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Social Wall Examples Across Industries

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Social wall is becoming an increasingly popular tool to boost reach, attract audience attention, engagement, build brand awareness and ease conversions.

Irrespective of the niche you cater to, showcasing a social wall is your best chance to stand-out from the competition.

Read the blog to know the best ways to use a social wall to enhance your business’s performance.

1. Social Wall Examples For Hospitality Industry

Guest experience is the KPI to stand out from the competition, win customers and retain them. Here, showcasing a social wall can play a leading role. As it can make authentic user-generated content visible, engage your visitors, and augment bookings using a social wall. 

Hotels, restaurants, agencies, and travel portals can easily set up a social wall, collect awe-inspiring content generated on social media channels, and sky rocket their reach. Here are some ways in which you can.

Social Wall Example in Hotel

# Event Social Wall

Leverage a social wall to attract the attention of your guests during the events. Be it corporate, entertainment, staff, or themed parties at your hotel or restaurant.

Displaying a social wall will keep you connected with your attendees, help you collect authentic content while also promoting your business.

# Embed It On Your Website

Keep your website up-to-date by embedding a social wall and effectively lure the attention of your audience. Before making bookings for vacations, people want to know the experience of past visitors.

Incorporating a social wall can help you showcase authentic content posted on social media by your visitors, which will inspire your prospects to also leverage your services.

# Display It In The Premises

Display the social wall anywhere on the premises to enhance engagement and the visiting travellers’ experience.

Social wall in hotel lobby

Town halls, museums, hotels, restaurants, and others catering in the hospitality industry leverage social walls to inform, engage, connect, and encourage people to share content on social media that speaks for them.

You can display this social wall at: the reception, lobby area, auditorium, or in the corridors to attract the audience’s attention and keep them hooked.

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2. Social Wall Examples For Healthcare Industry 

Social media and healthcare is a compelling combination. It helps in building connections with the patients, healthcare professionals, and audience at large.

You can easily convey information related to the general well-being of the public, guidelines of the facility, briefs of the caregivers and other information related to the hospital.

Social wall in hospitals

# Hospital Reception Social Wall

Setting up a social Wall in the reception area can substantially improve how people perceive your healthcare facility. As the first time visitors will be skeptical about the kind of services provided and results derived. 

Here, displaying what people are saying about you can easily win patients’ trust and engagement while reducing their skepticism and fear about treatment.

# Lobby Social Wall

When it comes to the healthcare industry, motivation and having a light environment is essential. Showcasing a social wall in the lobby is the perfect place to authentically promote your business.

You can display a variety of brand, employee and user-generated content that boasts success stories, work environment, and healthcare facilities and treatments provided. This can raise patiences, and workstaff’s spirits and make them feel valued for their contribution. 

# Events Social Wall

Use a social wall to engage participants during wellness events, whether it’s charity, fundraising or general health awareness events, or conferences for particular health issues. A social wall can phenomenally motivate people to post, which will, in turn, help you spark conversions and raise awareness.

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3. Social Wall Examples For Retail Industry

93% of consumers are influenced by visual UGC and reviews while making purchase decisions.

Grab attention from your potential customers, build trust, and boost sales by showcasing a social media wall in-stores, malls, and Digital-Out-Of-Home(DOOH) advertising. 

When shoppers come across real people sharing real experiences of your product, they will get motivated to also try the product out. Thus, enhancing sales. 

By setting up a social wall, you can easily tap into users’ instincts and capitalize on their impulses.

Social wall for Retial Stores

# In-store Social Wall

Over 40% of shoppers say that digital displays can influence what they buy because relevant information is displayed close to the point of purchase. 

Use a social wall to display transparent content and awe-inspire shoppers’ intent to buy. Further, you can also easily build brand-user relationship and ultimately win customer loyalty. 

# Digital-Out-Of-Home Social Wall

Digital-out-of-home is the revolution of outdoor marketing. It is an interactive and attractive format of advertising which is empowered by digital channels and displayed in environments accessible to the public.

Dooh Social Wall

When you a social wall on the DOOH, you can monitor, track, modify, manage, and display content at your discretion and in real-time.

85% of consumers find visual UGC more influential than brand photos and videos. With the growing demand by the audience for faster and more personalized content accessible on the go, digital OOH advertising along with UGC fits right in the picture.

