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Community Building To Increased Website Engagement: The Leela’s Winning UGC Strategy

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The industry of luxury hospitality has been prevalent since the beginning of time, and it has a lot of competition. In times like today, standing out from the crowd and making yourself shine is crucial.  

The Leela has built a community through the #ExploreWithTheLeela campaign and many other location-specific hashtags for all their 12 properties in cities like Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

By leveraging these hashtags, The Leela has cultivated a loyal community, curated captivating user-generated content, and transformed guests into content creators, proudly displayed on their website with the help of Taggbox!

Let’s Explore Luxury with The Leela

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Leela has been in the hospitality industry since 1986 and has luxurious properties in many destinations.

They are best known for their

  • award-winning restaurants showcasing culinary masterpieces,
  • exquisite spa sanctuaries for rejuvenation, and 
  • luxurious accommodations decorated with elegant furnishings, 

Discovering Client’s Expectations

Our client, The Leela Hotel, sought to enhance engagement on their social media platforms, focusing on increasing activity related to their hashtags. 

Their objective was to cultivate a dedicated community of followers who could potentially become valuable leads for their business. 

To gain insights into their customers’ experiences, they introduced the hashtag #ExploreWithLeela and many other location-specific hashtags like, #TheLeelaPalaceJaipur, and #TheLeelaPalaceNewDelhi for their different properties. This allowed their customers to share reviews, photos, and videos of their memorable moments at The Leela. 

The Leela was looking for an organized way to showcase this user-generated content on their website and socials to attract more customers and give their website visitors an authentic experience and review of what they can expect from their properties.

Harness The Power Of UGC In Hospitality

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Taggbox to the Rescue: How The Leela Transformed Challenges into Epic Wins!

With most people checking out user-generated content (UGC) before finalizing their bookings, harnessing UGC’s power has become essential for brands in hospitality. This is where Taggbox’s UGC Suite came into play for The Leela. 

It’s an absolute game-changer that lets you Collect, Manage,  Customize, and Publish your UGC on different marketing touchpoints. It also has a feature of UGC Rights that lets you protect your UGC legally and effortlessly and avoid copyright and GDPR issues.

With Taggbox, The Leela could organize content from 12 different locations into dedicated folders allowing for tailored web pages that delighted the guests. 

The Leela has also leveraged the collaborator feature of Taggbox, allowing multiple team members to manage a single account. They curated and showcased only top-tier content, delivering a refreshing and sensational experience to their audience.

The Leela’s Success

The Leela Testimonial

Taggbox worked its magic for The Leela, resulting in a collection of more than 1,00,000 user-generated content pieces on their oh-so-fancy branded hashtags from all of the digital space, and that’s not all! Taggbox also helped The Leela generate a whopping 15 million impressions, skyrocketing The Leela’s brand awareness. 

With Taggbox, The Leela collected up to 80,000 posts from social media platforms, creating a digital feast for the eyes. 

With the help of Taggbox’s analytics and moderation features, only the best content graced The Leela’s screens, providing an authentic and captivating experience for their guests.

Client Experience With Taggbox

Elevate Hospitality with Taggbox!

Here’s how hospitality brands get to ignite a world of limitless possibilities with Taggbox:

  • Taggbox aggregates social media content for hotels and resorts, showcasing positive guest experiences, reviews, and photos. This builds social proof, attracts customers, and boosts brand trust.
  • It helps moderate and filter hotel social media content, ensuring a high-quality display and enhancing the guest experience.
  • Taggbox also allows hotels and resorts to customize their social media walls and feeds to match their brand’s visual identity. This creates a seamless and engaging guest experience by aligning with their brand aesthetics.
  • It facilitates hashtag campaigns and contests for hotels and resorts, increasing brand visibility and engaging guests through user-generated content (UGC).
  • It provides analytics and insights for social media walls and feeds. It tracks engagement metrics, user activity, and guest preferences, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance guest satisfaction.
Harness The Power Of UGC In Hospitality
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