various options in the tool, You can improvise the Instagram wall further by adding other elements like brand logos and tickers.

Is Taggbox Providing a Free Instagram wall?

You can avail of the 14-days free trial by Taggbox as you create your account for all its products. Not only that, but Taggbox also offers a free forever plan to its users that they can always switch to from their paid plan. The free plan has limited features, and the Instagram wall comes with minimal Taggbox branding, but it helps users to save their Instagram wall data.

Why use an Instagram wall for your event?

Instagram walls for events boost audience engagement like nothing else. Not just that, Instagram walls for events with user-generated content generate social proof, provide authenticity & reliability, word-of-mouth marketing, enhance sales & revenue, etc.

How to Display Instagram wall to tv?

To showcase your Instagram to a large scale audience, it is a good option to stream it on TV using Chromecast. Another option is to use display code generated by Taggbox Signage. It will help you magnify your Instagram presence, engage a larger audience, promote the brand efficitely, and much more. Click here to read the detailed steps to display the Instagram wall to the TV.

How to filter/moderate posts on my Instagram wall?

Once your Instagram wall is created with Taggbox, you can filter/moderate it to display the premium content to the audiences. The “Moderation” option on the life sidebar of the widget editor page allows you to do this. This powerful moderation panel helps you filter out the irrelevant and inappropriate content that might ruin your brand’s image.

How to create an Instagram wall with Hashtags, handles, and mentions?

With Taggbox, you can easily create an Instagram wall in just a few simple steps. The first and foremost one is to create an account with Taggbox and choose Instagram business as your source. Now you can choose your connection type as Hashtags, Handles, and Mentions to fetch the feed. Your Instagram Wall is created. You can now moderate and customize it as per your choice.

Can I Show Instagram Reels Using Instagram Wall?

Yes, you can show Instagram Reels using Taggbox Instagram Wall. In addition, with Taggbox, you can collect Instagram Reels using hashtags or handles. Not just that, it also comes with an auto-update feature.

Can I Embed/Display Instagram Reels using Taggbox?

Yes, you can Embed/Display Instagram Reels using Taggbox. After creating the Instagram wall, you can copy the Instagram Wall code to embed it on your website or display it on digital screens.

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