Event Marketing 2020: A Complete Guide For Event Planners & Marketers

Here we bring you a complete event marketing guide for 2020 that goes beyond just suggesting marketing solutions & strategies. 

As in this guide, we will discuss the current event marketing trends, the challenges event marketers or event planners face nowadays, solutions to these event problems & moreover, suggest some event marketing strategies for your ease & benefit. 

Event Marketing: Definition

To set up a context or common understanding, let’s get started with what is event marketing. 

By definition, Event marketing means enabling or having interactions between the brand and consumers in-person regarding the advertising/promotion of brand(s), products, services, etc through events. 

Therefore, event marketing is mainly a marketing strategy used by brands & marketers to build brand trust, form meaningful relationships with customers, engage with the audience, drive sales, and much more based on the objectives & goals through in-person (direct) communication at events. 

Why Event Marketing Is Important

The marketing and communication have seen a paradigm shift in recent years from traditional to digital media with more and more brands using digital platforms for their marketing efforts.

In this digital ecosystem, event marketing as an offline marketing channel has been a consistently excellent performer for the brands & marketers. 

Google I/o Event Engagement Idea
Google I/O – Audience Engagement & Interaction

But the catch in marketing is that if you don’t adapt & evolve according to consumer demands & behavior, then you won’t achieve success & fruitful results.

Based on this strategy, event marketing has also evolved a lot, thus maintaining its relevance & importance in 2020 as well. 

Many event marketers or even event organizers believe that it is the most effective & humanized way of marketing & brand building. As it fulfills the marketing goal of getting your promotional message across to the audience effectively & perfectly. 

Event marketing can be understood as being equally important as event planning.

For example – Whether it is event marketing on social media or bringing social media to the event, Event marketing managers & event planners collectively drive success for event engagement, and we all know that event engagement is one of the primary objectives of event marketing. 

Therefore, for an event to be successful, it is important to have an event marketing plan as proper event planning along with the execution of planning into effective event marketing. 

It will drive the audience, event engagement, and positive results for the event organizers or brand. 

Here are some of the best event marketing trends that you can leverage or acknowledge while forming your event marketing strategies. 

#1 Interactive & Personalized Events

Nowadays the marketing has become more interactive & targeted as the audience is looking for more personalized communication & interaction with the brand rather than seeing promotions. 

Interactive Digital Board At An Event
Interactive Digital Board At An Event

So, it is essential to make your event marketing strategies to be instilled with interactive elements & delivering personalized communication pre-event, during the event, and post-event through proper event planning. 

#2 Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing at events is a growing trend among the brands as it focuses on providing a more immersive and exciting event experience to the attendees. 

VR Event Experience
Sony Playstation VR Event Experience

Having experiential marketing opportunities as your event can be greatly helpful in enhancing event engagement. 

You can do it by gamifying the event experience through the in-event contest, leaderboards, social media integration, communication opportunities, use of technologies like AR & VR, etc. 

#3 Social Media Walls 

Social media walls or social wall for events is an emerging trend among the event planners, event organizers, or the brands as it is a trend that redefines the event marketing on social media. 

Social walls are a feed of amazing social media content that has been collected & curated from different social media platforms into a single feed that can be displayed in live events through social media displays to enhance audience engagement and event experience. 

Social media walls are a event marketing solution provided by the event marketing tool called social media aggregators like Taggbox with greater possibilities for successful events. 

Leverage UGC for Event Marketing

#4 Event Locations & Schedule 

Nowadays, an average consumer’s life has become quite hectic, complex, and faster, so the rising trend among event marketing plans is regarding the location & schedule. 

The event marketing managers are now looking for possibilities to organize small-scale events with more open yet intimate event venues that allow for better communication & interaction. 

Also, the event planners are focusing on making the event schedule more audience-friendly rather than brand-friendly. 

Key Event Marketing Challenges 

We have listed down the five key challenges that event marketing managers & event planners face with their event marketing efforts. 

#1 Content Curation For Event

Almost 50% of the event marketers believe that curating content around their event and brand is one of the biggest challenges they encounter. 

It is essential to have some amazing content that you can display in your events to promote your brand & engage the audience but how do you curate it or what content to curate or manage the massive amount of content, etc. are key challenges. 

#2 Event Promotion & Registration

Event promotion is an immense challenge that requires a holistic event marketing strategy, budget allocation, channels of promotion, etc. as a shortcoming in event promotion will lead to reduced impact & diminished returns. 

Also, even after effective event promotion, many event marketers face a challenge in attaining maximum expected registration with reasons for it being insufficient audience awareness about where to register, how to register, data privacy, etc. 

#3 Audiences’ Event Engagement

The greatest challenge for event marketers is a low audience engagement at their event. 

It is highly hurtful for event marketers & event organizers as they invest a lot of effort and budget to bring you to the event, and it all goes in vain. 

Low audience engagement leads to an adverse impact on brand promotion, brand image, returns on investment, future events, etc. Therefore, it is always a hustle for event marketers to find Event Marketing solutions that can increase audience engagement

#4 Sponsorship & Revenue Generation

Concerning the challenge as mentioned above, the engagement & audience base hugely influence the sponsorship opportunities and generate revenue from the event. 

