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Tips To Use Social Walls In Events – A Complete Guide

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Planning a social media event! Wanna create a swirl about your event that people just can’t stop talking about! Or are you concerned about how to display digital signage for your brand in an absolutely fantastic way to your audience that they are compelled to stop and have a look!

Well, the one-stop answer to all your needs for the marketing of your brand or event is here- A social media wall. It is one of the most popular and effective means of marketing your event or displaying digital signage for your brand at an event with exponential outreach beyond your imagination.

Well! Worry not, folks. We are here to give you a complete guide about what a social wall is, its benefits, and its use and how to effectively use it in an event to drive the marketing campaign to an insanely another level. Buckle up your seat belts, and let’s start!

Social Media Walls – All That You Need To Know

A social media wall, also known as a social wall is a feed of aggregated live posts that are displayed on digital screens in real time.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are the best for creating a social wall.

Twitterwall Taggbox

Here, the social media feeds are extracted by a specific hashtag, and when new posts by the specific hashtag get life, the social media display wall refreshes automatically for obtaining those new posts and displaying them in a customizable manner on the digital signage.

Social Media displays refresh automatically for obtaining those new posts and displaying them in a customizable manner on the digital signage.

Where are social walls used?

Social media walls are exceedingly engaging tools that are used by event organizers widely. They are highly popular for events such as virtual events, conferences weddings, music concerts, corporate events, product launches, etc. They also contain the latest updates and posts from all the social media channels from the global followers of the brand.

twitter wall

Events use social media walls at multiple locations in their venue, such as – hallways, lobby area, food area, both sides of the stage, live streaming, etc. These social walls let the attendees know what they’re missing and let them updated with all the event info. Social media walls act as great tools for posting questions or replies, requesting recommendations on the event venue, reactions, likes, and dislikes, contests, polls, etc.

Add Social Media Wall in Your Event

Why use a social wall for an event in the first place?

A social media wall is the “new era approach” to digitally attract attendees to your event. There is no scarcity of reasons favoring the use of social walls for event marketing and brand endorsement.

Here are some reasons why to use social wall tools for your next event.

Gives You A Visual Footprint

A Social wall displays visual user-generated content that appeals visually to a wide range of audiences. This creates a scintillating response and increases your visual footprint.

A Social Wall is generally the star of the event. It is like a cool tech on display. It is the “Wall Of Fame” everyone wants to get featured on.

This encourages the audience to post more about their experience, feedback, and fun moments about the event on their social channels using your event hashtag. This social sharing around your event enhances the word-of-mouth marketing about your event.

Twitter wall in event

It is a good marketing strategy too as it creates “word of mouth” marketing for the event. In today’s world of selfie lovers, a social wall is the best way to attract a crowd who would love to post selfies with the wall on social platforms escalating your marketing strategy on its own.

Leveraged Marketing by Brand Customers

Social walls at events are the new social media marketing tools for any brand. Displaying customer-generated content in return enhances the engagement of the audience with your brand products and services. It is the best way to drive brand promotion using user-generated content to develop a brand image and build a trust factor.

Increases Audience Engagement

Let’s face the truth! Who doesn’t love to see himself/ herself on a big screen? And if it has a wide public outreach then it’s just a cherry on top. Well, a social media wall gives the exact opportunity to the audience of an event, hence, increasing their engagement in the event.

audience engagement using twitter wall
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This encourages the attendees to post more about your event and let others know what they are missing out. That’s the cascaded marketing advantage these social walls provide. The audience markets for your event for you without even you paying them to do so.

Creates A Community And Buzz Around Your Event

Engaging attendees of an event through social wall displaying their online feeds on a big screen links them together through the different types of hashtag campaigns, live Instagram feed campaigns, Twitter feeds, etc. This creates a sense of community among the audience and the probability of them responding to you in the future likely increases.

Social wall in virtual confrance

A social media wall is a great way to create a dialogue about your event. This not only attracts the audience for your present event rather it also prepares an audience base for the next year from those who missed it this year but heard about it or seen it on a social wall somewhere.

A social wall encourages its audience to post more about your event online thus creating a buzz about it.

The more socially active a brand or an event marketing strategy is, the more it is popular among the masses. It doesn’t allow the spark of the event to fade away for days even after it is over. This ensures more attendees to your event the next year.

Helps You Identify Your Target Audience

A social wall allows you to know your likes, dislikes, preferences, and behavior through the real-time online feed. This helps you to identify your target audience and approach them in a better way.

Engagement of the audience on the social wall through contests like live leaderboards, Selfie contests, Maximum Social Activity, Questionnaire, etc., also helps to target your audience.

Generates ROI and Revenue

The social wall helps engage with the attendees, encouraging them to make future purchases beyond the show. This generates a Return on Investments (ROI) which is directly a measure of the efficiency of a social media marketing campaign.

Logo Placement and co-branding of the sponsors on the social wall, along with live social media feed, also help in the generation of sponsors’ revenue. This strategy is particularly valuable for the Chief Revenue Officer, as it enhances brand visibility and supports revenue generation through effective sponsor partnerships.

Popping up discount offers and endorsements of a brand are smart ways to grab the attendee’s attention and please the sponsors simultaneously.

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How to use social walls during the events?

Social walls have paved the way for a whole new world of digital displays that provide live updates in a vivid customizable manner and display sponsored content, engagement, and event information.

1. If Sponsor’s Content, Then Also Speaker’s Content

In any event, speakers, chief guests, special appearances, or celebrities are extremely important. One, they are the ‘buzz’ generator of the event, and two; their fame generates awareness about the event on social media platforms.

Social walls for events must be optimally used to display live feeds from the account of guest speakers or celebs. Also, displaying their posts ensures that you and your audience do not miss any updates from your special guests.

Their followers are also exposed to your event, which means more followers for your brand and an increased number of event attendees.

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3. Always Run Contests, Polls, or Questionnaires

Instead of opting for mundane Q&A between the speaker and the audience, take your contest or questionnaire online. Post your questions via your hashtag and ask your audience to respond back with their replies using the same hashtag. This way, you generate more content for your social wall, and bonus – it’s all user-generated content, which means it’s unique and interesting!

Running live polls and contests online increases audience participation as online campaigns and contests have different energy attached to them. Rewards, giveaways, and prizes must not be forgotten to be given to the audience!

So, we talked about what social walls are, the benefits that come along while using them in an event and how to use them for events effectively. Did we miss something about the social wall and its use in events that you know of? If yes, feel free to share with us!


Whether you are organizing a conference, trade show, wedding, or music festival, a social media wall can help you make the event more memorable, increase social media engagement, and build brand awareness. With the help of a social wall, you can make data-driven decisions that can help you grow your brand greatly. 

A social media wall is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool that can help you take your event to the next level. It is an excellent tool to enhance your events and create a more engaging and interactive experience for your attendees.

In conclusion, by incorporating social walls into your event, you can create an immersive and memorable experience for your attendees and take advantage of the power of user-generated content and social media to grow your brand.

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