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Discover The Live Social Wall For Sports Events

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Sports is among the largest industries over the globe. It builds a sense of community among the team players and their fans. 

Though teams compete against one another, you will find their supporters engaging in their kind of competition, wearing their favorite team’s jersey, chanting the team names in the stadium, and showing their enthusiasm on social media. 

Truly, it’s the fans that make a sporting event larger than life. 

As a sports event organizer, wouldn’t you want to leverage this audience’s compassion effectively at your live sports event? That’s why we have decided to introduce you to the engaging social wall for your sporting event.

How Does A Social Wall Work?

A social wall is a dynamic and live tool that enables users to display diverse social media content from multiple social media platforms in a unified manner.

Benefits? You get to engage your audience, create a sense of community, improve your brand’s social media platform and most importantly, entertain the spectators.

social media wall sports event

All it takes is a social media aggregator tool to collect content from your chosen social media platform using hashtags, tags, mentions, stories, etc.

The goal is to provide the audience with something so eye-catching and attention-grabbing that they remain on their toes throughout the sports event.

As a sports event organizer, a social wall can be your ultimate choice. All you need is the right ideas to implement that will help you extract maximum benefits. So, let’s ponder upon some of these ideas.

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Ideas To Use Social Wall In Sporting Events

1. Generate Buzz Around Your Sporting Event

Who doesn’t like a stadium packed with fans cheering for their favorite teams during a sports event? Boost your players’ enthusiasm by improving the number of audience members on D-day by doing pre-event promotions for your sporting event using the Social Wall.

olymipics twitter post
Source: Olympics on Twitter

With a social wall, you can display dynamic content on one screen. Collect the eager fans’ content around the sports event, collect players’ content like their training sessions, team pictures, etc. If any famous personalities are talking about your sports event on social media, you can collect that as well, and most importantly, the sports event’s brochure and promotional videos. Once you have successfully assembled it all, choose the spaces to display this content to grab the potential audience’s attention. 

Embed the social wall on your brand’s website, and display it on the digital screens on digital out-of-home advertisements. The social wall is captivating, so each time someone comes across it, they will be automatically interested in your sporting event.

You can also provide on-spot ticket buying options like a QR code scanner that the potential audience can scan with their smartphones and reach the ticket buying page on the browser, which would shoot up your ticket sales boundlessly.

2. Creatively Showcase Fans’ Excitement

As social media has become an essential part of everyone’s life, social media and sports events have become two co-existing entities. Whenever there is a sporting event, fans start showing their excitement on social media days before. You can collect all this content and curate it on the social wall.

fifa instagram post
source: devilerie at Fifa World Cup

Many brands also use user-generated content to create teasers for their upcoming sporting event, to show the excitement fans hold. It helps them enhance the sense of community among the fans by beautifully showcasing the shared emotion: devotion to the game. 

You can do the same by collecting all the UGC around the sports event and creating a transitional video to make it look like a teaser. Don’t forget to use good background music as it will ensure max captivation. Display the video on your sports event’s social wall display. It will add up well with the stimulating environment of the sporting event day and help the audience connect well.

3. Organize Hashtag Campaigns/Contests

Social media has become the core for fans to express their love for their favorite sports teams and players. Manifest that love gracefully by organizing hashtag campaigns or contests. Start by choosing a unique and memorable hashtag, something the fans can relate to.

Story Time:

When Russia organized the FIFA World Cup in 2018, their #RivalHug became a major highlight and won the Best Event-Based Hashtag Award. The idea was that although the teams and their respective fans become rivals, there is always mutual respect that keeps them united.

The fans found this hashtag so relatable that after the World Cup, it generated 26,240 #RivalHug tags and 9,357 submissions on social media. Making #RivalHug a major talk-of-the-town.

Promote your hashtag and encourage the fans to use it. You can organize giveaways for the hashtag contest winners and announce exciting goodies like team jerseys, players’ autographed mugs, or even a chance to meet and greet the team players. Run the hashtag contest during the game. Collect all these posts and display them on the social wall at the stadium. 

The social wall is live and updated in real-time. Each time someone posts using your unique hashtag, it will automatically appear on display, encouraging more fans to participate and creating audience engagement and an extraordinary social presence for the sporting event and your brand.

4. Display Players’ Social Media Content

Fans are always eager to know what their favorite players are up to, and that’s why they make sure to follow them on social media to keep track of their social media activities. 

basketball facebook post
Source: Los Angeles Lakers with Tissot On Facebook

You can take this opportunity to collect the sporting event-related content created by team players; it can be their practices, their team meet-ups, their travel journey to reach the stadium, etc. 

When you display this content on the social wall, it acts as an entertaining source for the audience, especially during halftime when the game is on pause. You give something fun to the audience that they would love to dwell upon.

5. Dedicate A Space For Sponsors

Sponsors play an essential role in any sporting event. It is common to have sponsors’ logos on the players’ jerseys, stadium barricades, and many other spaces. But isn’t that what almost everyone does? Make your sporting event stand out from the crowd by showcasing your sponsors’ social media content, their logo, and other promotional content on the exciting Social Media Wall

golf twitter post

Source: SRS Distribution Inc on Twitter

When you do so, you give space to your sponsors and allow the attendees to interact with them. It makes your sponsors feel special, and when they enjoy the benefits a social wall brings in, you will always find them eager to sponsor for future sporting events.

