Shoppable Tiktok Feed For Your Online Store/Website

Believe it or not, Social Commerce is all set for world dominance. All your favorite social media platforms are turning shoppable, and currently, it’s shoppable TikTok that’s creating the major hype. TikTok is a highly addictive and engaging platform. TikTok Users Spend More than 850 Minutes Per Month on the App. The concept of short […]

7 minute read

Top 8 Halloween Content Ideas For Brands And Events

Halloween is around the corner, and just like every year, brands are planning to mesmerize their audience with marketing campaigns filled with pumpkins, spiders, and all things scary.  As a brand, you must be looking for opportunities or ideas that would make you stand out and get them pumpkins talking. Well, digital signage is an […]

6 minute read

User-generated Content: The Best Event Marketing Strategy

Events are incomplete without audience engagement. You want your audience to actively participate throughout the event, as that’s the indicator of how successful your event is. Especially in virtual and hybrid events when there are lesser one-on-one interactions. Another indicator of event success is the amount of user generated content it manages to produce. When […]

10 minute read

Taggbox Display Partners With Zuddl

Virtual events are the perfect form of technology that connects individuals, they bring people from across the globe together. Now it all seems perfect in theory, but when you actually think about it, it is just people sitting in the comfort of their homes staring at their screens. And, it is not easy to keep […]

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How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On PrestaShop

Prestashop is a popular open-source CMS for ecommerce that offers many valuable features and opportunities for brands. One such opportunity is adding shoppable Instagram feed on Prestashop website to leverage social commerce successfully.  Instagram has evolved from a mere photo-sharing app to a more dynamic platform, opening up many possibilities for users and businesses.  Did […]

7 minute read

How To Embed TikTok Videos On Website

There was a phase when content creators were spending immense amounts of time and money brainstorming on the video content, expensive recording tools, and other ways to generate high-quality videos to stir the audience. When Tiktok arrived as in 2016, it dismissed all these factors and brought the phenomenon of short videos ranging from […]

8 minute read

Benefits & Ideas Of Digital Signage That Enhance Customer Experiences At Retail Stores

Online stores have steadily taken over commerce in the past few years, affecting the retail stores at some level. The year 2020 ended with a 3% decline in total worldwide retail sales at $23.389 trillion.  But no matter how much the online business evolves, people will never stop going to a physical retail store. That’s […]

9 minute read

The Influence Of User-Generated Content Throughout The Customer Journey

User-generated content has always been around the corner. But it was only until recently that marketers and businesses identified ways to utilize this content to enhance customers’ experience and their journey with brands. One thing is clear: it has become a consumer behavior to look for reviews or real-life experiences around products before purchasing them […]

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6 Best Social Shopping Platforms & Apps To Get More Sales, Traffic, & Revenue

Social shopping platforms and social shopping apps have gained immense popularity in recent times. Ecommerce brands keep looking for opportunities to improve conversion rates as that’s the ultimate goal they try seeking by engaging potential customers.  You attempt various advertising and marketing strategies to reach your target audience and influence them into making purchases. But […]

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