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Live Instagram Hashtag Wall and It’s Importance at Venues and Events

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You might be wondering what an Instagram hashtag wall is & how it relates to your events & venues or your business at all? We have answered all your questions related to the Instagram hashtag walls in this blog.

In recent times, social media platforms have become a crucial ingredient of brand building and marketing strategy and Instagram has been the most popular and rapidly growing platform among brands & marketers. 

Digital media and promotions have resorted to these platforms for their online marketing but now social media is spreading its influence into offline promotions such as events and venues.

The Instagram wall is a product of such integration of offline promotions & communications with digital media technologies & platforms.

What Is A Live Instagram hashtag Wall?

Live Instagram hashtag Walls are the real-time feed of content that has been collected and curated from Instagram using hashtags, handles, mentions, or tags and displaying this Instagram feed on digital displays & devices. 

Instagram Wall for Restaurant
Live Instagram hashtag Wall for a Restaurant Digital Signage

The Instagram Wall for events or venues is created and displayed on screens mainly at events, venues, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, retail stores, malls, etc. with the key purposes being audience engagement, promotions & communications, entertainment & leisure, brand building, event marketing, and driving results for the brand or event. 

You can use a tool like a Real-time UGC platform or a robust Social Media Aggregator to create & display engaging Instagram walls anywhere!

Why Use Instagram As A Platform For Events & Venues?

Instagram is the most popular social media platform with over a billion active users and half a billion active daily users. Also, the engagement rate for Instagram is highest among social media platforms.

Beyond that, the platform aesthetics are hugely interactive & diverse with the content itself being driven by users. Also, the content is mainly visually captivating imagery or engaging videos or exciting visual UGC. 

All these elements collectively make Instagram content extremely engaging, interactive, simply understandable, and authentic for the users.

Given these attributes, the Instagram hashtag wall becomes the perfect choice for leveraging highly valuable & interactive content to drive event engagement & delightful experience at events & venues. 

Leverage the Power of Instagram At Your Venues and Events

Benefits Of Instagram Hashtag Wall For Events & Venues

1. Access To Engaging Content

Content is one of the most crucial components when your aim is to engage, entertain, and educate the audience and Instagram is the best platform known for its engaging content. 

Instagram hashtag wall lets you display fresh, unique, diverse, and authentic visual content to the audience.

You can easily gather and display engaging and unique content is real-time to your audience with the Instagram hahstag wall. 

2. Empower Trust & Credibility With UGC

We know how important trust and credibility is for any brand or business and digital screens at venues, stores or events etc are hugely popular among the promotional and marketing tactics to build trust & credibility

Using a live Instagram hashtag wall, you can curate and display all the relevant and valuable user-generated content around your brand or events that will help in building that trust and boost real-time interactions

Make Use Of The Powerful User-Generated Content from Instagram

3. Integrate Digital Media To Offline Events

There are many tools and technologies that event marketers and managers use to entertain and engage the audience into the event but most of them are effective to a limited extent. 

Instagram hahstag wall lets you magnify your possibilities to a whole new level by integrating digital media platforms thereby helping in collaborative engagements & marketing on 2 different channels without any huge investments. 

4. Boost Your Instagram Reach & Awareness 

As we discussed earlier the use of instagram user-generated content and integrating digital media to offline events, will help in building your brand reach, exposure, and awareness to the new realm.

So, the relevant content that you are displaying on your Instagram hashtag wall display has been shared on Instagram so that will help you reach a wider audience on the platform.

Also, The UGC around events will boost the visibility of such relevant content to new networks, demographics, and diverse audiences leading to more exposure & brand/event awareness. It will also help in growing your Instagram following & reach

5. Enable Interactive Audience Engagement 

Audience engagement as we discussed that it is the most important component that defines the successor of any event or any marketing campaigns for a brand. 

instagram wall
Instagram Hashtag Wall at Florida Sunshine Ball

Instagram hashtag wall display lets you curate and display engaging visual content be it user-generated content or branded or influencers content. Displaying such content attractively at events will grab users’ attention and engage them. 

Also, with the Instagram hashtag wall display, you can drive interaction such as Q&A sessions, panel discussions, keynote speakers, etc.

6. Drive Your Event Entertainment

Entertainment is a big part of events and venues in different industries like concerts, or parties, or weddings, sporting events, and even in the corporate events as well these days. 

The Instagram hashtag wall display will help you entertain the audience through photobooths where users can take pictures or videos in real-time at events and share it on Instagram with the Instagram hashtag wall displaying these visuals in real-time.

This will encourage the audience to engage more and as a reward or recognition, get their images or videos featured on the Instagram hashtag wall across the social media displays.