6. Keep The Audience Informed

Along with entertaining your audience, you can also keep them informed about the ongoing sporting event, making the social wall an infotainment tool.

It is easy to assume that every person present at the stadium knows the names and other details about every player, but that’s too unrealistic. 

baseball instagram post
Source: mlb on Instagram

Each time a player comes to perform, you can share their picture on the social wall along with their name, age, and their position in the game. It makes it easy for each audience member to follow the game. You can also use the social wall to display the sporting event’s schedule, like the half times, the lunch breaks, the game duration, and other things that will make it easier for the audience members to keep up with the entire sporting event and plan accordingly.

When you display such relevant information on the social wall, you make your social wall a reliable source for the audience members. They take it seriously and look up to it each time you modify its content.

Benefits Of Using The Social Wall In Sporting Events

1. Enhances Audience Engagement

It is necessary to keep your audience hooked throughout your sports event. We can’t say there is a specific formula to keep your sports event audience engaged. But, we put our bid on social media, and to incorporate social media into your sports event, Social Wall is your key.

Eleven Sports Media Social Wall

When you display the social wall on jumbotrons at the sports stadium and your website simultaneously, it catches maximum audience attention and creates more possibilities for engagement.

You let your live and digital audience engage and share their devotion towards the game and their favorite team on social media. The social media wall acts as the ultimate communication bridge.

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2. Helps Generate More Revenue

The best part about a social wall is that you get to take it beyond your regular social media feeds and monetize it by showcasing advertisement content.

Sporting events usually show their sponsors’ advertisements on billboards, hoardings, and other places, they might be massive, but they don’t generally grab the audience’s attention. 

Social Media Sports Stats
Source: Eagle Social

A social wall is attention-grabbing, and its responsive feature lets you seamlessly change the screen’s content whenever you want. From your social feed to your sponsors’ advertisements so that you can show your audience the right content at the right time.

With the power a social wall holds, when you display these advertisements on your sporting event’s social wall, it captures maximum audience attention and generates better revenue for you.

3. Provides In-depth Analytics

You get to generate the performance report of your social wall with in-depth analytics that shows how users interact with your social wall. It helps you improve user engagement and the content you present to your sporting event audience. The best part? Read the analytics to check what works best for your sports event audience and update accordingly. 

Social Wall Analytics

When the event comes to an end, the social wall helps you calculate the number of audience responses to your social wall, like the number of tweets, posts, mentions, hashtag usage, etc., everything to easily measure the success of the social wall at your sporting event.

4. Entertains The Fans 

The social wall can play a vital role in entertaining your sports event audience, especially during halftime when the game is on pause, and they start to feel bored.

Social Wall on jumbotron

It is the right time to entertain the audience with dynamic social wall content like live-voting with polls, user-generated content, celebrity players’ content, hashtag campaign posts, and much more.

The social wall ensures that the sports event audience always has something to look forward to, and they don’t end up feeling fatigued.

5. Generates A Feeling Of Fandom

Fans are already sharing their love for their favorite teams on social media. When you collect all this expressed love from social media, curate it and display it on the social wall, you generate a sense of fandom and community. 

It also creates social proof for your sporting event, which encourages more fans to create content, improving your brand and the sporting event’s social media presence.

Especially when you implement ideas like organizing hashtag campaigns and displaying them on big screens like jumbotrons, it gives fans a bigger space to share their mutual feelings.

How Taggbox Can Help You To Create A Social Wall At Sporting Events

Taggbox is the number 1 UGC platform that offers a suite of products to its users to excel in every marketing scenario. For your sporting event, the Taggbox Display offers a highly engaging and responsive social wall. You get to magnify your brand awareness, ROI & audience engagement by creating and displaying entertaining and informative social walls for digital screens at your sporting event.

Social Wall for Sports Events Example

What makes Taggbox Display unique? You can aggregate content from over 15+ social media platforms so that you have access to an abundance of content. You get multiple themes, design, and layout options that enable you to exhibit your feeds beautifully to your audience. Its automatic moderation and profanity filters discard irrelevant and unsuitable content to give out the best. Besides, Taggbox Social Walls are cloud-based to control the content from any other device within seconds.

Taggbox Display has introduced its in-built Studio that comes with a wide range of unique apps and features to revamp your social wall displays and captivate the audience at max level.

Not just that, with Taggbox’s SnapUp, you get to offer a private space to your audience where they can upload UGC on the social wall without the need for any social media platform, keeping their privacy intact.

Above all, you get to generate the performance report of your social wall with in-depth analytics that can help you improve user engagement. Create Your Free Taggbox Display Account

Over To You!

Having a social wall at any marketing touchpoint ensures maximum audience engagement. At sporting events,planing for a sporting event can be tricky – be it for promoting the newest golf bags or introducing new players on a team, a social wall can work wonders depending on how creatively event marketers use it.

With this blog, you discover the powerful social wall and discovered the major ideas and benefits of this influential tool. 

So, it’s time to bring the ball to your court and create a G.O.A.T (Greatest of all time) sports event experience for your audience with the Social Wall.

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