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Social Media Wall For Events

Increase user engagement through attractive event social media wall.

Aggregate with

Our Social media wall for events can be used to aggregate social media content from various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS and many more to give you unlimited flow of user-generated content


Create a stunning live social media wall for events and display posts using live twitter wall, facebook or instagram wall along with specialized wedding walls.



Discover, Curate, Design and Display. It’s that simple

Collect Instant Content

Collect Instant Content

Add social media content using Hashtags and accounts from platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more in real time.

Filter unwanted adult/negative content from our powerful moderation and display your favorite posts on big screens.

Customize Look & Feel

You can choose any theme from our collection of beautiful display themes. Customize and Personalize the look and feel of your social media wall with wall editor.

Creative hashtag walls for events
hashtag walls for instagram and twitter

Display it on a Big Screen

It’s time to Display your social media wall on big screens like Jumbotrons, Big LED display, Projector or Tvs.

Our wall designs are fully responsive and optimized for any display screen.

Wired – Connect with a Laptop/PC/iPad etc with a HDMI or VGA cable. Easy and ready in minutes.

Wireless – Use any of tools like Chromecast/ Firestick/ AirPlay/Intel Mini PC etc. to plug into your display device and you are ready to roll.

Where can you use it?

We go wherever you go. Be it an event, a concert, an in-store display, brand activation, a hashtag campaign or even on your website, we are there for your service

Twitter Wall for Conferences


Twitter Wall for Product Launches

Product Launches

Twitter Wall for Brand Activation

Brand Activations

Twitter Wall for Concerts & Festivals

Concerts & Festivals

Twitter Wall for Exhibitions


Twitter Wall for Corporate Meetings

Corporate Meetings

Twitter Wall for Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Twitter Wall for University Events

University Events

Twitter Wall for Government Events

Government Events

Twitter Wall for Office Displays

Office Displays

Twitter Wall for Sports Events

Sports Events

Twitter Wall for Retail Displays

Retail Displays

Twitter Wall for Award Functions

Award Functions

Twitter Wall for Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Twitter Wall for Museum Events

Museum Events


We are not just for display. We are for much more. Display sponsored posts, organize competition and contests or mix your own content


Sponsored Posts

Your sponsors are lifeline of your events. Give them big space on your event social media wall by using sponsored posts.

Competitions and Contests

Encourage users to participate in posting about your event using hashtags and announce a winner with the help of our analytics which also helps you to find influencers.

Competitions and Contests
Mix Content

Mix Your Own Content

You can mix your own image/videos with social wall and play them in a playlist with different layout options using Content Play.

Some of our Features

We come with a bag full of features to help you make your event social wall attractive and dynamic


Powerful Moderation gives you full control over post which are displaying on your social media wall at event. Hide negative content before it goes on your screen

Instant Updates

Showcase your users their own posts within seconds on your screen with real time updates

Beautiful Theme

Choose any suitable theme from our wide collection of beautiful themes. Customize the themes according to your brand colors and event theme


Our analytics tool will help you in getting all the information about the influencers, most active users, popular location etc Announce winners with the help of analytics


Encourage your guests to post with your event hashtag with announcement. Showcase offers/promotion on your social wall

Dedicated Support

Your event is really important for you so we make sure that you don’t face any technical challenge. Our team provides you live support during events

Live API

Use our robust API to customize your own application or projects with social feeds. We provide data in JSON and XML format which can be used with any platform

Major Social Networks

You can choose your favorite social networks like twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube and many more

Profanity Filter

Hide Adult content with the help Profanity filter. Before it comes on your screen you can simply hide such posts

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Boosting the visibility of brand content and making ambassadors out of your followers! Throughout our years of operation, we have been doing this and more for countless big brands. Going by their feedback, their business produced profit and visible results, all thanks to this Social Wall. The world full of word-of-mouth marketing tactics has already been using the superpower of user-generated content with Taggbox for quite some time.

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