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7. Deliver Delightful & Gamified Event Experience

Believe it or not, event experience is a separate entity that has huge importance among the event managers and event marketers as experience is a base setup to future events’ success.

Enterprise Instagram hashtag Wall By Taggbox With Leaderboard

You can use the Instagram hashtag wall to deliver gamified experiences such as polls, leaderboards, contests, challenges, quizzes, photo competitions, etc. along with rewards & recognition

This will attract the audience to engage with such gamification campaigns and get a superlative audience experience that delights them and creates a positive mindset about the event/brand. 

8. Get Insights Into Event Audience

We discussed all the valuable benefits that are externally visible to you but this one is an internal benefit from the Instagram hashtag wall where you can get insights into audience behavior. 

A multifunctional Instagram hashtag wall tool like Taggbox Display will provide you with the in-built analytics that you can leverage to gain insights into their behavior, sentiments, most active users, posts data, and much more.


instagram wall analytics
Sentiment Analytics By Taggbox

Based on this, you can plan your way ahead about what performed best, what kind of posts users shared, what audience liked most, etc. and plan your future strategies based on these insights. 

9. Brand Growth & Revenue Opportunites

Although marketing has become mainly digital events are a huge part of the marketing strategy for any brand even in these times as they provide real-time humanized interaction between brands & audiences. 

The Instagram hashtag wall will help in creating a valuable brand image through trust & engagement building leading to brand growth opportunities through reach & exposure expansion. 

This will increase the possibilities of revenue generation and along with that, you can use the Instagram hashtag wall to earn sponsorship revenue through sponsored posts and promotions. 

Add Live Instagram Feed in Virtual Event

A live Instagram hashtag wall makes user engagement easy and simple. With the help of Taggbox, you can easily discover and curate all the valuable Instagram content and display it on the screen during a virtual event. All this content can be curated by using Instagram handles, hashtags, mentions, tags, IGTV videos, etc. 

By displaying all these live Instagram feeds during your virtual event you are making the audience more engaged in your event. Just because Instagram has become an extremely popular social media platform among all it will also make your brand or business a popular hub. People like to instantly share their experiences on Instagram and as a result, they will share the live Instagram post of your event.

Great Virtual Event Ideas

By hosting a virtual event you can easily connect with your community because the virtual event options are endless. You can go Instagram live or can easily share a live Instagram feed during your virtual events. Instagram is a popular platform that works for a number of virtual events. Thus have a look- 

Instagram Live Q&A-

You can host a series of Q&A by way of Instagram live with your event attendees. This will make them interested in hearing you and more engaged in the event. You can allow the questions to be asked during the live streaming session and can even share the live Instagram post to build excitement among the attendees. Motivate them to produce more Instagram posts that will be displayed on the screen during virtual events.  

Instagram Live: How to Do’s and Demos

By way of Instagram live bring your audience together and walk them through a demonstration or tutorial. This can be anything related to the theme of your virtual event. This, as a result, will lead to creating an additional layer of connection between you and your event audience. This is because they are able to put a face to your brand’s name and learn something new in the process.

Engage your audience with stories

Ask your audience to tag you in the relevant and related content to the event. And thus you can share their live stories on the screen during the virtual event. It can be anything, you can ask the attendees to share how they are tuning in and engaging remotely, or access your stories @-mentions in the activity tab to view, reply to, and share stories about you.

#1 Instagram Hashtag Wall Tool

Now that we have mentioned what an Instagram hashtag wall is and how it can benefit your brand & business through events & venues. Here we present the best tool to create and display an Instagram hashtag wall. 

Taggbox as a UGC platform helps in effectively discovering and curating content from Instagram through hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, IGTV videos, etc. into a feed and display that feed across digital displays & screens

The tool also gives you the option to customize your wall with beautiful themes, creative design elements, fonts & colors, etc. 

Besides that, you can easily maintain premium content quality with the content moderation features from Taggbox. This will help in removing or restricting irrelevant content from your wall. 

Along with these features, you also get access to content play which allows you to play content in a split-screen view with one being an Instagram wall and the other where you can choose to display different options such as websites, videos, links, and other streaming options. 

Besides, you also get features like insightful analytics, easy integration with screens & signages, rights management, API access, and many more. 

You display the Taggbox Social Media Wall at Any Event, Venue, Store, Mall, DOOH Advertising Screen, or you can also embed it on the websites or emailers!

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This was a holistic guide about how you can leverage a social media platform like Instagram to drive engagements, interactions, or marketing. The Instagram hashtag wall is a simple solution that is highly effective and influential in nature. 

Display Instagram Hashtag Wall In Every Event