# Retail Event Social Wall

Use a social wall to entice visitors during events happening at your retail store. Be it special events or sales opening season – a social wall can help you connect with your customers, seamlessly collect original, raw content and effectively spread the word about your retail brand.

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4. Social Wall Examples For Education 

When it comes to education institutes, you want to offer the best to your students so that they have a memorable school life experience. The social wall on digital signage is the perfect tool to make it happen.

When you leverage a social wall on your school’s digital signage, you get to offer crucial information to your students in the most engaging and eye-catching way so that there are no communication barriers between you and your students.

The idea is to socialize your school infrastructure and boost student engagement resulting in improved student participation, performance, and active involvement in school activities.

Graduation Social Wall

# Social Wall for Student Gatherings

In many schools, students gather every morning to share weekly updates. While students find it tedious, leveraging social walls would lighten up the gathering and make it more engaging for them.

You can showcase your institutes’ social media feed and keep the students updated.

# Social Wall For Playground

The playground is the space where students join in to do fun group activities. Why not add the element of social media to enhance their experience?

Schools keep organizing events for students, but these events often lack student participation.

Show past event pictures to your students via the social media wall on the playground’s digital signage to inspire students, create excitement, and increase the number of participation.

# Corridor Social Wall

Your Educational Institution’s staff and students spend most of their time in the corridors. Setting up a digital display here and showcasing the social wall can effectively lure their attention and keep them entertained.

This becomes all the more effective when events are held on the premises of the institution.

What constituents post on social media can directly be displayed on the digital screens, which can ultimately enhance interactions and the scale of excitement of the entire event.

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5. Social Wall Examples For Corporates

Corporate Social Wall

For corporations to flourish, having a smooth conversation is key. Displaying a social wall can ease this area of concern, as it can effectively convey crucial information and keep the customers and employees connected while boosting reach and impact.

You can showcase content generated by your employees and users, the badges won, CSR and business projects undertaken – to win trust and engagement while motivating the workforce to perform better.

# Social Wall For Website Embed

Create a social wall and display it on your website to intrigue the interest of your visitors. Having a social media website feed helps your clients know of the latest updates of your business, while also adding powerful social proof.

A social media website feed helps your clients keep their website updated with content they already create for their social media channels. It also adds powerful social proof by displaying customer UGC that will help boost conversions.

# Social Wall For Office Premises

Office Social Wall

You can display a social wall anywhere at your office premises(meeting rooms, staff cabins, reception areas, canteen, etc. to show content shared by customers and employees to win trust and promote company culture.

Mix company updates, funny posts, news, and motivate visitors to share their social media visits. All aggregated with a company hashtag.

# Social Wall For Corporate Events

Use a social wall to attract attendees’ attention during industry-related events, whether it’s a trade fair or a conference, an investment summit or a small business expo, a social wall will be an excellent motivator for people to post, which will help you promote your brand and attract customers.

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6. Social Wall Examples For Sports & Fitness Industry

Sport is a shared feeling! Irrespective of its type, the emotional intensity is at its limit. There are rounds of cheer, laughter and joy among sport fanatics, be it while watching the game live or virtual platforms. 

Sports Social Wall

Social media, perhaps, becomes the place to showcase collective effervescence!

As an organiser, you’d sure want to capitalize on this compassion of audiences? Social media wall makes for the ideal choice in this scenario. You can effectively showcase all the content generated on social media channels, appreciate sponsor efforts, enhance audience engagement by entertaining the fans, and build social proof. 

While on the fitness front, you can motivate fitness enthusiasts to do more and do well to achieve set targets like their peers is the perfect example of social proof

# Gym Social Wall

Gym Social Wall

Any fitness center needs ways to keep the visitors’ spirit to workout at an all time high. A social wall can cast a spell of motivation effortlessly here!

When people see their peers doing well and achieving their respective fitness goals, they will get pumped to also do the same.

Further, leveraging a social wall can effectively help in building credibility and brand awareness, as the content is created by real and familiar people, sharing real experiences.

# Stadium Social Wall

Stadiums already boast crazy energy! By displaying a social wall, you can capitalize on this energy and make the most of your crowd’s excitement. They will also be motivated to create and share content on social media using the game’s hashtag to get featured on the digital screen.

