Community Building To Increased Website Engagement: The Leela’s Winning UGC Strategy

The industry of luxury hospitality has been prevalent since the beginning of time, and it has a lot of competition. In times like today, standing out from the crowd and making yourself shine is crucial.   The Leela has built a community through the #ExploreWithTheLeela campaign and many other location-specific hashtags for all their 12 […]

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What Is a UGC Creator & How to Become One in 2023

Are you ready to live your dream of “Internet money”? Then step in and become a UGC creator before you miss out! In this everchanging space of the digital world, the role of a UGC Creator holds tremendous potential for aspiring individuals like you. Join us on this blog as we explore the path to […]

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The Complete TikTok UGC Guide for Marketers

Social media is driven by content, and the idea is how impactful your content can be. For example, Tiktok, among the most successful social platforms, had 1 million video views per day in the first year. Imagine the amount of impact! It has brought short video content to the front stage, and now every social […]

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User-Generated Content: Marketing KPIs To Run ROI-Driven Campaigns

Many brands are leveraging user-generated content as a solitary marketing strategy, as 86% find UGC the most effective content to showcase their brand’s authenticity. However, every successful marketing strategy begins with a target-oriented approach.  As a marketer, you must have a set of goals in your mind. Once your UGC campaign is live, these goals […]

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How To Embed Instagram Reels On Website?

Instagram is never settling, as it continues to evolve to offer better growth possibilities for brands and content creators. Currently, it’s the Reels that have caused an uproar among creators and businesses to achieve high visibility on Instagram. Reels came into existence in 2020, and while users are still exploring the feature, marketers have decided […]

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8 Strategies to Build Brand Trust Through Social Media

Trying to build a secure marketplace for your brand? Brands invest a lot of time developing new products and the perfect marketing strategy to promote them among potential customers. Technological advancement and the emergence of social media have made it easier for brands to engage with their audience. But with so many brands emerging in […]

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Personalization vs. UGC: Smart Choice To Trigger Modern Shoppers

Personalization and user-generated content are two essential components of showcasing your brand’s story. With the growing need for customized and individualized content, marketers use this personalization feature to alter the content per the targeted audience. 93% of businesses with advanced personalization strategies experienced a boost in their revenue.  On the other hand, UGC being the […]

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The Influence Of User-Generated Content Throughout The Customer Journey

User-generated content has always been around the corner. But it was only until recently that marketers and businesses identified ways to utilize this content to enhance customers’ experience and their journey with brands. One thing is clear: it has become a consumer behavior to look for reviews or real-life experiences around products before purchasing them […]

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Social Media Photobooth For Events: Taggbox Display x Snapbar

Virtual events often lack human interactions as the attendees participate from their comfort zones, literally staring at their screens. So, keeping the virtual event attendees active, let alone awake, is a real struggle for organizers. Taggbox Display joins hands with Snapbar to overcome this and boost virtual event engagement and interaction to 3X.  Taggbox Display […]

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