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Brands across the financial industry are leveraging the Taggbox social wall to unleash the untapped power of taking social content beyond social media that maximize ROI.

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What Is A Bank Social Wall?

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A bank social wall is a unique real-time display of social content around your financial institution. You can collect posts from multiple social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., and curate them into an engaging social wall that you can display on any digital screen across your Financial Institute's premises.

Create Engaging Social Wall With Private & Social Content

Collect the most engaging social content from 20 social or review platforms around your financial institute & display them on the social wall to create memorable customer experiences

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Social Wall Made Easy

Easy to follow steps to create an invaluable social wall

01Discover & Collect

Discover the best content around your financial institute from 20 social platforms and collect them to add them to your bank social wall seamlessly.

Discover & Collect
02Moderate & Curate

Moderate the content you have collected for your bank social wall. Seamlessly filter out unwanted posts and curate a premium quality social wall that performs.

Moderate & Curate
03Design & Personalize

Create a personalized social wall. Explore multiple themes, & choose backgrounds, banners, colours, fonts, etc., to create a captivating social wall.

Design & Personalize
04Display At Scale

Deliver inspiration at scale by displaying your bank social wall at financial events and on your financial institute's digital screens.

Display At Scale
04Measure & Analyse

Scale the success of the social wall at your financial institute. Discover what drives your customers & bank visitors more and modify your social wall.

Measure & Analyse
Engage Your Bank Visitors with Soical Wall

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The Impact Of Social Wall In Financial Industry

The key benefits of leveraging social wall in financial institutions

Why Have A Social Wall At Your Hospital
Build Customer Trust

Collect user-generated content like visual UGC, customer reviews or testimonials and display them on your bank social wall to boost credibility and build trust among your customers and target audiences.

Offer Personalized Experiences

Offer a personalized experience to your bank visitors with the social wall. Explore features like Announcements, SnapUps, Studio, etc. Display engaging videos, user-generated content, or customer testimonials.

Improve Internal Communications

Bridge the communication gap between you and your employees with the social wall. Showcase content from platforms like Slack, Yammer or Workplace to improve the internal communications among your bank employees.

Narrate Brand Story

Introduce your brand to your customers the way you want to. Curate a social wall with a mix of branded content, UGC, brand videos and more to share your brand's story with your customers, however, you want to.

Features Designed To Deliver Premium Social Wall Experiences

Endless Themes
Endless Themes

Discover unique themes offered by Taggbox to create a bank social wall that performs. Themes like Hue Card, Mashup, Polaroid, etc., enable you to provide a unique visual experience for your bank visitors.

Personalization & Moderation
Personalization Features

Customize & moderate your social wall with endless features like background, colors, fonts, auto-moderation, filters, and more to create a premium social wall that blends well with your brand theme.


Exhibit engaging content such as videos, images, slideshows, weather updates, QR Codes, Quotes, etc., right next to your social wall in unique layouts & make your display more creative & interactive.


Allow your financial institute visitors to boundlessly upload UGC directly on the social wall from their devices by scanning the QR code on display, eliminating social media.

Profanity Filters
Profanity Filters

Try out the Profanity Filter on your Social Wall and automatically block offensive content. It uses our preset word database to filter out embarrassing content and discards it in real-time.

Performance Analytics
Performance Analytics

The analytics feature helps you to track the performance of the social wall at your bank premises and tweak the content to create a social wall that works best for your visitors or audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Create a Social Wall for Financial Services?

Yes, you can easily create a social wall for financial services. Social Wall is a DIY tool that enables users to collect their preferred social content and curate it into an engaging social wall with endless moderation & customization features.

How to Engage Employees Using Social Media Wall?

The social wall by Taggbox enables users to engage the employees. You can curate a social wall with the internal communication platform your team uses, like Slack, Yammer or WorkPlace and showcase it on the digital screens around your bank premises. You can also showcase employee-generated content from 20 different social & review platforms to promote employee engagement.

Can I Display Facebook & Google Reviews in One Place?

Yes, with the Taggbox Social wall, you can curate multiple feeds by collecting reviews from Facebook and Google and display them anywhere you like.

Why Should One Display Customer Reviews on Social Wall?

As a financial services organization, displaying customer reviews on the social wall helps you to highlight your service quality through your customers’ voices. Customer reviews are the honest opinions of your customers, which is more reliable for your target audience when they compare you with your competitors.

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