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UGC Rights Management

Legalize your UGC experiences by avoiding copyright or
GDPR complaints with the most powerful solution in the market

Acquire UGC Rights Seamlessly With The Taggbox Rights Management Feature

01Simple & Lawful UGC Management

Leverage Taggbox UGC Rights Chrome Extension that enables you to send bulk UGC rights requests to users and lawfully use their content in brand marketing.

Collect UGC
02Send Tailored Requests

Create & send trustful content right requests to the users with tailored message & genuine branding to maximize your request approvals.

curate user-generated content
03Get The Request Approved

Remove legal team's hassle and complexities of maintaining rights status for all your UGC posts. Taggbox provides a seamless flow to make your work easier.

get ugc rights
04Repurpose The Content

Feel free to utilize the valuable UGC by repurposing it on your preferred touchpoint. Embed them on websites, flaunt them on digital screens, or anywhere you like.

make ugc shoppable using UGC platform

Importance Of UGC Rights Management

Premium Rights Management Features To Obtain Content Rights And Build UGC Marketing Campaign Legally

No Legal Repercussions
No Legal Repercussions

Obtain valuable User-Generated Content from the users in a form that is legally enforceable and provides content security

Better Brand Reputation
Better Brand Reputation

Including inappropriate means when utilising UGC can ruin your reputation which has a huge impact on your brands performance

Build Stronger Relationships
Build Stronger Relationships

Utilizing User-Generated Content while displaying the expertise and experience of users will create better relations with them

Create Your Brand Community
Create Your Brand Community

Generate more user-generated content by providing users a sense of content security. Create a your community of brand ambassadors and content creators.

Obtain UGC Rights Professionally And Legitimately

Try Taggbox Rights Management to acquire UGC rightfully and cover your brand from legal damages

Features Boosting Lawful Acquisition of User's Content

Premium Rights Management Features To Obtain Content Rights And Build UGC Marketing Campaign Legally

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Personalised Requests For More Impact

Create customised requests by including your brand's logo, terms of service, and custom messages. Sending genuine inquiries will help you gain the users' respect and trustworthiness.

Reduced Expenditure On Content Creation

Curating interesting, diversified, and cost-free visuals that your satisfied consumers post about your business online will help you reduce content creation costs to support all of your marketing initiatives.

Download Content With Ease

Get high-quality user-generated content by downloading the actual photographs rather than taking screenshots and editing social media postings.

Multiple Requests In One Click

Easily acquire UGC rights to a user's multiple posts by sending requests for all posts with one click. This saves you the hassle of manually sending requests for each post.

Leverage UGC Across All Brand Touchpoints

Web Pages

Enhance your brand website with reliable, accurate, and sincere User-Generated Content from your brand supporters by lawfully obtaining content rights to increase engagement, increase conversions, and develop relationship with your audience.

Web Page


Display powerful user-generated content on digital boards like digital signage or TV screens to amplify offline marketing with fascinating UGC to attract, engage and connect with large audiences in Shopping Malls, In-store, public spaces, etc.

Digital Displays

Email Campaign

Legally integrate UGC into your email marketing campaigns to build the authenticity and trust of your customers. UGC boosts the performance of email campaigns driving more click-through rates, engagement, and conversions to retrieve desired results.

Email Marketing

Social Ads

Without worrying about GDPR or copyrights, use genuine UGC to your social media advertising to boost their effectiveness. Integrate UGC lawfully into your social media advertising plan to improve performance, visibility, and authority to increase conversions and achieve desired objectives.

Social Ads

Print Media

Publish earned user-generated content in your company's magazines, newspapers, weeklies, brochures, billboards, posters, or any print media legitimately, saving tons of cost & time without troubling the legal team for unwanted legal issues.

Print Media

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    Taggbox UGC Suite has revolutionized our marketing efforts, and the feature that stands out the most is its advanced UGC analytics.

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