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7. Social Wall Examples For Automobile Industry 

Automobile industry is gradually coming to realise the value of storytelling. The need to create moments of disruption by igniting discussions amongst the social media users is becoming the go-to. 

Users share their experiences on social media, to discuss, know, and present their experiences authentically. Leveraging this content on a digital screen via a social wall can ignite interactions and increase the awareness of your new/existing product. 

Automobile Social wall

# Auto Show Social Wall

Automobile exhibitions are highly anticipated events among auto enthusiasts and anyone who has a fascination for fast, fancy and tricked-out cars. 

When prospective buyers attend an auto show, more than half of them are influenced by the experience that they get during their subsequent purchases. Here, leveraging the social wall can further add to their experience as social media interactions are engaging and exciting. 

# Social Wall For Product Launch

Setting up a social wall at the time of product launch is a great way to get the attendees excited. As a part of their pre-launch marketing strategy, automobile brands launch social media campaigns to attract audience’s attention, and engagement via hashtag campaigns, contests and giveaways. 

Users and fans get inspired to create content mentioning the requirements. This authentic, compelling, and engaging content can be displayed at the event via a social wall to enhance users’ experience and enthusiasm.

# Social Wall For Showrooms

Another powerful way of sharing users’ views, excitement and voices is by displaying a social wall in automobile show another powerful way of sharing users’ views, excitement and voices are by displaying a social wall in automobile showrooms.

Prospects visit showrooms with buying intentions. When they come across user-generated content speaking of the product they’d like to invest in, their zeal to purchase gets amplified. In addition to having their attention kept intact while the formalities are done. Thus, boosting conversions by effectively tapping into the purchase quest. 

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8. Social Wall Examples For Religious Institutions

Many religious institutions, especially churches have turned to social walls to create a space for their community to stay connected in an online environment.

It might seem impossible to achieve at first but with its implication, congregations can take up in their efforts to modernize the way they communicate, engage the spiritual circle, curtail their overhead expenditure, and amplify the experience of their visitors. 

By displaying a social wall, you can easily grow your community with a multi-generational audience, keep them up-to-date, and support your community in unprecedented times. 

Church Social Wall

# Social Wall For Physical Displays

You can stream the divine office prayers live on social media channels and showcase the same on screens set up in the premises of the church. This will help the worshippers who weren’t able to attend the prayer. 

Further, you can showcase social media posts shared by the visitors on the social wall set up anywhere to foster a sense of community and reach out to a wider set of people while encouraging them to also be a part of the association. 

# Social Wall For Website Embed

You can embed the social wall on your church’s website to make congregations feel connected and create a sense of community outside the place of worship.

Integrating social wall on the website also increases your potential reach, making more congregates aware about the church and convincingly bringing them together in volunteering activities, bible study activities and worship altogether. 

# Social Wall For Virtual Displays

Set up a social wall for virtual displays and achieve boundless participation of the worshippers. If you have Sunday service and any community event taking place virtually, then a virtual social wall can keep the audience engaged, appreciate volunteers and contributors for their contribution and inspire people into posting content related to worshipping and the church.

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9. Social Wall Examples For Event Industry

Effectively promote your event, boost ticket sales, foster a sense of community, and engage attendees with an event social wall. Irrespective of your event being conducted on a small or large scale, showcasing a social media wall can easily attract the attention of attendees, and boost interactions among them.

# Private Events

Private Event Social Wall

Private events like conferences, parties, seminars, etc., can also be taken to an escalated level by using a social wall. 

Attendees love clicking pictures and sharing them on social media with their peers, by collecting this content and showcasing it on social media, you can easily enhance their excitement and take the scale of your event to the next level. 

# Public Events

Event social wall

Public events(live/hybrid/virtual) can be made more interactive and engaging by showcasing a social media wall updated in real-time.

Social wall being an engagement tool can help you in making your event truly memorable. You can collect and customize your wall and align it with the aesthetics of your event/brand theme while reaching out to maximum audience almost effortlessly.

 Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Social wall is becoming that quintessential marketing weapon that brands are using to excite their audience, maximise engagement, create brand awareness and maximise sales. 

This blog has widely covered industries that are predominantly using a social wall and if you cater to any one of them, how can you do it too. 

Taggbox display, being one of the best platforms to curate and display social media wall can be your best bet to maximise the growth of your business. To know more, feel free to check and reach out to us.

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