Best Reputation Management Software (Compared in 2023)

Automation is not a cure-all aspect for brands but just a mere guide toward success. In this cutthroat competition, automation combined with the humanization of processes can do wonders. And what is equally if not more important for businesses than conversions? It’s reputation. Reputation is an outcome of strategically portrayed assets. It might come as […]

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10 Successful Tiktok Marketing Campaign Examples of All Time

There has been a paradigm shift in the social media landscape from a social-based model to a content-based model. Audiences these days crave content that relates to and touches them. They seek content that is around their interests. The rise of TikTok is the best example to demonstrate this.  Gen Z loves content that interests […]

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Best Google Reviews Examples On Website That Will Inspire You

❝ Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what Google says it is ❞ – Chris Anders What is the first thing anyone does before seeking services from a new business? Stalking the brand on Google is the first thing that comes to mind, isn’t it? More than 60% of consumers look up […]

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Why Marketing Agencies Must have Social Media Management Tools: 11 Reasons

We live in a world full of social media enthusiasts, making it even more important for marketers to manage their social media feeds. However, Keeping the audience engaged and maintaining social media presence is challenging.  Did you know marketers spend around 10 hours a week on optimizing their social media feeds?  Social media schedulers take […]

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The Complete TikTok UGC Guide for Marketers

Social media is driven by content, and the idea is how impactful your content can be. For example, Tiktok, among the most successful social platforms, had 1 million video views per day in the first year. Imagine the amount of impact! It has brought short video content to the front stage, and now every social […]

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How To Run An Effective Hashtag Campaign?

Learn the best way to run your next hashtag campaign that builds brand awareness, engages users, drives traffic, and expands reach on social media and beyond.

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Your Guide To Bring QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

Marketing has undergone a significant transition. It is no longer limited to conventional techniques. Instead, everything is just a scan away. QR codes have played an influential part in this drastic change.  QR codes make the process swift, instant, and error-free. In addition, customers get access to complete information through QR codes. One can make […]

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Omnichannel Marketing – Benefits, Strategy, Trends & Examples

Omnichannel marketing is the practice of promoting your product and service exactly where your target audience is. With this strategy, the brands analyze how their audience is behaving on various channels and strategize their content accordingly.  Statistics show that people interact with about six to eight touchpoints before they make a decision.  Hence, consistently providing […]

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UGC Marketing Guide On Instagram Reels To Curate, Share, Grow

On 5th August 2020, Instagram introduced the world to Reels – “A new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.” Since then, the hottest new content format has changed how social media users create and consume content.  The impact of Instagram Reels is such that everyone wants to put on their best […]

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