Firstly, if there is low audience attendance and engagement, sponsorship revenue will automatically reduce as the sponsor also wants to earn returns on their investment with your event.

It will also impact your revenue from the event through both sponsors & audience. 

#5 Capturing Valuable Event Insights

It is imperative to measure your event ROI and get insights into the audience’s experience, feedback, and behavior as these valuable insights can help you plan better for your next event. 

Event marketers or event organizers face challenges with measuring the success of the event through the KPI”s. Also, the audience insights & feedback show you the gap in your plan & execution that can be improved in the future. 

Event Marketing Solutions & Strategies

Explore some of the best ideas for event marketing solutions that you can leverage to address the event marketing challenges & create an impact event marketing strategy. 

#1 Buzz Creation About Event On Social Platforms

The first & foremost in event marketing strategies is creating a buzz about your event on different channels, out of which the most important one is event marketing on social media. 

Instagram Buzz Creation
Instagram Buzz Creation For Samsung Galaxy A Series Mobiles

Social media is a goldmine when it comes to gaining marketing benefits. 

Hence, the initial step is to start with setting up social media strategy which can include forming an event page, creating your unique event or brand hashtag, running social ads, sharing curiosity messages, etc. 

Event marketing on social media will help in building a buzz about your event leading to great reach, exposure, and awareness among a vast social audience. 

#2 Social Media Event Marketing solutions To Boost Engagement

Event technology and event marketing tools are immensely popular among the event planners & marketers as audiences love to engage with innovative & exciting elements at any event. 

You can use a tool like Taggbox to boost your engagement by integrating social media, content, and technology. Also, it helps you counter most of the challenges that we discussed earlier. 

Live Social Wall At A Corporate Event
Live Social Wall At A Corporate Event

As this event engagement solution helps you collect & curate content from social media platforms into a single feed, customize the feed to make it more attractive, moderate content quality, and display the content in your event through digital screens to engage the audience. 

Also, you can use it to fetch content from your event hashtag in real-time and display it live to drive audience interactions, panel discussions, engagement, memorable event experiences, contests & polls, deliver entertainment, and much more. 

Besides, you can also display your branded content, promotional offers, and most importantly display sponsored posts & banners. 

Importantly, you can use the analytics feature from such tools to analyze and evaluate the insights into audience interests, most active users, their sentiments during the events, and much more. 

Taggbox Review for Social wall

#3 Make Use Of Industry Influencers 

Influencers can be the perfect choice to attract and drive the audience to your event. Firstly, you must find relevant and popular influencers in your industry. 

Tech Influencers for event marketing
forLeading Tech Influencers At Google I/O Event

Now, based on your event planning or event marketing plan, you can allocate promotion checkpoints to trigger your influencers’ strategy before the event. 

Having different checkpoints will allow people to explore more about the event with first promotion while acting as a constant reminder about the event. Also, you can even allow the influencers to live-stream your event that will help in brand exposure & event promotion to a greater audience. 

#4 Don’t Miss Out On Emails 

Emails might sound outdated, but they are still highly effective in capturing the audience for your brand (or event). Leverage email marketing to send out curiosity mails, informational emails, and invites your audience to attract them to the event. 

Email Campaign solution For Event marketing
Email Campaign For Event Registrations & Promotions

The emails can also be leveraged to keep those users updated who have already registered for your event. You can also include emails regarding guide, venue, highlights, and regulations in your event planning. 

Also, you should send post-event emails to show your gratitude to the attendees, share a “Thank you” message, and ask them for their feedback, comments, and overall event experience. 

#5 Build Curiosity Through Snippets & Teasers

There are many ways to build excitement & curiosity like the movies do with their short teasers & trailers that play a huge role in bringing the audience to the theatres. 

Key Speaker event marketing
TEDx Social Media Post Highlighting Key Speaker

Similarly, you can create curiosity for your event by showcasing who will be the chief guest or celebrity guest, sharing behind-the-scenes videos on social platforms, embedding a user-generated content feed about the event on your event landing pages, building a little secrecy around what’s new in your event, etc. 

These all event marketing ideas will greatly help in making your event successful. 

Event Marketing Statistics

  • More than 3 million global professional events will take place in 2020
  • Over 50% of the event professionals have invested higher in event technology than the previous year
  • Almost half the event marketers agree that “Engaging the audience” is the most crucial element in a live event
  • Over 80% of the event planners consider an event’s content highly crucial in making the live event experience memorable
  • More than 95% of event planners or marketers believe that social media & event marketing integration helps their events massively.
  • 86% of the event marketers believe that event technology has a major positive impact on their event’s success


Event marketing is not just about advertising the event, but it starts from event planning to event marketing strategies, promotions, in-event experiences, post-event feedback, and beyond. 

Thus, you must create a holistic event marketing plan that covers all these aspects so that you can organize a successful that will prove to be fruitful & profitable. 

So, leverage this complete event marketing guide to exploring the best trends, technologies, and ideas that can help make your next event successful and boost your event ROI.