Live Twitter Feed on Screen at Events

How to Display Live Twitter Feed Using Twitter Walls

Let’s do a quick brush up. A Twitter wall is a social media wall that displays on a digital screen about what the event attendees are tweeting via the exclusive hashtag of the event. Twitter hashtag live feed display by Twitterati-s are the opinions and experiences of the guests about the event. Display live tweets on screen and digital signage in complete real-time using a Twitter Wall“!

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Make a note here, a Twitter wall is different from a Social wall. The former acquires content/feeds from the platform Twitter only whereas a Social Media Wall pulls content from varied social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and YouTube, etc.

Recently Garnier L’Oreal organized a product launch event and placed a Twitter Wall to display the Twitter live feed on-screen in their event to generate a good conversation about the brand through the online and offline audience. In results, they got great responses from the audience and it was a huge success for their Product Launch.

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Taggbox allows you to collect user-generated content from Twitter or say live Twitter feeds by your customers or audience and display live tweets on screen with amazing themes and layouts! Also, with a Twitter wall by Taggbox, you have the right to moderate content before it goes live on the Twitter wall and displays only that content for community viewing that you approve and filter objectionable or offensive content out.

Display Live Twitter Feeds in Events on Any Screen Type

Why Displaying Live Twitter Feeds in Events is a Great Idea?

A Twitter Wall is a great platform to display user-generated content to your audience at any event. Display tweets on screen and it will tender you with a lot more than just being a display at the time of the event. 

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They have multiple uses prior to and subsequent to the event and your investment won’t be a waste, we guarantee!

  • Ahead of the event, Twitter displays are a stupendous tool to make use of for spreading the information about your event, its timings and campaigns, chief guests and much more. And also useful to engage and connect with the attendees.
  • For the duration of the event, Twitter live feed walls are just ‘the’ thing to put up as vivid and interactive screens that develop a connection between the brand with both real audience and the virtual tweeple.
  • Live Twitter feed walls are proficient of collecting feedback, posting questions and responses, running polls and QnAs throughout the event, etc.
  • Post all the activities of the event, displaying the live Twitter feed on screens allow you to rewind positive and helpful content, you can also read and show attendees responses, appreciation, criticism, experiences and event highlights on a live tweets wall at the event. Content on the web is evermore for anyone to look up for the event at any given period of time.

Display Live Twitter Feeds in Events on Any Screen Type

Where Can You Display Live Twitter Feed?

Twitter Walls are blessed with powers like visual stimulation, Display twitter feed on tv and it will not only boost audience engagement but also provide exposure to your brand with the power of most engaging and famous social media platforms like Twitter. As a result, Twitter Walls are useful for a number of occasions and applications. Here is a list of applications you can use a Twitter Wall for. Come, let’s have a look.

#1 Event & Conferences

Displaying user-generated content through interactive Twitter Walls is a great way to stimulate interactions and online sharing about your event. It stirs a buzz about the event and boosts audience engagement and participation. It helps to wow your audience, spread the social buzz about the event, and maximize your branding opportunities. Live twitter feed for events is a treat for event planners as it increases the engagement and audience participation really easy! Display live twitter feed in the conference and boost the attendee experience with real-time authentic content!

#2 Education

Create an engaging and participative environment by entertaining students, parents, teachers, and tour guides with the school/university activities by displaying live Twitter feeds on the Twitter Wall installed at the campus, library, stadiums, auditoriums, and canteens. Display important announcements and give a guide to your campus amenities.

#3 Concerts & Festivals

Give your fans an experience of a lifetime and allow them to participate more in your concerts, music festivals, product launches, and others by displaying real-time twitter feed on a beautiful digital display. Allow your fans to share their experiences on Twitter using your dedicated hashtag and display them on a live twitter feed for events.

#4 Government Events

Use the power of social media to spread awareness about a social cause, initiate discussions, and share ideas. Engage the audience from all over the nation to participate in your political discussions with the help of live Twitter Wall allowing people to give their opinion on the matter of discussion by tweeting about it using your dedicated hashtag.

#5 Hospitality Industry

Displaying live twitter feed on a screen in a hotel or restaurant is really a cool idea to go with.

#6 Office Displays

Displaying scrolling twitter feed in your office lobby helps you show all the positive reviews about your brand/business to your aspiring customers and clients. Also, it helps to maintain a healthy, positive, and competitive environment in the office premises. Stimulate interactions and effective strategy management by displaying customer feedback.

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Apart from these live twitter feed can be displayed in

Display Live Twitter Feeds in Conferences and Meetings

Advantages of Displaying Twitter Live Feeds

A scrolling twitter feed, one like Taggbox live tweets wall,  accompanies along with many amazing benefits which makes it really interesting to create a Twitter wall. Come, let’s have a look at some of those amazing features that a good live Tweet wall must-have.

#1 Highly Compatible- A live twitter hashtag feed may be used in different types of events, concerts, product launches, office displays, university displays, etc. Each venue has its own specific requirements of display dimensions and display screen types. Hence a good Twitter Wall must be compatible with different screen sizes and types. It must fit any screen type from small smartphone screens to TV screens, jumbotrons, and others.

#2 Displays Real-Time Content- The main essence of a twitter live feed lies in the content it is displaying on the screen. Hence, it has to be that good! What’s better than a real-time user-generated Twitter feed being displayed on the Twitter Wall. The audience participation level at any event is highly escalated by the display of real-time twitter feed published online using the event hashtag by the event attendees sharing their experiences at the event. This also helps to enhance the overall event ROI. Use Taggbox to display tweets at event for real-time twitter feed with amazing customization and moderation options!

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#3 Mobile-Friendly- Given the role mobile phones play in our lifestyle, a great Twitter Wall will always be mobile-friendly such that you can control all the operations of your live twitter feed through a smart mobile phone. It is one of the most important features of any Twitter Wall that eases up the way you function your Twitter Wall. It helps you approve Live tweets to be displayed on the Twitter Wall using your mobile phones.

#4 Customizable- An outstanding Twitter live feed will allow you to customize your display and Live tweets according to the look and feel you want to provide your Twitter Wall. You get a plethora of beautiful themes and layout options to design your Twitter Wall and present it in the most attractive way to your audience.

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#5 Powerful Moderation- Not everything that the users post on Twitter using your dedicated hashtags is good enough to display an entire crowd of the audience at your event. A fine Twitter Wall vendor realizes that. Hence, a good Twitter feed display comes with a powerful moderation feature that helps you filter out the irrelevant content and displays only the aptest and best quality content on your live tweet feed. After all, your content quality defines your brand image.

#6 Robust Analytics Panel- Once you have set up a Twitter Wall and started displaying the amazing real time Twitter feed on it, now it’s time to analyze the performance of your live tweets feed and how well is it boosting the audience engagement! The robust Analytics Panel helps you generate reports and dive deep into the performance statistics of your Twitter feed. It helps you provide a direction to your Twitter marketing strategy in order to gain from the enhanced audience engagement.

#7 Adds Instagram Feeds Too- A dynamic Twitter live feed will also give you the option to aggregate feeds from other social media platforms like Instagram along with your Twitter content. This helps you add vibrancy and color to your overall content being displayed on the live tweet feed.

Not just that, there are so many other great features that a good Twitter feed display like Taggbox accompanies along with, e.g.- Content Play, Custom Posts, Profanity Filter, Hashtag Highlighter, Banners, Tickers, Full-Screen Announcements, etc. All these features are added functionalities in your marketing arsenal that help you draft the most effective social media marketing strategy for your brand.

Display Live Twitter Feeds in Events on Any Screen Type

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